The Need to return to God as Leaders in the Body of Christ

Standing in the middle of the year, the Lord had calmed all storms, but the chairs in the body of Christ was set against itself.

On the lips of everyone in the street, they said the church is confused, I saw another whip in the hand of a youngman, this time, he was part of the church but had departed, he fought the church to standstill.

I watched then asked what can we do, my instructor said I am the righteous judge, tell them to stand in for each other.

As I move towards the east, I saw scary things, my instructor said I just want you to see it.

The land is littered with some much bl**d to draw the living, not understanding what He meant, He said the sacrificed bl**d is the price for their greatness, they had substituted my blood.

I looked further, few elderly folks were discussing, I could hear all they were saying though I don’t understand their language.

I tried to talk back to them but they couldn’t hear nor see me, then my instructor said keep to heart what you have heard, you can only see and hear them.


It’s the diary of the year to come, in the first part I told you about the raging storm on the sea and how Jesus placed His feet on shore.

It stopped.

He turned to me, He said it’s the revelation of my glory.

You may stop seeing my opinion on many kingdom matters soon, it’s according to the voice of the Lord.

The church and the nations my prophetic jurisdiction, I see the glory of God in them.

I look further, Asia, hmm Asia, her jewel shall be scattered to other nations.

The economic war in Europe will not go further as planned, a lesser event shall stop it.

The church is an holy mountain, they stopped the war was what He told me as He levitated into light.

AT Joel.

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