THE BLESSING OF PRAISE (1&2) – Dr Paul Enenche

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By: Dr Paul Enenche

SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the connection between our praise and our blessing

1. The Bible makes it clear that praise directly attracts the blessing of God

2. If you will not withhold your praise, God will not withhold His blessing

3. Ingratitude deprives people of the blessing of God

4. Murmuring and grumbling attract destruction and curses (1 Cor. 10:10)
Inside everything just give thanks because beyond your visibility there would have been calamities that you never saw

1. Praise which is the joy of the Lord establishes the Presence of God and the Presence of God guarantees the pleasures of life (Ps. 100:1-5; 16:11)

2. Praise which is the joy of the Lord places a demand on the earth and on life to release their content and increase (Ps. 67:5-6)

3. Praise which is the joy of the Lord releases our life’s potentials and our potentials connect us with our opportunities, prosperity and possibilities (1 Sam. 12:5-6)

4. Praise which is the joy of the Lord brings Divine direction and Divine direction facilitates Divine provision (2 Kings 3:15-17)

5. Praise, which is the joy of the Lord, releases upon us the fragrance of favour and favour brings
increase and supplies (Acts 2:47; Deut. 33:23; Ps. 44:3)
Praise brings favour and favour brings increase/additions
Praise is curative of disfavour

6. Praise, which is the joy of the Lord, fertilizes and irrigates the earth for increase and multiplication (Joel 1:11-12; John 6:11-12)
Everything multiplies around the praiser and everything dries up around the grumbler

7. Praise, which is the joy of the Lord, multiplies strength and strength/force is required for the conquest of resources (Neh. 8:10; Prov. 11:16; Gen. 47:5-6)
There are things belonging to you in the hands of witches and wizards, you need spiritual strength to collect it from them
Your energy makes you to take delivery of your destiny and your portion
People who have audacity retain authority
If you don’t fear what is fighting you, what is fighting you will begin to fear you

8. Praise, which is the joy of the Lord, grants access to Divine wisdom and inspiration and wisdom is a magnet of wealth (1 Kings 4:32; 10:23-25)
God is going to give you a world governing idea that will change your life
Praise is a mentality ventilator

1. Praise with sacrificial giving (2 Sam. 6:12-21)
If you know how to give and sacrifice, your praise catches by fire

2. Dance with all your might in praise (Ps. 149:3; 2 Sam. 6:14; Mark 12:30)

3. Praise with the shout of victory
Whether the devil likes it or not, your story is changing today

4. Praise with the sound of the trumpet and instruments of music

5. Play before your Father in praise (2 Sam. 6:21)
There is a dimension of play in praise; it is revelational and conscious play

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I thank You because You are good, I praise You because You are my God, and as I praise You I step into my realm of blessing, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, by reason of this praise, I connect with Your favour, with increase, with the strength to take delivery of all that is mine, I connect with Divine wisdom and inspiration; I connect it now, in Jesus’ Name.

Every mountain around my life you are gone; oh you mountain, on your marks, get set, GO!

1. I declare the blessing of praise upon your life. I declare the release of His Presence upon your life and the termination of every pressure around your life, in Jesus’ Name.

2. I decree right now systems are coming under pressure; they lose their sleep, peace and rest. Every system, man or woman holding what is yours, they lose their grip and what is yours is released into your hands, in Jesus’ Name.

3. I decree right now, a new dimension of potentials release; what you carry, is released out in this season, in Jesus’ Name.

4. Divine direction that will link you to your provision is released upon you right now.

5. I decree the blessing of Divine health and preservation, in Jesus’ Name.

6. The blessing of life, you shall not be cut short before your time, you shall fulfil your days.

7. The blessing of peace, I declare peace, tranquillity and serenity.

8. This December shall be the December of celebration and the best December of your life.

– Help, grace and mercy from above be your portion.

– A new day, season and fresh help and grace is upon you.

– Everything in your body and system that my Father in heaven has not planted are flushed out right now.

– Everything belonging to you that the earth is holding, as we praise today, they are put under the pressure of release!
– Every demonic warehouse and occultic strong room where they have kept your destiny and resources they are released to you by force!
– Mountains are being moved right now!
– This December shall be the very best December of your life!
– What the devil meant for evil, God is turning them for good in your life!
– Every enemy holding what is yours comes under pressure until everything belonging to you is being released to you!
– Every affliction from hell is arrested!
– Whatever your father is heaven has not planted in your life is being uprooted right now!
– Every embargo placed on your life, today it is over!
– Every evil identity of your life and destiny, everything that has limited your life and destiny, today it is set on fire!
– Every conspiracy of death on anyone’s life is broken now, I declare you shall live and you shall fulfil your days!
– Every satanic mystery around your life and destiny is scattered right now!
– Every arrow fired against you from the pit of hell and kingdom of darkness, the arrow is retrieved and refired back to sender!
– Every padlock they have used to lock your destiny I declare that padlock is scattered right now
– As God opened that voice, your finances, destiny and doors are opened up right now!
– Every trace of shame is swallowed up right now!
– Something new is going to come out of your life that will shift your financial level!
– You will not die before your time! Every arrangement of hell to take you out of this life before your time is arrested!
– Anyone who dug a pit or grave for you shall take your place in that grave!

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