My Experience of Life without Internet Access for 5days


Some few days ago, on Saturday midnight, my phone was stolen, in the middle of the night, it was stolen while I was asleep, it was a shock to me, because I rarely sleep off deeply like that, but because I was so tired that day due to many stress that I undergo during the day and week, I decided to sleep off as usual, but it was not a usual night anyway.

This will be the first time I would ever be robbed at night, I have lived even in places that are more dangerous security-wise, and yet the Lord kept me……… But then, I also understand that the bible says, In all things give thanks for this is the will of God for you that are in Christ Jesus’. So I give God the glory for his mercies and faithfulness at all time, and I also thank God for the preservation of my life, which is the ultimate anyway, I return the glory to God, I was however baffled about what happened, I always wake up at midnight, and I had my phone beside me because most times, my wife would drop a message for me or I might want to check one or two things online, and my phone is the fastest access I have to the internet, so it’s always beside me even when I am sleeping, but this night, I woke up to ease myself and as I returned from the toilet, I checked everywhere for my phone, I could not find it. I was shocked, and was wondering where it went, after that I checked my window, Lo and behold, it has been cut with maybe razor, and they dragged the window and probably used a magnet or something to pick the phone, I was baffled, shocked, perplexed, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a major shock to me, but the reality is, my phone is gone, my devices and tools for my internet Business all depend on my phone because I use my phone hotspot to connect my laptop, so without the phone, I cannot even do my Business.

At this point, I knew I have lost more than just a phone but a whole Business tool is gone. Well, I switch into prayers, thank God for the gift of life and preservation of my life, I also thank God because he knew this was going to happen, right before it happened, then, I went into prayers of   judgment for whichever agent of the devil that carried out such a cruel-some act, I spend almost 4hours praying down judgment Of God upon the person and am sure, he will be judged, because the bible says in Psalm 94: oh God to whom Vengeance belong, show yourself, and I know he will show himself indeed, Amen.

So due this, I was offline for few days and while that was going on, I decided to write this article, thanks be to God my Laptop was preserved, it was not stolen, it was also not beside the window, so I thank God for that, but then, have you ever wonder what it feels to be out of touch with the internet in this generation? It really feels like darkness, like the dark age, a situation whereby you are unable to communicate with the world, you are not able to keep in touch with people, with your loved ones, you are not reachable, even if your Business partners and fellows wants to reach you, you are not available, it is indeed a difficult situation. It literally affect my finances for the week, but thanks to God for his mercies and provision and I also want to specially appreciate my sweetheart, ‘morenikemi’ like I always call her, she was really there to support me, she never cease to send me money and help me in this hard time, May God continue to water you in Jesus name, Amen.

So when it happened, the first step I took was to go to God in prayer, I prayed all night and on Sunday, the day after the incident,  I also went to our prayer ground to pray to God, I have learn as a believer over the years to run to God both when the times are good and bad, it is always a good thing to run to God because you will always find comfort and preservation in the presence of God, and that is where your restoration is guaranteed.

Second thing I did was to go to MTN Office, because my major line for Business and all is my MTN Line, I blocked the previous one and did a welcome back, retrieved the old sim to a new one.

It was not easy process, but it was successful after two days of going and coming back, with that, I was able to restore back my bank transaction and sms to my phone number, because the previous phone that was lost contain my bvn, special login details and password, all my Gmail and other sensitive accounts, Business and money account, my mobile app and other necessary things, but I give God all the glory for restoration because, he forbid the enemy from gaining access to those information and that help to secure my business, praise the name of the Lord.

The second thing I did was to get a new phone, because majority of my Business contacts and income are channeled in via whatsapp, so many people would have been trying to reach me on whatsapp but it is not successful because I was offline.

Now, the question is, how does it feels to be offline and stay without internet?

Well, it wasn’t an impossible thing actually, but it was a difficult thing, I really imagine how the old age was like, the internet today as facilitate many things, financially, technologically and other wise, making it easy for human to communicate, communication is what precedes transactions, without communication there can be no transactions, so cashflow is enhanced via communication, I also had a little draw back in cash flow from my Business and my website, because I was not there to manage things, but I return the glory to God for the restoration he brought my way, may his name alone be glorify, Amen!

The only thing I think it gave me the chance to do was to write a number of articles, and this is one of them.

My counsel: Let us be more security conscious, as much as we trust and believe God for safety,  thin another mistake I made was that, I put on my light, the light of my room and my parlour, so this gave them an advantage to see through everything in my room, but I am more sensitive now, at night, I put off the light, so that I don’t give any stranger a chance, I want us to be more security conscious, may God preserve us and everything that belongs to us in Jesus name, Amen!

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