My 2 weeks Youtube Journey Story

So my channel is exactly 2 weeks old today! So far I’m impressed by my results.

Forgive me if I sound proud,😂 It’s just that I wasn’t expecting to blow like this considering that I failed twice Cos I have abandoned two of my channels which were not doing well at all(one entertainment and the other on relationship).

Thanks to those who encouraged me to be patient and not delete those videos. The videos are beginning to get views now.

So here is what I did:
– I abandoned my blog completely . 50+ unique articles on relationship niche that are not even bringing traffic. I’ll come back to it next year with arbitrage.
– I planned publishing at least 1 video per day but was discouraged along the line when I wasn’t getting views. So I have only 10 long videos(4-9mins) right now with the highest view 7k and lowest view 4.
– I use my shorts to push the long videos. I take one or two engaging parts of my long video and repurpose it to a short. Then pin a comment containing the link to the long video on the short. This works because I get more views on my shorts and viewers who check the comment section do click the link to watch the long video.

– My niche is health and I think it’s working better than my previous niches.

I’m still learning and experimenting with this channel and hoping it goes well. But right now I feel like calling an agent to reserve a duplex for me in banana island 😂.

I’m still open to suggestions o. And most especially prayers. I’ll get it right this time.

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