My success Story working as a Freelancer on Upwork from Nigeria

Hello Fine People.

Permit me to share a little story.

My name is Esther Chukwu
I’ve been an entrepreneur for 7 years now.

My very first company was launched in 2017.
The name is Nakac Farms and I produce Broilers and Eggs for households and businesses including Restaurants, Eateries and schools.
I still run Nakac Farms till date.

In 2020, I launched Stars Shopping Place where I sell all kinds of trendy items which I imported from China.

After doing the business for months and sharing my stories online, people started clamoring for me to teach them the business.

I held my first Mini-Importation Masterclass in April 2020 in Partnership with Portfolio 9 (Community) and between 2020 to 2021, I trained 4755 people on Mini-Importation.

As my importation business grew, I sought for ways to increase sales and that led me to learning about Facebook and Instagram Ads.

I started running Ads to sell my products and that tripled my sales and revenue. Seeing how that knowledge helped me to increase my income, I started teaching other business owners how to run Sponsored Ads to grow their business visibility and revenue.

I have trained 3450 business owners some of who currently run sponsored Ads for their business growth.

I am someone who loves trying out new ways to make money online and I have tried a couple of Online Businesses. From Dropshipping, to Mini-Importation, to Affiliate Marketing, to blogging, to Cryptotrading, and now Freelancing.

Of all the online businesses I have tried, I decided to focus on Freelancing because it ticked all the boxes for me. From giving me the Freedom to work anywhere in the world and at any time to the ability to earn more money by working for multiple clients and doing as many jobs as possible, to allowing me to work with foreign clients who know and pay me my worth and lots more.

I introduced 4 of my friends to upwork and through my guidance, they all got jobs within one week of creating their account and that was how I had an AHA moment that led to the creation of Coach Esther Freelance Academy -CEFA.

Having earned Multiple 7 figures in Naira as a Freelancer and having helped my friends get job on upwork, I decided to extend that help by coaching more people and helping them to upskill and earn with their skills.

At CEFA I share all of the knowledge, expertise, and experience that I’ve accumulated both as a business owner for 7 years and as a 7 Figures Freelancer to help newbies become rockstar freelancers in just 3 weeks.

I have trained 4350 people in CEFA and we have thousands of Testimonials that show the results of the training and how impactful the training is.

I launched CEFA to empower anyone with the burning desire to become a freelancer and make money online.

You will learn about every single tool, system, and software that will help you become a successful freelancer.

CEFA has 4 amazing coaches, Esther Chukwu, Blessing Nwonye, Ameh Elijah Eneojo, and Nancy Chukwu. Chat any of us up to join our forthcoming Training.

Thank you for reading 😘


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