10 things Pastors must know about money in Ministry





  1. If money-making, by all means, is now the focus, please leave the ministry and look for something else to do. We are not in ministry to make money, even though we need money. Understand the difference. This mindset has even made some pastors become yahoo boys themselves. Just to make money for ministry.
  2. If God has helped you to pay basic family bills, be contented with that and stop killing yourself over bigger matters you can’t handle for now. These bigger matters are the reason we have Pastors soiling their hands just to make it in ministry.
  3. Avoid with passion everyone that puts you under the pressure to perform financially, when it is not available at the moment. You are not created to perform but to fulfill your purpose on earth. As you fulfill your Purpose, you perform according to your capacity and not according to their pressure.
  4. Sometimes vacation must not always be joining the big boys in ministry to travel out of town, it could also mean you sitting at home with your family, with enough fuel in the generator to watch your choice of programs, with the kind of meals you like to eat, available on your table. That also is a vacation from the office and work. Instead of forcing a level that will make you to be avoiding the phone calls of people you are owing. Only a fool will borrow money to go on vacation.
  5. Some pastors are in ministry from a very rich family background, they enjoy so much help from their family members. You have never been helped by any member of your family because your extended family doesn’t have one person who can help. The reality in your extended family is now extended to your own family. You have to be patient with yourself because you are starting from a point of no helper.
  6. By all means always avoid debts with so much interest. Where it is a must you collect it, quickly use it, and return it on time, to avoid paying interest that would have been used for other things. And it is forbidden to get a loan to finance your wardrobe.
  7. Please know that there are members in the church that must dress better than the both of you, it is not a crime. Leadership is not by taking the lead in dressing, but by having enough spiritual food for the souls of the people under you.
    So all this every Sunday new dress on a weekly basis is not a sign of wealth but a sign of waste. You are wearing new cloth every Sunday to show you are a big boy. If you die today, is it those cloth your children will inherit?
    I dress very well, but I won’t be foolish enough to wear new cloth every Sunday as a tradition that must be kept. It becomes a curse when some wear it on credit weekly.
  8. In any church where there are people, if the set man and his wife suffers, they lack three things.

A. No impact. Impact determines income.

B. No relational skills. Some members just want you to relate with them for them to bless you.
So if you stay in your own world, they will stay in their own world. And sometimes it can be two different worlds even though you see them in church.
There is a pastor under me who the members bless more for this singular reason. He is always interested in people’s wellbeing
Don’t go and be asking for help, you will lose your respect. Just care and leave the rest for God.

C. The people may be impacted but they are not taught to honor their spiritual parents.

  1. Learn to accept the fact that you cannot solve everybody’s problems in your both families. Even in Dangote’s family tree, some people don’t have enough to eat and drink. It is nobody’s fault. If money-making is easy, is there anywhere it is written that you are the one to bring it? Sometimes you are killing yourself over people who have more than you. Free yourself from their expectations.
  2. Before you ask me must they be in full-time ministry? Can’t they do business?
    Your problem is that pastors who have lost millions for stepping into the business waters are not telling you their experiences. For a Pastor who has never done business before to survive any business, he must have enough capital to manage all his mistakes and losses. Before he eventually survives. As good as estate business is, it can become your lying-in-state service. If you don’t understand it before you put your money into it.
    Some people have bought properties and still sold them lesser than the price it was bought.

In the wisdom of Papa Oyedepo, Life is in phases and men are in sizes.

And I added, whatever is your current size is your current phase.
You don’t have to rush things.
If you rush things, you will rush out.

Be blessed.

Irabor wisdom
Writing from warri Nigeria.

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