A SAINT GOES HOME: Reinhard Bonkke’s interpreter went to be with the Lord

As a little chap then, he stood no chance to be the interpreter to Reinhard Bonkke in Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) despite his dexterity, fluency and proficiency in English and Yoruba Languages.

He was just contented attending the fire conference preceding the general crusade.

It was there at the fire conference that the interpreter selected to interpret for Reinhard Bonkke’s associate stuttered consistently…

Some hands pointed at him and when he mounted the podium, it was entirely something else…the atmosphere changed.

The pulpit and the pew were excited as he interpreted every word with so much fluency, energy…to the delight of everyone including the preacher.

He would go on to interpret for Bonkke throughout the crusade and in humility my brother was rife.

Indeed many are the plans of man but it is God’s purpose that would prevail.

After the crusade, the school which he had started few months before the crusade, experienced massive enrolment of pupils as most believers in the city of Owo, wanted their child in the school of Reinhard Bonkke’s Interpreter.

He had worked in a Private School (Fourah Bay College) before he started his (Peculiar). And when he started his, he NEVER enrolled any child from his former school to his new school. But God, blessed him in a way his former employer could not have taken the glory for his progress.

You fought the good fight of faith. You have now joined the cloud of witnesses cheering us up to hold the fort.

Kind regards to Rev. Reinhard Bonkke.

Picture: Pastor Busari Shuaib Olawale Peter and Rev. Reinhard Bonkke at the Owo Gospel Crusade.

Elijah Adetimehin.

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