7 Lessons on Leadership and Church Growth to learn from RCCG at 70 (Under Pastor Adeboye Leadership)




When you look at the Redeem Christian church of God, there are many lessons to learn. Even though you may not like it.

But they are there for all to see and learn from.

A church that has stayed for 70 years with ever-increasing growth and progress. Truly know something we need to know.

A church that Winners Chapel and Bishop David Oyedepo, with all the mind-blowing Results and wealth they command corporately and individually, still submit to for the impactation of Grace on them after the order of the father and son Relationship.

If you hear that Bishop Oyedepo submit to something, won’t you fear that thing or learn something from that thing?

This is not about human worship, this is about learn of me and you will find rest in your soul. Mathew 11:29.

This is about be ye followers of them who through faith and patience obtained the promise. Hebrew 6:12.

This is about look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah your mother, for I called him alone and bless and increase him. Isaiah 51:2.

This is about be ye followers of me, even as I follow Christ. 1 Corinthians 11:1.


1. The Man that may succeed you, may not even be born again at the moment, and may not also be a member of your church at the moment. And if born again, may not even be your member at the moment also.

When Redeem started, Daddy Adeboye that will later become the General overseer was 10 years old. Not a born-again Christian at that time and was not even a member of the church as at that time the church was born.

2. The place of Part-time Pastoring in Redeem cannot be overemphasized or ostracized. You may not agree with this, but what a full-time Pastor can do, a Part-time Pastor can do it also. And sometimes, a part-time Pastor can even do it with his own money. One of the fastest growing churches in Warri is Pastored by a part-time Pastor with Redeem. They have used Part-time Pastors to achieve great results up to the highest level. The only advantage a Full-time Pastor may have over a part-time Pastor is the issue of availability. But then, it is when you come across the right Full-time Pastor. There are full time, who are just on FOOL TIME. They come to the office in the morning sit down and complain about their General Overseer till in the evening. A Part-time Pastor who is at work making money to support the work of the ministry is far better than that kind of full-time.
Full-time means you have all the time to creatively think around your job. When nothing creative is happening, you have now become a created problem to that vision. NEVER ACCEPT A FULL-TIME PASTOR WITHOUT HAVING SPIRITUAL TARGETS THAT MUST BE MET DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, AND YEARLY. OTHERWISE, YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR SOMEONE FOR DOING NOTHING.

3. The Redeem system of spreading into multiple smaller parishes, has made Pastors who want to leave the ministry, not to have access to a seating crowd in one location. Because they keep spreading into smaller parishes.
When a Pastor is leaving from a parish of about 500 People, he can’t start with 1000 people from that same parish, because they are not there in the first place. But when you keep a Pastor with over 10,000 People, he can pull out and start with 3000 people if he is the type that is loved by those people.

They will always return home, but not all will return.

This Redeem’s approach of growing and splitting into smaller parish seems to be the best. No matter how big a church is in Redeem, a Part-time Pastor can still handle it. Because before one Part-time Pastor can resign from a church, about 50 Full-time Pastors must have resigned.

4. If you are not educated as a leader, try and surround yourself with very educated people. To cover and compensate for your lack of education. Apart from the mercies Of God, there is no way a man who cannot read and write will command the attention and respect of the academic world and the entire world. God specifically positioned Daddy G.O, to win those groups of people into their fold.

The founder of RCCG, even though not well educated was not intimidated by the Educational qualification of a young man serving under him.

And to you the leader, where you are not well educated, always allow those who do, to package you to the world.

A Prophet in Nigeria of blessed memory, though not educated used this approach to reach the educated world.

5. To have both the classical and Model parishes of worship, has helped them to reach a wider audience. Some churches operate on one side of the divide, so they forfeit the crowd from the other side. Is like combining Deeper life and Winners chapel under one umbrella. Let’s not run a system that makes it impossible for some set of people to enter our churches. Do you know in some churches, if you wear trousers as a lady, you won’t be allowed to come in? And they are all praying for sinners to come in and be saved? So if all sinners wear trousers to church, none is qualified to be saved? since they can’t come in.
Come as you are is still the best approach, with the process of time, the appearance of the core leaders will let those groups of people know what the church stands for.

6. Husband to wife succession in ministry is not a sin, but may not move the ministry forward unless that is God’s PERFECT WILL FOR THAT MINISTRY. What do you think would have happened to Redeem, if after God said to the founder to hand it over to Pastor Adeboye, he insists on giving it to his wife?

If your wife is not called, don’t call her. Even if she is called, still find out what is God’s will for that ministry after you are gone.
Some Pastor’s wives are in the same exiting generation as their husbands, so wisdom demands that the emerging generation is not kept in her hands.

7. The Meekness of Daddy Adeboye seems to be the secret behind the greatness and Bigness of The Redeem Christian church of God.
The bigger the church has become, the meeker himself has become also.
According to Bishop TD Jakes, after all, he heard about Daddy G.O, the day he finally saw him, he couldn’t equate the mighty things he heard with the simplicity and humility of the man he saw. permit me to say this, When productivity is bigger than humility, divinity may not be in that vicinity. True productivity comes with it, a greater level of humility.

Never claim to know Daddy G.O and The Redeem family, if the Humility of that spiritual house doesn’t reflect on you.

Be blessed.

Irabor wisdom
Presiding Bishop

Answers Assembly
Warrior Delta State.

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