Till date, deliverance ministry is being criticised and attack by many around the world but there is a man sent by God to stand for Him.

He is Dr Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, he is a scientist with hundreds of research work attributed to him.

Beyond academics is a man that carries the mantle of Apostle Ayo Babalola, one who stood with Jesus on all sides.

He is the most criticised preacher in Nigeria for daring to crush the devil and his works.

In the early 90’s many people said how can a demon die, it’s a lie but the man with the word from God held on to what God told him.

He has written more than hundred books and thousands of sermon on spiritual dynamics to crush the devil and his works.

A dear sister gave me a book titled holy fever that brought me into many truth as revealed to God’s servant.

Some years ago, I was harassed in the dream by strange women, I tried everything I knew then but the harassment continue until I stumble on a book titled destroying evil cauldron.

In that book Dr mentioned demonic gateway that allowed the devil to harass one’s life.

I removed all secular music from my room that night and roared in the prayers, that was the last night they ever harassed me.

Dr D.K Olukoya knew his assignment and he didn’t waver despite the attack.

One thing that I respect most in Dr DK Olukoya is his wisdom on all things, you will never see him everywhere or commenting on every matter.

It was in the mid 2000 that people begin to see his picture, he lives a life devoid of materialism.

He gives more than what he is giving.

Many years ago, I went looking for him, I didn’t know he was the one that passed by my side until someone told G.O just passed by you.

Dr D.K Olukoya is a very humble and truthful man devoid of modern exaggeration to appear big.

One testimony that I can never forget was a man who brought a large some of money to him, he asked what the man does for living.

They were still at the slum where the ministry was situated then, Papa Olukoya said we don’t believe in wearing jewelries and there is no way I will take proceed from its sales.

The man went away angry because he thought how can a man be this discipline.

Some people were trying to implicate him many years ago since he would not stop praying warfare prayers, they took a dead body to place infront of the church but as they were trying to drop the dead body they became stiff.

They were caught and confessed their crime.

He once said if there is a person that shouldn’t believe in deliverance and demonic operation that person should be him because he is a scientist who had won many awards (local and international).

In one power must change hands program,he narrated the story of a brother called Laiwowe, he so brilliant that the witches attack his academic success.

After listening to that message, I decided to pray, it was then I had academics breakthrough.

His is the ministry of prayers not just prayer, it’s called MFM type of prayers.

There are countless testimonies of transformed and delivered life in his ministry.

He is a gentle man to the core one who upholds only what God upholds and nothing less.

He has trained and thousands around the world who are still doing great today.

Today, Dr D.K Olukoya and his wife, Sister Folashade are a year old.

Faith indeed endures storm before it wins, that’s the story of man who heard God and stand with him…

Like the men of old, he chose not to compromise because faith doesn’t compromise.


AT Joel.

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