– Mummy Folu Adeboye at RCCG September Holy Ghost Service. God Bless You (Part ๐Ÿ˜Ž
‘You Shall Be Fruitful’

The just shall live by faith, thank God for all that He has done for us. When we look at praying for nations, sometimes I don’t know what to do because nothing goes for nothing, we cannot be in sin and say that grace should abound.

– Ask Him to forgive you because disobedience is the order of the day. Let us repent of all our sins. Father, here I am I cannot hide from you, I surrender please forgive me.

God has been so gracious that the whole world is made up of families.
– Father, thank you that you gave me a family.

– Father, as you liveth please make my family fruitful. Make my father, mother, sisters, brothers, uncles and aunties fruitful in health, joy and in peace.

Deuteronomy 7:14, says there will none barren among our people but yet there are specific people in our families that need our prayers.

– Pray for our youth that God will choose the right partners for them
– Pray for those who have attained the age of marriage and their marriage is still prolonging

– Pray for those on the sickbed, God does not want us to be sick.
– Pray for those whose business has run down most especially because of COVID-19, that God himself will visit their business and there will be revival and fruitfulness.

– Pray for marriages that are suffering from lack of joy and peace that from today the Lord who instituted marriages will visit those homes and bring back their joy.

Without families, there can’t be nations.
– Father, connect my family with Abraham’s blessings.
– We are going to cry that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will show us mercy in our Nations


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