I rejected a Ring of $210,000 in Canada cos it can build 2 Churches – Bishop Oyedepo




-Bishop David Oyedepo
Day Two, Week of Spiritual Emphasis

*The only known cure for covetousness is contentment..
* The greatest challenge of the body of Christ today is an insatiable crave after money.
* Those who run after God never suffer lack

2. The lust of the eyes or covetousness.
“…for all that is in the world, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life”. The lust of the eye, if your eyes can’t go off the things you don’t have, there is a crave; “I need it, I need it” and you can’t get it, you steal it.

Clean order, destroy everything as you go down to the Amalakites and then Achan took two goodly Babylonish dresses and took a wedge of gold and he said, I saw it and I coveted it and that brought an end to his entire lineage (Joshua 7:19-21).

Beware of covetousness, a man’s life does not consist of the abundance of things which he possesses.

The lust of the eyes is a risk. It brought leprosy to Gehazi, he took leprosy from the Syrian and there was nowhere recorded that he recovered (2 Kings 5:22-27). He coveted, they brought these things to Elisha, Elisha said no! I’m not taking nothing from you.

We don’t sell this thing; freely we got it, freely we give it and Gehazi said my God, this is business. Hello Sir, I want to go to toilet ….he fled after those things and came back fully leprous.
– Nobody here will end his journey in regret.

One way out is don’t like what you don’t have.

Be contented with all things as you have. Thank God for those who have it, don’t read negative meanings to them but be contented with what you have.

Don’t visit somebody’s house and then you get back to your house, you get depressed. “Look at the kind of chair we sat down where I went, see the kind of chair in my house.

Oh God, and I brought that person to Church, see his house curtains”. Just enjoy where you are per time. Contentment is the only stable cure for covetousness.

Someone asked me in those days, he said bro David I learned that you got a car, I said yes, God blessed me with a fantastic car.

That car is fantastic by all standard.

Praise God. You can’t sleep easily because the noise is to keep you awake and God wants to keep you alive so He needs to give you a car that’s quite noisy. No one can manage your life better than God.

Those who keep pace with God don’t lose their peace.

Let God take you step by step to where you are going. If God never brought us to where we are today now, some 15 years ago we will all die, I don’t mean you – we who are in it would die straight.


It’s not safe for us, we don’t have the capacity yet and where He is taking us in 10 years time as Jesus tarries, we can’t handle it now.

So He is taking us on step by step. He give us our promised land little by little, we possess it little by little (Exodus 23:30).

Can you imagine somebody has a medication and then he is to take two in the morning, two in the afternoon, two in the night.

He said no, since he’s going to the same place, let me take six at a time. You don’t swallow it all at a time and so it begins to disturb your body and then suddenly you are down.

I once lived in a hut and blowing Jesus inside that hut, having the best of time with Jesus; praying and sharing the Gospel.

I once lived in a room where there are 16 people using the same toilet; you wake up early in the morning if you need to go out and don’t wait till they wake up, they’ll say are you a fish, what are you still doing in the bathroom? Amen.

They are all phases of life; if you give birth to a child today and the child jumps up, you will run and as you carry the baby to the bed, the child just grows five feet and say can I have the key? “My God, oh God help me, you will be asking for help”. That is too speedy.

Be contented, it’s a choice. I told you a story when we were somewhere in Canada and then my partner that I was out there with, we were having convention and we were invited together. So we walked around the hotel area just to refresh that evening, there was no meeting and he saw one ring, two hundred and ten thousand. He said do you like this ring, I said no. I said I don’t like it; this will build two churches, I can’t put two churches on my finger. Where your heart is, that’s where you treasure is.

If you blind me, I can’t buy it; that’s if I had the money but even if I had the money, there is no method you can use for me to buy it. If I saw it in my hand when I wake up, I will throw it away. It is not meant for me and those who are doing it knew that they are not doing it for people like me.

Be contented, your future is greater than you can ever imagine. The only known cure for covetousness is contentment.
– You won’t miss your place.

The greatest challenge of the body of Christ today is an insatiable crave after money. “I don’t know what to do”. He wants to acquire more and more. Any dream for the Kingdom, zero.

To pay tithe is a difficult thing and God knows that if He gives you that money, you will run away, so He doesn’t give you, it is far from you because He loves your soul.

The more you struggle the farther it is from you. That man gathered so much, he said “look I don’t have anything to do again till when I die. There’s no sigh that he had a wife or children – I, me, …I will say to my soul, my soul rest”.

This ungodly crave cannot be because you want to use it for godly things. It’s ungodly crave to have ungodly status among men and God loves you so much, He won’t let you have it. If you go ahead to steal it, His curse will come into your house.

Let’s close here, 1 Timothy 6:9-12.
Fight the good fight of faith, this one come easy. I think you can understand that a bit in church here because, you know how much we don’t crave after money. “Well are you here this morning with your worship offering, put it together. Label it appropriately.

Jesus is Lord. Stand to your feet”. No harassment, no prophetic pressure: a willing mind and that from the beginning, yet we don’t lack. What are you praying about? What we are praying now is what we have been praying, it hasn’t changed.
– God will decorate your life.

Those who run after God never suffer lack, for those who seek after God shall not lack any good thing (Psalm 34:10).

– From now you will begin to experience supernatural addition in your life that will be adding continuously real life values to your life in Jesus’ name
– You are going places.

We conclude with benefits of godliness:

1. Divine honour (2 Timothy 2:19-21). It takes that purging to become a vessel of honour. I know you must have been hearing quite a number of amazing testimonies about Covenant University. Out of the first ten best students from JAMB, five applied to Covenant University.

The number one in the Nation applied to Covenant University, so Covenant took five, all the others distributed the remaining over them.

Not one day bribe to anybody under Heaven, no one method to cut corners from anywhere.

Vessel of honour, you want to be listed? Then purge yourself of what they do otherwise you won’t taste it. Also Covenant University is listed as Number 3 in Nigeria by Times Higher Education.

This does not have any political, any Nigerian elements – nothing. It’s all bare, the most reputable ranking body in the world, just simply doing what you are told to do.
– You life will not lack honour!!!

2. Access to divine secrets. It is divine secret that makes stars in the Kingdom. We have those ready-made examples in our hands. Daniel 2:19, 46, Daniel 1:8, 6:4-5 and this Daniel prospered in the reign of three kings, Bible Historians call it 65 years.

He was a father to the Nation where he was a captive because of the fear of God at work in him that provides him access to the secrets of Heaven (Daniel 5:11). How did he get there? The fear of the Lord (Psalm 25:14).

Nothing makes a star in the Kingdom like access to divine secrets (Genesis 41:39-40, 42:18, Proverbs 9:10). So we access the realm of honour and the realm of divine secrets that makes star in the Kingdom and we are in the age of emergence stars in the Kingdom.
– You will not miss your place there.

Again the goodnews is this; anybody can choose to make a U-turn at any time and God will receive him or her.
Any sin genuinely repented of entitles a believer to forgiveness (1 John 1:8-10). There is no unforgivable sin with God (Psalm 130:3-4).

There is forgiveness with God any time true repentance comes from a believer. Refuse to be hardened, many others have escaped, you must escape.
Don’t harden your heart.

We have a task to keep on working out our salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12).

Don’t assume it is okay, it’s not okay. If the Word says it is not okay, it is not okay.

Murmuring is not okay, it will mess up your case; complaining is not okay, it will complicate your matter.

Adultery is not okay, it can destroy a destiny. Stealing is not okay, it brings a curse on people and the ultimate is to make you miss Heaven.

– Satan will not succeed; in your case and my case, he will not succeed.

– You must make heaven in grand styles. Your mansion will not be allocated to another person.
– Your name will not be cancelled in the book of life.

That is the goodnews but without repentance, no one qualifies for forgiveness (Proverbs 28:13)
– Somebody’s story is changing and it is from grace to glory.
– The event of this weekend will constitute a landmark in your spiritual adventure in the name of Jesus.

Lift up your right hand and bless the name of the Lord from the depth of your heart for the light that has come your way. You will never become a victim of addiction to sin, that addiction is broken tonight by the power of the blood.

Now speak to the Lord:
Lord Jesus, I surrender all. Thank You Lord, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.



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