Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle Canaanland

* Anything given to a child outside of training is a wasted investment.
* Stop petting your children, Command them.
* The child you pet today will pester you tomorrow
* What we sow into our children today will largely determine their outcome tomorrow.
* What you don’t have, you can’t pass on to them.
* Let’s go after materials that talk about raising godly children
* Husband and wife living together will help the training to be highly qualitative.
+Receive Grace to Forgive your parents for any maltreatment and May they find Christ through you.

This morning we want to open one page that will be very helpful to you:

Let us believe that the next generation will not destroy itself by parents taking Biblical responsibility in securing their destiny.
Biblical wisdom for successful parenting.

Interestingly, the Book addresses all areas of life (Acts 5:20). It carries all that pertain to life and godliness.
Biblical wisdom for successful parenting or impactful parenting.
Training is part of our covenant responsibility in the Abrahamic covenant.
And Abraham TRAINED his servants, born in his house and they were turned into giants (Genesis 14:14). They took on the army of a nation and over ran them (Genesis 14:15-16). Training is part and parcel of our covenant responsibilities in the Abrahamic covenant.
Train up a child in the way that he should go (Proverbs 22:6).
While we were growing up, a child misbehaves, the teacher will say, “he lacks home training.” It was a common language for teachers.
“You lack home training, I will cane you now. Did they cane you properly where you are coming from? You lack home training.”

Sir, just compare the value of raw crude oil with refined oil. Church Gist Without training, man remains crude. It takes proper training to bring the treasure in a man out. It takes proper training.
Somebody is tall, he is a potential basketball star, but that doesn’t make him one. He can break his back the first day. He needs training for his height to have value.
Many parents have absconded the training aspect, they think sending a child to America is an achievement! They think so. This man you are looking at, has plenty of money ooo: righteous money, trackable money.
It is just like a Pastor saying, “I went to Jamaica. I came to Sudan. I went to Australia.”
Is that Ministry? You are an explorer, you are trying to discover nations that have been discovered. No. Get on the sea, go and find new islands.
“You know I just came back from California. I am likely to get back there, I think next month. P.A, come, what time should I be in California?”
You know those things used to be significant then.
You know when you earn a degree in those days, you will name the country where you got the degree from: B.A, Atlanta
Where in Atlanta? Is it in the market or where? They need to know that your B.A is not from any crude University.
When the first man in my village returned from U.K, they met him with Dane gun at the entrance of the town. You can come from anywhere now, nobody knows where you are coming from.
I wasn’t there, I was informed of the drama. A student who had just come, he had not gotten a job.

I am going to show you some examples of great men that just won’t take responsibilities and their children became disasters.
-None of our children will become a disaster.
Abraham did not pet his children but was committed to training them (Genesis 18:19).
“For I know him, that he will Command his children and his household after him and they shall keep the way of the Lord” – I know him!!
I know him, he will command, he will not pet.
Children you pet today will pester you tomorrow. Wake Up and Take Responsibility
If you are Abraham’s children, what do you do? You do the works of Abraham (John 8:39).

Eli, the High Priest goofed in not taking responsibility to train his children. They ended up as sons of Belial: Area boys (1 Samuel 2:22-25).
“ye make the Lord’s people to transgress” – what of you?
Because of the way he (Eli) said it, they hearkened not to him: “Stop old man, my friend. That’s old testament you are talking. We are living our life.”
Because of the way he came through to them.
There is a world of difference between a Trainer and a Teacher. Church Gist. A trainer instructs, a teacher admonishes. It is a world of difference.

Do you admonish people in aviation? You instruct them.
Not I don’t like this button: you don’t need to like it. You don’t press it, you are gone. You instruct.
We had a situation down in the family setting and I stood against that step; one of my old people said, “whatever a child wants to eat cannot give him stomach ache”
I said: It’s not true. It is an outdated proverb. If your child wants to drink acid, you will say, “whatever a child wants to eat cannot give him stomach ache”
You will now say (in a gentle tone): it is not good ohhh, to take such.
Child: But I want to take it.
Parent (still in a gentle tone): I am telling you, it is not good oohh.
But if in a loud voice: STOP THAT. Then all the demons will leave him. I am not prepared to bury you, so stop it.
The suffering that the decision brought to our family: in my place when something is beyond description, you say, ‘ohun lo nlo, iya to je wa’ (He is the one going, the suffering we suffered).
Stop it.
If you are not an Instructor, you will never succeed as a Trainer. A Trainer instructs, a teacher admonishes: the gap is wide.

Anything given to a child outside of training is a wasted investment. Wasted investment!
No success is without rest at home and with your children. Rest! Otherwise you will be going to court every day from your business: “I have another case ohh”
-No one here will suffer any form of heartache anymore regarding our children

1 Samuel 2:31-34
-No one shall suffer any such devastation in this Church forever.
Stop petting your children, Command them.
Stop admonishing them when you see danger. Shout on them.
I can tell you this Sir. I can’t remember me being canned by my parents but I was fed on the Word by my grandmother. I sat at her feet and received instructions on living, so much so, one time I was sharing with my good friend, Dr Mike Murdock, he said, “sir, can we jointly write a book on her?”
I smiled, it’s me who knows her.
One day I was flying, we were going somewhere and I entered the toilet. I remembered her and started crying. She has gone years ago. It is not about canning people like a Policeman but about instructing. You can’t cane someone to fly, you instruct him to fly.
You can’t say, “look at the plane, you mean you can’t fly”. You can beat him to death, he can’t fly.

You know, they that walk, walk with many. They that run, run with a few but they that fly, fly alone.
You Walk with Common Sense, you Run with Principles but you only Fly with Instructions.
-Somebody’s story is changing. We shall never record any such experience like Eli in our midst.
Why am I using that, that is a High Priest that speaks and it happens, but he didn’t take responsibility.
1 Samuel 4:17-18
You’ll see the end of irresponsibility.
-No one here will fail God.
-No one here will end his life in regrets.

Let me say this, there is no school of learning that will replace home training. There is no school, forget it sir.
We are now in days where people send even Primary School children abroad. As what?
So they are not even in touch with the meaning of life because the teacher only comes to class:
2 + 2 = 4, 4 + 4 =8, goodbye, go home. I am going to see my children.
Everybody will bear his own burden. Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up.

My grandmother will say, “those who don’t sit up today, don’t become masters tomorrow.” As small as I was, I picked it. You can’t find me on the street going except on a mission.
When you work, you are adding to experience that is leading to a great future. I heard it.
Please wake up, it is not the way it is anymore.
There are too many strangers out on the street: small, small boys holding guns and they don’t have any training at home…
For those who are just coming up, to build their families, this is what it is: Wake Up and Build One.

Can I tell you this, neither my wife nor myself was involved in the marriage of any of our children: that this is who to marry, this is not to who to marry!
Neither one of us decided which course or programme they should run in school. They were made responsible, serviced with books and instructions. Life
Some are carrying 40-year old babies on their laps. You think that is success, that is blatant failure. God forbid.
There are some students at Covenant University that can’t come from Ikeja on their own, they have to carry them.

We know Samuel to be an Anointed man. We are told none of his words fell to the ground. From a child he was hearing the voice of God (1 Samuel 3:19).
But we saw this record in 1 Samuel 8:1-6
“… and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king” – we can’t survive it
“But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, Give us a king” – because you didn’t look after them. You mean you don’t know, give us a king.
That terminated the reign of priesthood in Israel
Hear what God said to Samuel (1 Samuel 8:7)
“Hearken unto them” – ‘s’otan’ (It’s finished) don’t you know they are not doing well. Hearken to them. They are carrying bribe all over town. Hearken to them.
That terminated the reign of priesthood in Israel.
-No one here will end his journey in regrets.

When we were growing up, they always said, “Children of Pastors are always wayward.” No, it depends on what you put into each one of them. It is not only Pastors, children of Managing Directors, Managers, Civil Servants, un-Civil Servants. It is training. Church Gist.

So you saw Eli and you saw Samuel. We must take responsibility in giving timely instructions, corrections and rebuke to our children.
“You know children nowadays want to have their ways” – because you allowed it.
Timely, before it is too late. They that seek me early shall find me (Proverbs 8:17, Isaiah 55:6).
Timely Instructions
Timely Corrections
Timely Rebukes
Proverbs 4:11-13
There is a time for everything under the Sun, let’s wake up and take responsibility (Ecclesiastes 3:1)
What we sow into our children today will largely determine their outcome tomorrow.
Let’s sow good seeds: seed of sound morals, seed of profound core values so we can have rest tomorrow (Genesis 8:22, Galatians 6:7-9).
Don’t be weary in sowing spiritual seeds into your children because you shall reap it in due season if you faint not.

Proverbs 31:25-28
We see the responsibility of women in its unique way, we are talking about the virtuous woman.
She takes very detailed attention to the going on (Proverbs 31:27)

…I saw I was a king when I was 16 by redemption and I started packaging myself in a kingly manner.
When I want to go out, I will check, “will a king go out like this?” No, David go and change.
I began speaking kingly words: kings don’t shout, they don’t fight in their village.
“That is the ‘Kabiyesi’ (king) fighting there”
“And from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures” – 2 Timothy 3:15
I knew when I was 19 that no weapon formed against shall prosper: If I didn’t know that I would have been destroyed longest time (Isaiah 54:17)
“Even tongue that arise…” I will condemn, so it is me. In the name of Jesus, I curse you, when I feel a very evil air around me, I open fire. I knew that 19.
-Somebody’s story is changing.
Let no communication be without the Word.
You are not a Philosopher, you are a Believer. Inject what has translated your life so that you don’t regret your tomorrow.

-Every parent and every would-be parents in this Church shall be highly impactful parents.
-Not one of your children will pester your life tomorrow in the name of Jesus Christ.

But you see, you can’t give what you don’t have. You are either spiritual or carnal, you cannot be neutral. You can’t give what you don’t have. There are many carnal believers. They are believers like Corinthians Church people (1 Corinthians 3:3).
They are believers but they are carnal. There is nothing spiritual about their perspective and you know like begets like. So wake up.
Peter said, “such as I have give I unto thee” (Acts 3:6)
Wake up
Only spiritual parents can sow spiritual seeds into the lives of their children which is the only way to secure our generations after us. Let’s wake up.
Psalm 112:1-2
It begins with the man, then his seed.
It begins with the woman, then her seed.
What you don’t have, you can’t pass on to them.
Let’s go after materials that talk about raising godly children, training up a child in the way to go. Let’s go after those materials, it will go a long way to boost our communication. We won’t just be Father Christmas kind of parents.
(If) You don’t want to Lose them Tomorrow, Train them Today.
You don’t want to Cry Tomorrow, Take Responsibility Today.
The waywardness of Hophni and Phinehas killed their father, destroyed their generation.
-It will never happen here!!!

In conclusion, we must beware of what we do before our children because that is what they will take after. We must beware with what we do with our children. That is what they will take after.
They see you messing up their mother, in their presence: what do you want to teach? It can’t enter!!
They see you as a brawling lion: what do you want to teach? They are scared.
They see you say, “somebody is coming, tell them I am not around and he is going up”: what are they going to take away?
You know say, “all liars will not enter Heaven”: they will say, “you too won’t enter because we have been hearing you.”
Beware what you do before them.

Can I say this to you and I am saying it on the point of truth!
Husband and wife living together will help the training to be highly qualitative.
All this modern-day life: wife in Australia, husband in Ghana. It’s not the way.
And the two shall be one flesh. Have you ever seen half human being on the streets?
They say, “that’s half-Papa. The other half has gone to Kwara.”
All this modern-day technology, it won’t replace the truth. If you fail at raising your children, you are a failure. Forget about what accolades you earn.
In our Ministry, it is impossible for a wife to be somewhere else under Heaven and you somewhere. It is a law. You drop and join your wife or your wife drops and join you. we don’t want trouble.
Life is so simple.
We are glad today in our family: No Concerns. The job was done when it ought to be done and we are beholding it with our eyes.
Please work. You know we came out of the same stuff, we belong to the same Father, we carry the same DNA, let’s take responsibility.
-Tomorrow will be great. Greater than imagined, tomorrow shall be great!
-For your family, tomorrow shall be great.
Well I don’t believe in that, good luck. I have said my own, I am free.


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