– Pastor Paul Enenche at Early Will I Seek You on ‘ DELIVERANCE BY HIS PRESENCE’, Glory Dome.

Give the Lord a big clap and a shout of praise.

Father, we give You the praise and the honor for this morning. Blessed be Your Name in Jesus Precious Name.

Give the Lord the praise as you take your seat.


Psalm 16:8-11.

The Presence of God is a place of deliverance. Deliverance from what?

1. Deliverance from instability.

2. Deliverance from fear.

3. Deliverance from depression. ‘my heart is glad’ – Psalm 16:9. That was why He told us that in thy presence is fullness of joy.

4. Deliverance from shame. ‘My glory rejoiceth’ – Psalm 16:9. ‘I can’t be ashamed’

5. Deliverance from anxiety and hopelessness. ‘I shall rest in hope’- Psalm 16:9. You are not permitted to be restless.

6. Deliverance from death. ‘You will show me the path of life:’ – Psalm 16:11. Premature death for you, your family is not your portion.

7. Deliverance from pressure. 🎼 I have got peace like a river 🎼. So, we have deliverance from instability, deliverance from fear, deliverance from depression, deliverance from shame, deliverance from anxiety and hopelessness, deliverance from death and deliverance from pressure.

All you need to do is to set the Lord always before you. Don’t let anything move God or move you from God.
When that happens, deliverance is sure.

stand up on your feet let’s lift up our voices and commence in prayers and worship.

Let’s honor Him, let’s adore Him. Go ahead and give Him the praise. Give Him the honor for the word you just heard. Worship Him, adore Him.


Job 10:12
Father, we thank You for today. Thank You for the possibilities and visitations of today. To You alone be all the praise in Jesus Name.

Joel 2:3
Father, we ask for the manifestation of Your saving, healing and liberating power today. We ask that no affliction escape the unction today in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Zechariah 10:1

Father, we thank You for the Rain of Revival. We ask that no individual in our land and world today would claim ignorance of Your rain of Revival in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 32:15

Father, we ask that as Your Spirit is poured upon us from on high, our wilderness would become a fruitful field, and our fruitful field would become a forest in this season Lord in Jesus Name.

Matthew 16:18, Acts 12:23

Father, we ask that every distractive agenda of the gates of hell against the progress and growth of Your Church in this season be frustrated in the Name of Jesus Christ.

We ask that every Pharaoh standing in the way of Your Church be moved out of the way Lord in Jesus Name.

Father, by Your Presence today, I receive deliverance from every spirit of instability, in Jesus’Name.

Father, by the power of Your Presence, I receive deliverance from the spell of fear: fear of the unknown, of death or of the future, I receive deliverance in Jesus’ Name.

Father, by the power of Your Presence, I receive victory over discouragement and despair NOW, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, by the power of Your Presence, I escape shame, disgrace and reproach. I receive victory over every organized shame, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, by the power of Your Presence, I escape anxiety and hopelessness. I receive victory over anxiety and hopelessness by the power of Your Presence in Jesus’ Name.

Father, by the power of Your Presence, I receive deliverance from the Spirit of premature death for my life, family, and for everyone associated and related to this Commission in Jesus’ Name.

Father, by the power of Your Presence, I receive freedom from every form of pressure Now, in Jesus’ Name.

FIREFUL declarations.

In the Name above every other name, every satanic and satanic agents pursuing you and your family, they catch fire NOW! In the Name of Jesus.

And every local devil from your village, from your community who will not allow you to rest, today they are set on fire in Jesus Name.

It’s well with you in the Name of Jesus.
There shall be no loss. No devil will set a trap of disaster for you in Jesus Precious Name.

Every negative predictions, occultic prognostication, today they are neutralized in the Name of Jesus. You shall fulfill your days and you cannot die before your time.


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