5 Reasons You Should Attend WOFBI Bible School

Praise the name of the Lord forever, amen! I want to share something powerful with us today, which I believe will bless and liberate us in various ramification.

All over the world right now, the body of Christ is undergoing a revival era, and this is the same for us in Nigeria, there are men and women of God who have been strategically positioned by God to equip us with all that is required to be a partaker in the move and make the most of this ongoing revival.

There are many churches in Nigeria that runs a Bible School, but I am going to be talking about that of Living Faith Church “Winners Chapel” which is the WORD OF FAITH BIBLE INSTITUTE!!

This is a platform of divine encountered great transformation in this dispensation.

Without doubt, the knowledge communicated through this platform as set many captives free and also delivered the oppressed, set many people in order and inline for their glorious destiny.

Please note that this bible School is not meant for just those who wants to engage in ministerial assignment, it also applies to Business men and women, career person’s, it delivers raw knowledge of the word of God that makes us victorious in life and in the face of battles and challenges of life.

The bible School comprise of 3 tiers, which is
Bible Certificate Course (BCC)
Leadership Certificate Course (LCC)
Leadership Diploma Course (LDC)

I encountered God so much when I did my BCC some years ago in one of the church branch in Oyo State, and the impact is still speaking today, i also did my LCC in the same place, but i just had my LDC in another state last week and it was so impactful, today i will be sharing some reasons why you should consider enlisting for the bible school, even if you are a pastor with your own ministry, you have so much to learn in the institute that will help you in the Journey.

Why You Should Consider enlisting for the WORD OF FAITH BIBLE INSTITUTE (WOFBI);

Note: This school runs all across the major churches of winners chapel, across the world, and it last for just 2 weeks, 2 weeks of intensive teaching, camping with Jesus, it will indeed transform your life.

  1. It will transform your knowledge of the Word of God, the courses are designed to equip you with the understanding of the word of God that makes for victory, dominion in the journey of life and it cut across all spheres of life, the bible says, my people are perish for the lack of knowledge, the knowledge you will lay hold of at WOFBI will empower you to take over the mountain of your spheres of influence and it will make you a Voice to your world.
  2. It will impact your with Passion for God: this is so true, you can not go through WOFBI and not love God, there is an injection of passion for the Lord in that school, your love for God and the things of the kingdom will take another shape entirely when you encounter the word of God at WOFBI, also remember that, God has prepared the best for those that he love. Nothing makes Christianity impactful like knowledge, the knowledge of the truth puts the people of God in command of life’s situation and circumstances.
  3. It is a Mountain of Deliverance : Yes! This is a mountain where you encounter the power of God to heal, to deliver, to set free and make whole. Any time God wants to do special work, he send his word, that word is the tool for special works! Someone shared a testimony during our LDC Class, he was a pastor of his own ministry but he as been trusting God for the fruit of the womb, for the past 8years, after the encounter at WOFBI, his wife took and the barrenness was broken, also he said, since then, he as gotten the Grace to pray for other people in that condition and they all see the hand of God. So both physical, spiritual and even mental deliverance, takes place during WOFBI, ideology and mindset that as held you captive are destroyed by the light of the word, and your freedom is established!
  4. Your Prayer Life is transformed: WOFBI is a two week encounter, you camp with God for two weeks on the spiritual mountain, learning his ways and seeking his face, your prayer life is transformed, your prayer stamina moves to another level entirely. The knowledge of the truth that is released to you at WOFBI puts you in command of life situations, it places you above only. You have better understanding of how to pray as a Believer, in order to secure the attention of GOD.
  5. You are been Imparted! This is also true, at WOFBI, there is the release of the spirit of faith, you are been imparted with Power from on high. the teaching session, as the word of God is coming, your spirit man is been imparted with the power of the Word. This is a common thing that happens to the student at wofbi, and after the school, a lot of testimonies comes from the encounter with the word and how God transform the lives of people. At the end of the two week intensive camping with Jesus, there is an impartation upon all student, this is what gives people access to the Grace and Oil of God at work in Living Faith Church and tin the servant to God, Bishop David Oyedepo.

I encourage you to attend this life transforming school and your life will never be the same again in Jesus name, Amen!

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