Dr. Paul Enenche Revealed What Bishop Oyedepo Did That Made God To Bless Him

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche Revealed What Bishop David Oyedepo Did That Made God Sworn To Bless Him

Culled From IMFFC2021 Day 4

“One day Papa Oyedepo said when the ministry was starting, they had a project and they have given and there was a new need for giving and they came to him and told him and he said to them, you know if I have it, God can’t need it and I still have it. He said but as for me right now, anything you want except I give myself now.

Some of you are hiding what you have and you are not giving. He said, let me tell you the truth, the time is going to come when you will say you don’t know what they are using. I will not have it and not give it. But let me tell you what we are using, I’m sold out to God. ndepotv

There was some missionary work needed and he gave a Mercedes car that was like his only car that time. I think he entered a bus or something to return back home.

He said, carry this car, take it to Leventis and sell and use the money for this Church project or whatever and while he was in that vehicle, he said God told him, my son David, even if you want to be poor, it is too late. That is a blessing that is sworn.

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