Deep Brokenness and Open Heavens – Dr Paul Enenche





– Dr Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre
IMFFC 2021
Day Four

Open your mouth and pray in the Spirit. All I have is Yours. Everything I have is Yours, I am Yours…

Lift your hands high. It is in climates and atmospheres like this that creations happen. “The Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters and God said…”
Lift your hands high

Lift up your hands everywhere you are. Climates like this are climates of divine visitation, climate of divine encounters. Lift your hands high and whisper the name J-E-S-U-S…

Fresh grace, fresh help, fresh mercy is coming upon you. A change of story, a change of situation.

Thank You Master; cause someone to see the side of You that we haven’t seen before, cause a visitation, cause us to see in ourselves what must be moved out of our lives.

A fresh commissioning, a fresh release, a fresh assignment.

Thank You Master, thank You Adonai, thank You Elyon. We worship You, we praise You, we honour You.
Be thou glorified, in Jesus precious name.

Give the Lord the praise, take your seat.

Very, very quickly, I will finish up what we started last night.
Genesis 7:11-12
The Lord bless His word in Jesus’ name.

Deep Brokenness and Open Heavens.

Yesterday, we exhausted what deep brokenness meant. This morning we shall look at: Open Heavens for the flow of the rain.

Every man, every woman, every church, every ministry that must experience the continuous rain of the Spirit must have a continuously open Heaven.

If your life, your ministry, your destiny, even your finances must experience the continuous rain from Heaven, there must be the continuous continuity of open Heavens.

What is the meaning of Open Heavens:

1. It means the intervention and invasion of Heaven on the earth.

2. It means connection and connectivity between Heaven and earth.

A situation where on a particular life, a particular assignment, particular ministry, there is a connection and connectivity between Heaven and earth.

3. The release of the atmosphere and climate of Heaven upon the earth.

4. The involvement of Heaven in the affairs of the earth.

5. The avenue for celestial traffic upon the earth.

Jacob saw the ladder set up from earth to Heaven and the angels were trafficking, going and coming and the top of the Heaven was open.

Every time there is an open Heaven, there is a traffic, a celestial traffic, Heaven is flowing to the earth and the earth is flowing to the Heavens and when that happens, the rain of revival is inevitable.

Deuteronomy 28:12 – once God opens the Heaven, rain falls, we saw that also in Genesis 7:11.

But let’s look at Genesis 28:10-12. How comfortable it is for a person to lay his head on stones and sleep over night but that was what Jacob did and while he was in that position, he dreamed with his head on a stone and a ladder was set up on the earth and the top of it reached to the Heaven and behold the angels of God ascending and descending upon it. Church Gist. There was an open Heaven as he laid his head upon stones.

What are these stones all about:
Isaiah 28:16
The stone is talking about Jesus. 1 Peter 2:6-7, John 1:1-5

What is the Key to the Open Heavens:

1. The revelation of the Word. If you will lay your head on the Word, you will connect with an opening to Heaven.

If you will trust God for light, solid light; that is what stone represent, tangible insight, concrete revelation, revelation that wind cannot carry, insight that the winds of confusion cannot shake. Wind does not carry stone, wind cannot blow stones.

Revelation, light, insight that wind can’t move, that the slight of doctrines, cunning craftiness of men cannot move, tangible light, solid light, concrete insight – light that has weight.

The kind of light you can lay a foundation on, that you can lay the foundation of a life, the foundation of a ministry on. When you get that light, any realm you get that light on, in that realm the heavens open.

Get that light in the realm of the supernatural, you will see an open Heaven in supernatural dimensions that will amaze you.

God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo got a weighty light on the mystery of supernatural supplies in the year 1981, he got a weighty light.

That light has not expired. That light has produced results.

How many of you know that the Faith Theatre is going on now? The construction is on now, we broke the ground this year around March.

Quietly, the cost of the cooling system there will build a mega estate, cooling system and there is no struggle.

All the things that will be needed when the building is completed are ordered ahead of time. Every dime that will finish the building to perfection, dime, is on ground.

Any realm where you get light that is weighty, that wind can’t blow it, there are some revelation you say you have but you are confused, after a while you are not sure again. It was carried away by wind.

It was blown away by circumstances to the point where even yourself, you are not sure of what you believe.

But when you come to the point where you get something that nothing can carry from you, no wind can blow it, you got it out of a scripture like the Bible says in Psalm 119:162.

Kenneth Hagin got the insight of Mark 11:23, that revolutionized his life and revolutionized the life of everyone that came across him.

Join G. Lake got Acts 10:38, how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power and that revolutionized his healing ministry. Heavens open into the realm where the miraculous was natural.

If this is all I came to tell you this morning, stop looking for people, start looking for light.

Stop looking for human connections, start looking for weighty insight.

Stop looking for who has money to sponsor ministry, don’t make human beings sponsors of Church.

When we stepped into minister, it was very, very normal for you to identify the visible sponsors of different churches.

This one is the man behind this ministry, this one is the main financier of this ministry, this one is the man sponsor of that ministry and it was very strange to us and we didn’t see any such person around us, it look like we were not doing something right but today as I speak, all those people disappeared from all those churches.

In one of the churches that one person in particular was, permit me with the use of word, as if he was the owner of the Church.

If a person that was the Pastor was an owner in quote, then he was a co-owner. After a time, he stepped off, everything looks stranded.

But I saw I will build my Church, I am the Owner of the Church, no man is big enough to build a church, no man is rich enough to own a church.
No man is rich enough to pocket a church.


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