Dr Paul Enenche on “Positioning for a Divine Encounter of Visitation” at IMFFC 2021 Day One

What makes a mad man mad is that he has needs that he is not aware of. To be in need and not be aware is insanity.

Desperation is a magnet of mantle.

If your desire is desperate, even your mantle carrier is helpless in the matter.

Genesis 32:22-28

Give the Lord a big clap of hands as you take your seats.

Tonight, we shall be preparing the ground. It is a bit different from how our conventions have gone before.

The objective of this teaching is understanding what it takes to maximise seasons of visitation. Everything in this season I’ll be a downpour of revelations, of encounters and visitations. You need to know what to do in order to connect in this season. There are seven things that will be considered tonight which makes a person not to miss divine visitation.

1. The Perception of Need. You need to perceive your need for an encounter. It is true that perception affects possession. It is true that answers only respond to questions. It is true that solutions only happen for challenges. There must be the perception for the need. In our Bible passage, Jacob perceived his need. He knew that he could not face Esau with his physical capacities.

In 1 Chronicles 4:9., Jabez also approached the God of Israel when he perceived his need.

There are those who have come here because to them it is a ritual or religious tourism.

God does not respond to religion; God responds to passion. The worst thing that can happen to anybody is to be in need and not be aware. It is very important to perceive your need.

You must identify the area you need God to fix. What makes a mad man mad is that he has needs that he is not aware of. To be in need and not be aware is insanity.

2. Sensitivity to Divine Timing. God is a God of purpose but He is also a God of season. Ecclesiastes 3:1. It is one thing to understand purpose but it is critical to understand season.

It is the marriage of purpose and season that gives birth to destiny. You should come to the understanding that you are in a season of visitation and encounter.

The problem is not God not sending visitation but the problem he sent the visitation to where not aware of the visitation. This season is a prophetic season for Pastors to catch fire and inflame their environment. Are you aware?

That sensitivity must be there. You will not miss your time in Jesus’name. We are in a season because there is a desperate need on the earth. There was a revival that came on the days of Wigglesworth and John G. Lake.

This revival came at the end of a very great depression that hit the world. Another revival came after the second World War. People like Oral Roberts came in a move of God to repair the earth from the ravages of the enemy.

We are at another junction like that what they call corona demon. It has been closing down churches and other places. The major target of that devil is the gospel.

There are many things that can happen online but Church must happen physically. And there is this ravaging and damaging of the earth by this devil. There are people that can’t organise crusade as a result of this. It is important to discern this season.

The whole world is in fear and bondage. Everyone is still scared for their life.

Aside that, there is a revival of the fake and inauthentic. Centres that have no business with the gospel springing up at every corner. And we are in a generation with bankruptcy of discernment. People no longer know the difference between the real and unreal. We must be sensitive to this time.

We have had many crusades this year, but when we got to the North East, the Headquarters of terrorist in this country.

We got there, the stadium was filled up the first night before we even started. Wherever there is drastic physical need, it create drastic hunger for God.

And now the whole world is challenged with all manners of terrible things. We are in a season where visitation must occur and we must be sensitive to this timing.

3. Positioning at The Right Location. It is very clear that divine visitation are location sensitive. God can work anywhere but there are things God does in concentration measures at certain places.

The ladder was not set up for Jacob everywhere but a t a particular place. Genesis 28:12. Bethel became visitation sensitive. Many people waste their life and time without spiritual understanding.

Moses had been roaming round the wilderness for many years until one day, he came to the backside of the desert to the specific place called the mountain of God. Exodus 3:1.

The disciples had to be in the Upper Room, that particular experience was Upper Room specific. There are places where encounters are mandated.

4. Desperate Desire. When all the things are in place, there must be a desperation of desire.

Just the same way Elisha was until he got the double portion of Elijah. Elisha was unstoppable until he got what he wanted. God does not give encounters to the casual. Encounters belong to the desperate.

You cannot be casual and have anything that will be of lasting value. Desperation is key to divine visitation. Desperation is a magnet of mantle. Elijah did not drop any mantle for Elisha.

The mantle fell off. There is difference between Elijah dropping it and the mantle falling. If your desire is desperate, even your mantle carrier is helpless in the matter. In case, he does not want to willingly release it unto you.

One of the foremost carriers of the move of God in this country was to pass through our Church for a programme.

And I decided to tap something from him. So, I decided that until I meet him, food will not touch my mouth. I was very desperate and very restless.

Eventually, something massive dropped. Reinhard Bonnke was to pass through Abuja to Benue State for a crusade.

My sister called me to ask if I could receive him at the airport. I said I should be thanking you for this opportunity. Do you know what we did?

I positioned everything needed. We booked Sheraton Hotel for him. The following day, he was about to leave, I presented some foreign currencies to him and a watch and requested that he prays for me.

Then he laid his hands and said, “Oh Lord, the feeling you had when you were sending Jesus to the earth to die, whatever the feeling was, Lord give him a little portion of it.” He said Jesus what you felt for the world when you were dying, please give him a little portion of it.

I told the housekeeper not to enter his hotel room, I extended the booking by one day and went inside the same room and started blasting in tongues. It was in the middle of that prayer that I saw realms of revelation I have never seen in my life.

The coordinator of Reinhard Bonnke Crusade saw the clip of our crusade and said thank you God that the spirit of mass evangelism is still in Africa. He said the crusade looked like one Reinhard Bonnke’s crusade.

We were in a church for dedication, the dedication became a crusade. God will not bother you with what does not bother you. Where you don’t have interest, there you can’t have harvest. what is it that is of interest to you? what is it that is of concern to you?

5. Unbroken focus. focus is key to fire. Elijah told Elisha, if you see me when I am taken, what you desired will be yours. Elisha refused to be distracted by the sons of Prophet that were taunting him.

Focus is key to impact. Those of you that are here from other countries, pleas know why you are here.

One day, we were in Chicago and I saw a saxophone and picked it to buy. I started playing the saxophone right at the shop, the atmosphere changed and people were blessed.


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