Dr Paul Enenche talks about how he prayed for a Witchcraft Second in Command (11yrs old girl)

Sometime ago, we prayed for a young girl who was just eleven at the time but she was already the second in command in the witchcraft world.

She paralysed her father and killed two of her siblings, including her elder sister who lived abroad, for not sending money to her. She was employed as a nanny in a man’s house in Abuja, Nigeria.

It was only by the mercy of God that the baby she took care of did not fall victim to her witchcraft.

When the man who employed her as a nanny noticed her witchcraft activities, he placed a copy of the “Seeds of Destiny” devotional on her head and anointed her, and immediately, she became restless and began to confess her witchcraft activities.

One day, she went out for a witchcraft meeting and while returning, she landed on the roof of a house physically. She wore a chaplet on her neck which was removed and set on fire but it didn’t burn initially.

When it eventually started burning, the girl turned into a snake. This is not what we read in newspaper or watched in a movie. It is a true life story.

Beloved, we live in a world of abundance of iniquity, and this is a major sign of the end time.

My counsel is, refuse to take part in the iniquity and compromise of this age. Keep your garment clean for the soon-coming King, Jesus Christ.

The escalation of iniquity in our days is a pointer to the fact that we are in the end of the age.
Grace to say NO to the iniquities of this season is released for you in Jesus’ Name.

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