Pastor Adeboye Sermon at the Communion and Anointing Service, The Americas 25th Annual Convention




Pastor E. A. Adeboye at the Communion and Anointing Service, The Americas 25th Annual Convention

Let someone shout Hallelujah! Wave to one or two people and say by tomorrow morning, you will be singing a new song. Let’s give the Lord a big round of applause and be seated.

It has been quite a very busy day but God wants to do a lot in a short period of time and we would go straight to Psalm 23:5. I think that passage was written specifically for me and maybe one or two other people.

If you are one of the two, let me hear your Amen!
Who prepares the table!? God! In the presence of who?
The enemies.
Whose head was anointed with oil? Whose cup is going to run over tonight? If you are sure that you are the one, your hallelujah should be the loudest.

Your case can be different, because by the time this convention is over, my blessing is going to be exceptional.

You know atimes you come to a meeting like this thinking you have come to preach but God will begin to preach to you. I spoke to you briefly in the introductory message that a new day is synonymous to a new beginning.

Each time you wake up in the morning, God is giving you a new beginning. And I did mention that every day of God starts in the evening. And I pointed out to you that it means that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

I also said that between every two days, there must be a night. So we will just pick up from there and move on to what God wants to do tonight.

If you take the example of Israel, the first day in Egypt (and the day of course could mean several years) was a very bright one. Israel had the best of Egypt. Joseph was told to select the best for his people.

How long it lasted, the Bible didn’t say but after that day, the night came because a new King that didn’t know Joseph arose and suddenly, the people of Israel became slaves and then the night came. The night period lasted for 430 years.

That is a long time to be in night season but then, a new day dawn. I want to prophesy to someone, your night season will soon be over.

Incidentally, it started that night. Exodus 12:42. The Bible says it is a night to be remembered. A night never to be forgotten.

A new beginning of freedom to worship God came.
Exodus 12:31. Pharaoh told them to go and worship God the way they wanted. We thank God for America, we thank God for the freedom of worship.

But then, many atimes you can’t worship God the way you want to. I have seen a man dancing on a wheelchair before. That tells me that fellow wants to dance but he had a problem.

I know there are many people who would want o jump and shout and praise God but something is still holding them captive. Whatever is not allowing you to serve God with gladness will end tonight.

And then it was a new beginning of wealth for he children of Israel. Exodus 12:35-36.
The children of Israel practically collected the salary of 430years from the children of Egypt.

They were loaded with wealth. There is somebody here today who will never know poverty again.

Some of us will already be wondering how is that going to happen. You know where I came from, they say nobody knows how water gets into a coconut.

How your prosperity will get to you, I don’t know but in God’s own supernatural way, He will make it happen.

It takes God just a day to put an end to poverty in your life, just as He did for the children of Israel.

I have told you before the story of an Arab boy who became a Christian and ran away from his country because of his life. He got to London without papers so he could not get a good job. He was working in a fast food restaurant.

Then one day, an Arab man came to London wanting to buy property but he could not speak English. He had difficulty communicating with the English men.

He was hungry and stopped by the Fast food restaurant nowhere this young Christian boy works, he spoke Arabic to him and he requested if he could be his interpreter for three days.
The boy said three days?
after you have gone, where will I get another job.

The Arab man said he would pay him 1 million pounds per day.
He went to the owner of the restaurant to say bye bye.
I decree into the life somebody tonight, you are leaving the company of poor people permanently tonight.

It was a new beginning for the children of Israel for freedom to serve God and even a new beginning of life, because that night the Angel of destruction passed over them.

I decree into your life, your appointment with death has been cancelled. Interestingly, it was a new beginning of anointing. Exodus 12:32.

The Bible says Pharaoh Sadi to Moses, bless me also. It takes a special anoint to be a blessing to others; to heal the sick; to raise the dead.

I speak to you that after you have partaken of the holy communion tonight, that anointing to be a blessing will rest on you.

So when David said you You prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies, he is saying God is going to feed me. What do you need the food for, you need the food for strength. 1 Kings 19:4-8.

When Elijah was in the darkest period of his life, he asked God to kill him but God send food to him. The angel woke him up to have food and the angel said, eat against for the journey is far.

I am speaking to under the unction of the Almighty, you are going to need strength for the blessing that is come. It means no matter what the enemy tries, you are going to be triumphant. God will give you health.

Psalm 105:37. The Bible says there was no a single feeble one among them. Why? God has the ability to heal a whole nation in a single night.

We all know that the bread of the holy communion bus symbolic of his body. Anointing does some very specific things. We don’t have all the time to explain it all. But in Isaiah 10:27, it is said that anointing destroys the yoke. When we talk about yokes, it is something that is binding someone. An invisible force binding someone. There are hands that touch anything others are succeeding and they end up failing because there are forces controlling them.

There are some people who can’t make progress no matter the effort, because there are forces holding their legs.

Anointing gives protection from enemies. You see, when you begin to prosper, you will begin to get enemies.

You better know that for sure. If all you have is a pair of trousers and maybe two shirts, you don’t need guards to watch your house at night.
There is nothing to be stolen.
But when your possession increases, then you need protection.

That is when you have CCTV and special emergency safety buttons. When you begin to prosper, there must be enemies. But because of the anointing as it is written in Psalm 105:12-15, touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.

So tonight, we are doing two things together. We will take the holy communion and we will be anointed.

The Holy Communion will supply you strength and the anointing will destroy every yoke in your life and you will have freedom to serve God regardless of what the enemy planned. By next year’s Convention when you are testifying, you will tell us your enemies have come to testify.

Don’t forget that God said when I see the blood, I will pass over you. Yes, there is pandemic but we are not affected in Nigeria because our situation in this country will not even permit social distancing. I told everyone then that 2020, the whole world will be like a child in convul sion.

When it started, I cried to God for Nigeria and God told me that only those whose time has come will die. And as we speak, the total number of death as a result of Covid in Nigeria is not up to 2500.

There is a price to pay to enjoy this new beginning and the price is the blood so that the angel can pass you over.

The interesting thing is that Someone has already shed the blood for you. I am calling on you, if you have not washed in the blood of the lamb, come to Jesus.


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