– Pastor James Fadel at RCCG The Americas 25th Annual Convention || Ordination Service

Anchor Text: Acts 2:1-4

What is a mantle?

A mantle is a staff of authority that empowers an individual to operate in the office he or she is assigned and to deal with every issue connected to the office he or she occupies. It is an important responsibility that passes from the superior to the inferior.

Jesus Christ our leader, pastor and Saviour when He was going away He passed the mantle to his disciples.

When the Lord wants to accomplish a task on earth He can use and He will use whosoever He chooses. David saved, Cyrus unsaved; it doesn’t matter to God. Even God can appoint a donkey to do His work.

– I pray for you that the mantle you have received today will be used for the work of the Kingdom of God.

When God called Saul, all the favours and privileges he enjoyed were just the beginning of what God wanted Him to do. If you read the book of 1 Samuel 9 you will find out that He enjoyed certain privileges.

1. He sat where no member of his generations before him had sat.
(1 Samuel 9:22)

2. He enjoyed a reserved place
(1 Samuel 9:23-24)

He was a nobody looking for his donkey but when his new beginning came, He was made to sit on a reserved place.

– There is a special place for you in the Kingdom, may you occupy it in Jesus name.

1 Samuel 9:26
Samuel called Saul to an upward place, that was the place of his ordination.

God is calling us to an up place. This place is a place that you only can reach.
Mark 14:15
Every time God gives you a mantle, every time God ordains you, He calls you to a special place.

Revelation 4:1

Why Do You Need The Mantle?

Romans 8:19
Do you know your neighbors are waiting for you to be ordained, the city is waiting for you to get the anointing. The sick are waiting for you to receive the anointing.

The sinners are there for you to encourage and bring back to the Kingdom, the backsliders are there for you to bring back to the church.

Title is not enough, ordination is not enough, position is not enough, it must be backed up by a mantle of fire.

It is important to understand that this mantle is a mantle of power and protection.
Acts 10:38

How Do We Ignite The Fire?
One thing that is common to the carriers of the mantle is passion. The disciples and the brethren were passionately waiting on the day of Pentecost.

They is always a waiting before the pouring of fire.

All carriers of fire are men and women of passion. You can not be full of passion and be empty of power.

(i) Passion increases will power.

What we accomplish in life is less of what we want and more of how much we want it.
When you are passionate about a work, you don’t fall asleep until the work is done.

(ii) Passion produces energy

No passionate person lacks energy. If you lack energy it’s because you lack passion.

(iii) Passion generates force for breakthrough

The number one quality to succeed as an executive in any organization is enthusiasm not talent.

(iv) passion creates a contagious fire

Show me a church that is passionate about the work of God, they don’t need to invite people, people will come on their own because passion is contagious.

Acts 2:2

What is the Whole Essence of Fire?

Fire is not idle, fire is for action, fire is aggressive, fire doesn’t even know who sets it.

The essence of fire is for W.A.R.
W – Witnessing (Acts 1:8)
A – Arrest Opposition
R – Resist the Devil

The devil cannot stand you if you have the fire of God.

How Do I keep the Fire Burning?
Jude 1:20

The fire of Samson went out due to His carelessness, The fire of Saul went out because of disobedience. The fire of Ananias and Sapphira went out because of dishonesty.

Hebrews 1:9
To keep our fire burning, we must Love righteousness and hate iniquity – believers must share in God’s anger against sin.

For the fire of your soul not to go down you must:
G – Get down under God.
E – Except God to use your ordinary life in extraordinary ways.
E – Embrace your true identity
E – Experience Jesus’ Presence and help others encounter.
P – Place your confidence in God rather than in your own abilities.


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