How to Start a Daily Income Business

There are several types’ small business ideas in the world today that has the capacity to generate daily income. It is a lot easier these days than before because now even what you don’t expect to earn money from gets you money.

It takes a serious minded person to take up this business as it will require a lot of attention and if possible a lot of energy too.

There are lots of lucrative daily income businesses that can be done by young entrepreneurs. Some have the mind to start but they don’t know which business to venture in.

Here are some of the of the daily income business ideas that can end the financial breakdown of serious minded people that are ready to change their story.

List of some Daily Income Business

  • News paper vendor
    So many people love to read the newspaper, young, old and even kids nowadays but not everyone can afford a newspaper so they go to where they can read and pay a little sum of money.
    You can imagine the number of people that read sports news, not just the old but even the young and kids too and if you get N50 from 50-100 people that come to read every day.

    Apart from sports some other people love to read business news and others. so you know that you will make a lot of income from it.
  • Bakery business
    This is also a lucrative business and you can start it right at the comfort of your home and sell to the people in the street.
    This business is not hard to start as you just need a little capital to start. It only requires your basic kitchen utensils like oven, frying pan, cooker, rolling board and more.
    you can start with meat pie, fish roll, egg roll and cupcakes before moving to bigger ones
    you will need like N5000 or more to start and you must know how to bake but if you don’t know you can easily learn from those that have been in the business for a while and I’m sure they will be glad to teach you. Don’t be ashamed to learn or ask questions.
  • Pure water and bottle water business
    The pure water business has the capacity to generate more profits per day. You just need N1000 to get bags of pure water and sell and you can be sure to get profits of up to four times the amount you used in starting, as long as you sell on a busy streets or road likewise the bottle water, if you are going for the bottle water, you will need N3000 to get cartons of bottle water. You can choose to sell by yourself or you get people to sell for you and you pay them a little money or take care of their lunch.
  • Selling of London used clothes
    This is called OKRIKA in Nigeria. This business is common in west Africa and it has been giving good profits to those in it. Students have venture into this kind of business to help themselves in school.
    There are different types of London used clothes and most of them look like new ones and as a result many people have patronized the sellers over the years. Anyone can start up this business and it will yield good profit.
  • Selling of kerosene
    This is a very lucrative business as most homes in developing countries of the world use it in cooking and their Kerosene lamps because of insufficient electricity supply.

    You buy from filling station or kerosene tankers at a cheaper rate and sell at a higher price to so many people in your area.
  • Coffee business
    This is a good business to venture in a developed country. In places like America and the UK, people take a lot of coffee every day mostly in the morning while going to work.

    The price of coffee varies based on the type you want. In America a cup of coffee cost $2 for a normal coffee but above $3 for an expensive cup of coffee. That can earn you a lot of money daily and imagine selling on the street of New York where millions of people are always busy.
  • Car wash business
    This is also a very profitable business, you will need to get a place to set for car washing and it will advisable you set it in a busy street and also close to a restaurant where they can relax while the washing is going on.

    You can choose to do it yourself or you can get people to do it for you and you pay them at the end of the day.
  • Hair styling
    This business require your skillfulness and creativity. But if you don’t know how to style or make hair, you can get a saloon and also get workers that will do the job while you manage the saloon and the daily income to settle your workers and to get all the machines needed.
  • Transport Business
    This is a very common business and to start depends a little on your finance. But if you have enough to get a secondhand car or vehicle, tri-cycle or bike, you can get one and start making profits.
  • Food Canteen Business
    If your passion is cooking then this is for you. This business can be ventured by anyone.  To start this business you need just a little capital, you will also need to have a good customer service and build good relationship with your customers and you will also need a helping hand to help with some other things you can’t handle.
    One important thing is that you make your food good because that is what keeps the people coming. When it is good you get to see more customers’ everyday and that means more profit.

There are other daily income businesses that you can make money from, these are just a few. Good luck trying out anyone you wish to start.

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