How to start up a Supermarket Business

A supermarket is a large self-service store selling food and goods. The Supermarket is a very lucrative business as it deals with the selling of products. If you have passion for selling, you should try the supermarket business.

If you have a dream of owning a supermarket or starting one then I must tell you that there are some things you need to take note of.

Factors to consider before starting a supermarket business.

  • Where will I site the supermarket?
  • How much capital do I have?
  • How much staff do I need?
  • What commodities and product will I sell?
  • Where can I get goods to stock my supermarket?
  • How would I arrange my shelf?
  • How much net profit do I expect daily?

Where would I site the supermarket?

This is a very crucial part to the success of your supermarket business.
You have to consider these before choosing a site for your supermarket.  

  1. Closeness to residential areas.
    This is because the people at these residential areas are the ones that will buy from your supermarket.
  2. Availability of other supermarkets.
    This is because you will not like starting a supermarket business with a competition. If there is one supermarket already and it is generally stocked with food items, you might stock yours with household goods and a little food items and give 5% discount. It attracts more costomers.
  3. The Availability of Road.
    This is because if your supermarket is accessible then you will get plenty of costumers.

How much capital do I have?

This depends mainly on your financial ability. You should start with something that can get the supermarket and some goods to keep it going

But if you have the super market and you don’t have enough goods, you can go to a large-scale whole seller and get goods on credit but ensure you pay back in time.

How much staff do I need?

The numbers of staffs are determined by the type of supermarket. If it is a mini-supermarket you might need like one or two staffs but for a large supermarket you will need like five to ten staffs or even more depending on the type and size of the supermarket. You will also have to teach your staffs how to handle costumers and how to keep records of sales and purchases.

What commodities and product will I sell?

You have to sell goods that are highly demanding by the costumers and with that, you make more sales and with more sales you get more profits.

Where can I get goods to stock my supermarket?

Like I have said earlier you can go to a wholesaler and get goods and pay back at due time. if you have more than enough money, you can either buy from the wholesaler or you can get directly from the company. You can also thing of a bank loan but I won’t advice that if you don’t have a good business plan. If there’s any need for you to get loan, it should be for the expansion of the supermarket. Banks now don’t give loan without collateral so if you want to get a loan from the bank you should get one.

How would I arrange my shelf?

You can arrange it the way you like or based on the size of your supermarket and also you can check other supermarkets for the type of arrangement you like best so you can fix yours the same way or make yours better.

How much net profit do I expect daily?

This is very important in the growth and continuous running of your supermarket. You need to set a goal and work towards it; like making a profit of 50,000 in three months.

Apart from all of this, you will need an automated machine for your cashier.  And you also will need a CCTV because loss to thief is the last thing you’d want to experience.

The backbone of every business is principle. You have to open on time and if possible make it every day so that your customers can know the time you will always be available.

Lastly make sure you register your super market with the government.

I wish you good luck starting your supermarket.

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