– Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG 69th Annual Convention Tagged ‘A New Wave Of Glory’
Holy Communion Service
(Evening Session Day 6)

* Let us give Him glory, honour and adoration because He is worthy to be praised.

1 Kings 19:4-8

There are certain meals that you eat and you can’t forget and yet there are certain meals you ate that you should not have forgotten.

For example, on the day of your wedding, at the reception, you remember the food you ate but do you know that the food you ate before you got married is equally important because it is the last meal you ate as a bachelor or a spinster.

For landlords, you remember the first meal you ate as a landlord but you should also remember the last meal you ate as a tenant. There are certain meals that are the last meal.

The meal that Elijah ate in the text was the last meal he ever ate in weakness. It was the last meal he ate in poverty, in the valley because after that, each time we saw him, he was on the mountain.

I want to prophesy to someone, this is the last meal you will ever eat in shame. After this meal, the next meal you eat will be in glory. This is the last meal you will ever eat in weakness, the next meal will be in strength.

You know the story of Elijah very well, in Mount Camel in 1 Kings 18:30-46, he was at the peak of glory, he prayed fire came down, because of his prayer there was a national revival, he uprooted the prophets of Baal, he had that sound of abundance of rain, he prayed down showers of blessing, he was on the mountain top. Then he ran a race that brought him to the valley of Jezreel then the following day he was as low as low could be. You can’t go lower than somebody who is crying for death.
That situation where you will be begging God for death will never come your way.

Then he ate a meal prepared for him by God and moved on to a new wave of glory, after that meal in 1 Kings 21:1-14, the one he was running from, he stood face to face with King Ahab and said this is how you and your wife will die. He faced the enemy squarely.

2 Kings 1:9-12, he was sitting down on a hill enjoying fresh air when the enemies came in form of soldiers and they said come down you are under arrest, he said no, things have changed, he said if I be a man of God, I command you to roast, you know the story, they became ashes.
By the time you get home after this Convention, your enemies will know things have changed.

He never came down from the mountain top until riding the new wave of glory, his mantle alone was enough to split open River Jordan. Do you know that after that meal, Elijah didn’t go back to the widow’s house, he was never fed by birds again, Elisha the son of the richest man in the land was now the one pouring water on his hands. He was never hungry again, he never lacked again and then he went home gloriously and left behind a great legacy, a boy who had a double portion of his anointing. He ate a meal and that was the end of running, the end of hiding in the house of a widow, the end of weakness and the beginning of incredible power.

Tonight you are coming to get such a meal that is going to catapult you into a new wave of glory.

Before we approach the table, in case there is anyone here who has not given your life to Jesus Christ, if you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ, come now because the rest of us are hungry and we want to eat that meal that will put an end to our shame, fears, we want to eat that meal that will move our darkness into light, weeping into joy, that meal that will empower us to bring salvation to others.

Cry unto Him and ask Him to save your soul, let Him know you want to join the family of God. The rest of us let us intercede for our brothers and sisters that He will save their souls and have mercy on them.

* As you eat the Bread, pray a prophetic prayer, a declaration of faith, say, Father, in the name of Jesus, this is the last meal I will eat in weakness, in poverty, in sorrow, in failure, in the valley.

* When you drink the wine, you are going to cry to God for power to stay on top because we are moving into the new wave, so cry for the power never to come down till you see Him in glory.
So shall it be in Jesus Name.


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