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Pastor David Ibiyeomie on “Love For the Miraculous” at August Week of Spiritual Empowerment SMHOS Day 3

Matthew 22:36-40

*God cannot anoint you for wealth if you don’t have love for the poor.

*Until you begin to operate on love, you cannot command the supernatural.

*When you walk in love, you become a partaker of God’s nature

*That you are born again does not make you equal with other Christians. It is relationship with God that separates people.

You may be seated. With a big clap to Jesus, give a shout of praise.

Love is a major catalyst in living in the miraculous. 1 John 4:8. God is love is the emphasis of this scripture. To work in the miraculous, you must walk in love because God is a miracle-working God. He doesn’t struggle to get miracles done. And if love is His nature, then I have to work in love to carry His kind of result.

The dimension of the miraculous that you will operate is determined by the degree of your love. Your love for God will give you access to the depth of insight in His word. You will command supernatural without stress when you have insight. John 15:9-10,20.

This virtue of love must be in you before you can flow in the supernatural. A man called David in the Old Testament was a King but could see about the coming of Jesus Christ.

God spoke about him to be a man after His own heart. Psalm 89:20. This is because he loved God. You can look for God and miss Him but God can’t look for you and miss you. When you walk in love, God located you.

Bishop Oyedepo told a story of a woman who hissed in dishonor during one of his messages. This woman then had a form of a physical stone in her womb that her husband could not come near her.

She was going from a prayer house to the other thinking it was a spiritual attack from the devil, until she found a man of God who told her that she had despised an anointed servant of God. He said until that servant of God prays for you, nothing will happen.

Then she started looking for Bishop Oyedepo and located him then got his prayers. Bishop Oyedepo did not even know.

A young man grew with me who is a member of his Church and came to me last week to tell me that his heavens closed because he despised me and made derogatory statements about me.

He said I should please pray for him. And I still love him. God said he will plague those that despise you. This can only happen when you walk in love.

Do you know David’s wife who despised him was plagued. That is how much God can fight for those who love Him. God said he speaks to Moses face-to-face. There are people who are so dear to God because of their hearts.

That you are born again does not make you equal with other Christians. It is relationship with God that separates people.

This relationship is born out of love for God. Jesus was able to provoke the supernatural feeding of the multitude because of his compassion for them. Mark 8:2-8 The moment he had compassion, the miraculous began to happen. Compassion triggers unction and unction will release the supernatural.

God cannot anoint you for wealth if you don’t have love for the poor. If you don’t have compassion for the sick, he can’t anoint you for healing.

When I see a sick person or a poor person, everything in me reacts to see them out of those conditions. Poverty is a very bad plague. It makes even your own relative to deny you. If you know the number of people that have come to me to establish family ties, that is what wealth can do. I can tell you some thirty years ago, I didn’t have any relative because I was still poor. After today, I prophesy into your life, the world will identify with you.

You have to change your nature for you to have a glorious future. Until you begin to operate on love, you cannot command the supernatural. God said you should love the Lord your God with everything inside of you.

The resultant effect is the miraculous. 1 Corinthians 2:9. There are certain things that will begin to happen in your life that even your relations will not believe. Love is a master key to a world of signs and wonders. Fasting without love is hunger strike. Praying without love is protest. Preaching without love is arrogance.

Lovers of God operate out of this world and they become the envy of their world. Anybody who loves God will be envied because you will be getting result. A man of God came to. me and said he saw what God is doing in our Ministry and said he asked God what we were doing that he was not doing. He was speaking out of envy of the results we were getting. He was questioning God on why he was not getting the same results. I told him he needed to walk in love.

Some people believe that those that do not wear earrings walk in love. In fact, most people that do not wear earrings are very wicked. You will hate Christianity when you meet some of them.

They don’t have any sign of compassion. When you walk in love, you become a partaker of God’s nature. And that guarantees an escape from the corruption that is in the world through supernatural manifestations. God’s nature is love. So, when I walk in love, I share in His nature. Do you know if I go to a place where someone is frying and stay for so long, I will carry the aroma of the place even after leaving there. 2 Peter 1:4.

Sickness can’t come to me because I am a partaker of His nature. I can’t be poor because I am a partaker of His nature. I can’t fail because I am a partaker of his nature. I escape what the world is suffering because I walk in love. When you don’t partake of those things, you become a miracle to your world. Whoever sees you sees you as signs and wonders. Love is a person and the Person is God. I love you simply means I God you. I give to you the nature of God which include caring, compassion and giving. You can only become a beneficiary of the supernatural when you become a partaker of His nature.

Let us put on the nature of Christ so that we can perform His supernatural function in this earthly realm.. Love God and He will in turn loves you. John 14:21-23. God cannot manifest Himself on you without you loving him. There are people who pray for miracles. There are some who are miracle personified. Your love for God will make you seek God first. Those who love God puts him first.

When you say I love God, it means I put God’s things first. I was talking to a man of God, an American preacher. He said David, you tried o, do you know I have never given a million dollar before in my life and this preacher is a multimillionaire in dollars. When I gave one million dollars as offering, I had no house. I gave it on a Sunday, my wife was not even aware until she heard my testimony. It was only the Church accountant that knew as a privilege of his office when he saw he volume of money that came in. He said wow! I told him to keep quiet, I didn’t do it for you but for God. Don’t mind all these people that criticise preachers. Ask them how many of them have people in school on scholarship. They will always criticise men of God buying jets. If I buy a jet today, I am over qualified. I have given countless times. Do you know the number of people on Oyedepo’s scholarship. Be ready to love God but be ready for the envy of people. If people do not envy you, it means you are not getting blessed of God.

The more you love God, the more of His love you win. James 4:8. If you want God to you more, increase your love for him. People think that it is rigorous fasting that makes healing possible in my Ministry; it is love o.

Those who love God, God stays with them and they walk in the miraculous. There is no embassy today that I will go to and I will be kept for more than two minutes.

When you walk in love, you become a miracle. You can fast forty days and not walk in the supernatural but you can’t walk in love and not walk in the supernatural.

– Whatever belongs to you now comes to you in the name of Jesus.
– The resurrection power that brought Jesus out of the grave has brought you out forever.
– You will never go back tomorrow the grave.
– Go and take charge
– Go and take dominion, be blessed in the name of Jesus.
-This is the last day that you will go through your troubling situation again.
– Your season of isolation has ended.
– I declare those season to be your season of announcement.
– Beginning from this day, you will never be left alone.
– In 24hrs, somebody here will hit a major breakthrough in the name of Jesus.
– Where you have been forgotten, you shall be remembered.


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