How I built Hospital in my Village with Zero Naira – Rev Uma Ukpai

As soon as I married my wife, God asked me to build a hospital in my village without asking anyone for money. I told her, she said “they told me you are a little bit crazy”. I said, “only crazy men move God”.
I went to Omaha, Nebraska and I saw two cripples sitting and God said to me “I will build that hospital through these two girls”. I asked Him “how?” He said “command them to walk”.
Men and brethren I said to the senior pastor Rev. Mike, “Mike these girls must walk home today”. He said to me “Uma, I am not a Pentecostal believer, don’t do anything stupid.” I said to him “can you shut up your mouth, I have come all the way from Nigeria to demonstrate how much God loves Nigerians”.

Yes, the white man is richer than we are financially, but we are more anointed than they are. I asked the girls, “do you want to walk home today?” They said “yes sir.” “Church do you want to see miracles?” They said, “yes sir”.
Those two girls fell under the anointing and slept like pregnant night nurses; they woke up and said “we can walk… we can walk…” The church began to celebrate. And they asked me “what can we do to encourage you?” I said, “hey… God asked me to build a hospital and I don’t have the money”.

They shocked me when they said “this night we will give you all the money you need; we will give you drugs worth one billion dollars for 15 years; we will give you nurses and doctors; whatever you need tell us”.
Today I have built two hospitals with my wife without asking anybody for money. Today I am building the third one with 300 beds. Right where you are, you are next in line to have such testimony.

Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai.

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