-Bishop David Oyedepo at the Week of Spiritual Emphasis

Thank You Jesus. “They that wait upon the Lord, He shall renew their strength”. Thank God for renewal of strength.
Now ask Him to speak to you tonight. There’s always an outbreak of light in a fast. Lord let there be a breaking forth in my life tonight and thank You for it in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Heavenly Father thank You for tonight. Thank You for the wonders of the midst of the year that we experienced. Thank You for massive salvation of souls. Thank You for diverse encounters that people had and thank You for diverse signs and wonders that we experienced, receive our thanks in the name of Jesus.
I pray that no one here will miss his place through Spiritual deafness in the name of Jesus Christ.
Now today by this communion open the ears of everyone to the voice of your spirit in Jesus precious name we have prayed.


Proverbs 14:12
When a believer begins to lead himself, he has lost out in the race of life. Lack of access to God’s leading can be most costly if not deadly.
Nothing is a substitute to following divine direction. Not a calling. Paul’s calling was most dramatic and with undeniable proofs.
Acts 20:21
No Spiritual virtue is a substitute for accessing and walking in divine direction. But please listen, this weekend will be a time you will much remember because God put it in your hand, the key to a realm of restless breakthroughs in life. Whatever He tells you to do, do it and then your breakthrough is established. You don’t have to worry about anything.
John 2:5
God leads His people in two main ways.
1- Through the Word.
Psalm 119:105
2- Through the voice of the Spirit.
These two main channels requires that you may be spiritual to access them. These two channels are only accessible by spiritual believers. You can be saved and not be Spiritual.
1st Corinthians 3:1-3
Not every believer is Spiritual. Why? Both avenues lead us through the voice of the Spirit.
Revelation 1:10
You can’t hear the voice of the Lord if you are not in the Spirit. The voice of the Lord is behind every statement of Scripture.
Psalm 29:3
Only Spiritual believers can access the two channels through which God leads us. Not only being Spiritual but staying so.
Galatians 5:25
To be led by the spirit you must be a man and a woman of the Spirit, not only when you’re in Church.
The Mandate to arise and move to Lagos came there in the bathroom. The mandate to go rescue Africa from perishing came on the road in the car. “This is the place”, came at the gate when there was nothing here.
I hear people talk about God told them, but they can’t define it. I knew when God spoke to me from Matthew 6:33. I so knew that I entered into a Covenant with Him. I knew when God said to me, “You shall not borrow”.
Deuteronomy 15:6
Grace to be men and women of the Spirit who walk in the spirit, Spiritual men that walk in the spirit receive it now.
You’re in a devotion in the morning and God opens up, “This is what to do”, you listen to a message and God just comes in and shows you which way to go. This is so important.
Revelation 1:10
He is very clear, no assumptions. I heard God say to me on the 21st of October 2002 after we dedicated and opened the doors to Covenant University. He said “Hand it over to me now”. I said “how sir? He said “Lay down flat here before me”. No normal man wants to do that. Okay to impress who? It will even depress people. I lay down flat, suffered the heat from the ground, the last heat forever. I’ve never felt a pinch in my life that we are running Covenant University.
Simple instructions. You must be a man of the spirit to hear such things forever. You have to be a man of the Spirit who looks away from everything but to God.
This direct voice most of the time comes through prayer of enquiry so God either speaks to you directly through His voice behind this Word or responds to your prayer of enquiry.
1st Samuel 30:8

  • You won’t miss God sir.
    The benefits of being a man or woman of the Spirit is unfathomable. There are too many carnal believers. They speak in tongues even while eating but they are not Spiritual.
    Galatians 6:1
  • This weekend must mark the end of such circle in your life.
    Genesis 26:2
  • You’re going places.
    Spirituality is not a gift, it’s a choice and you excercise yourself unto it.
  • Something great is coming your way and He will lead your steps into it.
    Among others, divine direction secures and guarantees the fulfilment of our glorious destiny. Every child of God has a glorious destiny in Christ.
    Romans 8:29-30
    2nd Peter 1:3
    You’re redeemed to enjoy a destiny of glory and honour, not shame and reproach.
    Deuteronomy 5:32-33
    We cannot fulfill our glorious destinies without access and following divine direction.
    Take fast hold of instructions.
    Proverbs 4:13
    Never mistake opportunity for destiny. They’re not the same. Not all that glitters is gold. Many are full of regrets today for one wrong step. One wrong step can ground any destiny.
  • No destiny here shall be grounded in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Please note God never leads backward. He always leads forward. The more reason why you must enjoy the leading of the Holy Spirit.
    Exodus 14:15
    No gate can be shut against God. Whatever does not lead forward is not God.
    Proverbs 4:18
    The only way to scale the next height is to step behind for God to lead forward. Don’t be scare of His leading. Don’t lead yourself.
    You got a job that is 1000 naira above the others, you left. Then suddenly they reduce it there, 2000 less. You say no I can’t take this. Go to another one they remove 4000 less and you say God why did I leave the first place? Allow God to lead you.
    John 10:4-5
    Exodus 14:14-15
    We serve an ever forward leading God.
    He said to me, “Don’t step out of this country until I tell you to”. Four years have passed. Your God is doing that project without a dime from any foreign nation. Not from our mission stations because we ordered them to send nothing to Nigeria but to use our resources in those nations for our mission expansion programs in those nations and yet no sweat.
    Now let me tell you this, there is no such covered stadium on the earth today. The nearest size to the roof that we have there is 18 meters. So it’s a project for the world. We’re accessing money from Heaven by simply following His instructions. No one has ever received a private telephone call on that project sir. Simply following His leading.
    We were to start that project in 2016. You know what dollar was that time compare to what it is now. “No”. One time He said “Don’t talk to me on this matter anymore”. What if I didn’t hear that? “Speak no more to me on this matter untill I speak to you if I need to”. Amen. Walking with Jesus is so sweet sir. Anything you’re not sure of,don’t step out. You don’t have a spare life. There is no return march in this game. You can’t hear through fasting, you hear by being in the spirit.
    You can be hungry and be in the spirit. Praise God.
  • As you partake of this communion today, the same grace at work in Christ, that grace will come upon you.
  • Every blocked Spiritual ear shall be opened tonight in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Let’s look at some examples of giants who were divinely guided in Scriptures
    1- Abraham
    God led Abraham to the realm of generational greatness.
    Malachi 3:6
    Genesis 12:1-4
    By chapter 14 he had an army to himself that took on the army of another nation and conquered.
    Genesis 14:14
    Isaiah 51:1-3
    Every child of God is a spiritual child of Abraham and a global citizen of the earth.
    Genesis 22:18
    John 8:39
    Abraham was sensitive to divine guidance and worked accordingly in them until he accessed the realm of trans-generational greatness. Infact the rich fool call Abraham father in Heaven.
    Christ died to bring us into the blessedness of Abraham. That’s how great that man was.
    Galatians 3:13
    -There are men and women like nations in this room.
  • The little one here following God shall become a thousand.
    Isaiah 69:22
    Following the leading of the Lord is the way to accessing the Abrahamic order of blessings. Hallelujah.
    2- Isaac
    Genesis 26:1-2
  • May you succeed continually in accessing the voice of God.
    300 days of fasting in a year cannot give this ministry this space in any other place than the best place appointed by God no matter the level of anointing. If you miss it, you miss it.
  • You won’t miss your steps in life.
    Genesis 26:14
    Proverbs 27:8
  • No one here will wonder from his place.
    3- David
    David always enquired of the Lord of his plan before stepping out.
    1st Samuel 23:2-5
    1st Samuel 39:6
    It was his habit.
    1st Samuel 2:9
    Proverbs 3:5
    This is what makes the journey most empowering, most fulfilling. Why? Following His leading guarantees access to fulfilling His agenda for your life. Just do what He says, leave him with the rest. Go the way He leads, He knows the way through the wilderness.
  • You’ll never miss your step anymore.
    Psalm 23:1
    You’re not tensed up when God is leading.
    Psalm 23:5
    Your enemies can’t get a hold of your life when God is leading you.
    Psalm 23:4-6
    It makes the journey pleasurable. Thank You Jesus.
    Lift up your right hand to Heaven and give God thanks for His Word that has come through to you tonight. Give Him thanks.
    Thank You Lord. I receive grace to walk in the spirit as my new way of life. I receive grace to become Spiritual day and night so I can pick the signals of the spirit leading me in the way to go, correcting me, rebuking me, restoring what things may have been lost to me. Thank You Jesus in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

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