How to Earn Dollars Online in Nigeria

If you are conversant with the FX Market and trade, you will agree with me that Dollar rate to Naira is something else right now, the rate at which Dollar is gaining value and naira is losing value is very high, As at Monday, Dollar exchange at the rate of #520 per Dollar, that means $1 is equal to #520, that’s a lot of money. That is just few days after the CBN ban sales of Forex to BDCs, and suspends the issuance of License to money changers.

A lot of Nigerians have now opened their eyes and see the opportunity to make money off this new development, many people have been asking about how to make good money in Dollars in Nigeria, doing various legitimate Businesses, a lot of people are looking for what to do that can earn them Dollars, because if you are earning in Dollars right now, you can be a millionaire before the end of the year, considering the huge exchange rate of Dollar to Naira presently in Nigeria today. I want you to know there are much legitimate ways to Earn in Dollars working from home in Nigeria, you don’t have to defraud, rob or cheat anybody, you don’t need to do yahoo to make good money from the internet. The internet right now is full of so many opportunities to earn money online like never before.

Today, I will be sharing some useful information on how to earn dollars a as Nigerian legitimately and make decent income from the internet, before we progress, I think I should make a disclaimer that; this is not a Get-rich-quick scheme. Please note, if you are looking for how to make money online or offline doing nothing, this information is not for you, there is no rise without price, there is always a price to pay if you want to get the best out of anything and this is inclusive.

5 Ways to Earn Dollars Online

  1. Write a Book :
  2. Freelance Services and Virtual Assistant :
  3. Affiliate Marketing :
  4. Start a Blog :
  5. Start a Youtube Channel :

I am going to explain them one after the other, to give you a better understanding of how you can leverage some of these systems to earn Dollars Online, many people in Nigeria have been making Millions of Dollars from Home, some have also develop their Business from home level into cooperate firm, with standardized industrial systems of operation. If others can do it, you too can do it.

#1. Write a Book!

This is probably one of the easiest way to make Money Online from anywhere in the world, you just need to have access to the internet and that is all, you are good to go, are you good in writing? Then, you can do this, and if you are not good in writing, do not worry, the simple way out to improve on you writing is to be a reader, get your hands on various books and read, you will impact your mental capacity positively and from there, you will get better at writing articles. Writing is actually one of the best ways to earn money online, it may not even be book writing, it could also be freelance writing on website like fiverr and co, you would earn $600 for just one job and much more that than too, but in this article, I will be focusing more on Book writing, do you know that is majorly into book selling?

And various authors across the world have their books published on the platform and accessible to the Global world, this has nothing to do with the color of your skin or your language, as long as you can write in English and compile a relevant information together, that you now will be of tremendous benefits to people across the world, then you are good to go.

I know some authors who earn as high as $10,000 monthly from the sales of book on amazon kindle publishing. And it will even surprise you to know that many Nigerian Pastors whose books are listed on amazon for sale, makes around $80k to 100,0000 Dollars monthly from the sales of their Books on the platform, they don’t have two heads, you just need to be willing to write and make sure your book will impact and bless humanity, that is all that is needed.

 I will post a screenshot below to show you what my earning from Kindle Publishing looks like, I also want you to know that, there are many other book publishing platforms across the world, it is not only on amazon that you can sell your book, just that amazon is the most used and known platform globally.

$15,848 Dollars earn from sales of books published on amazon kindle publishing.

You don’t have to be complicated, you can write books on lifestyle, cooking, your field of endeavors, finances, career, academics, health and nutrition, marriage, spirituality and faith, pets, fictions, comics, music, politics, money and finances and anything that will be of great value to humanity.

#2. Freelance Services and Virtual Assistant:

Do you know you can get paid in Dollars for rendering some easy virtual assistant services online? There are many platforms that gives such opportunity like Fiverr, seoclerk, freelancer, Upwork, Elancer, and many more websites gives you the opportunity to list your various services for sale, I make money from fiverr rendering easy services like ghost writer, book review, book editing and proofreading services, graphics design, cover page design, website creation and lots more, I make most money from Upwork, I get gigs to write books for clients, which goes as high as $500 to 800Dollars, these are not difficult tasks to do at all, some of you write useful information on facebook for free and gain no reward for so doing, but you don’t know the same writing skill can help you earn lots of money online. There are many Nigerians out there who are earning big on fiverr and other platforms, rendering easy to do task and services for clients across the world, you can also sign up and get started with some of these available opportunities to earn in Dollars.

If you are willing to get started as a freelancer or virtual assistant, I always advise you learn how to create easy website, learn Graphics design, these are services that are in high demand, the demand for them is so vast and highly needed, if you are skillful in this line, you are already a money magnet. Freelance platforms give you the opportunity to meet clients far and near who are willing to pay you decently for your skill. I have a friend who does more of website creation for clients, using wix and wordpress, (while I do more of article writing on fiverr) this guy showed me his earing of $12,000 on fiverr in a year, that’s a lot of money and you too can earn such, If you are willing to learn and get started.

#3. Affiliate Marketing:

This is a global BUSINESS strategy that works in any part of the world, if you want to know more about affiliate marketing, you can click here to read details on it. There are various affiliate companies out there that are ready to pay you big money in commission for either making sales for them or bringing in leads and customers.

Affiliate marketing is a very huge industry, and most of the richest folks across the world actually leverage affiliate marketing to earn the biggest money Online, for example; Amazon shares certain percentage with their publishers on every book sales, let’s say 30%, so if you make $10,000 from your book, that was sold on amazon kindle publishing, amazon as a company will earn $3000 from the sales of your book, that’s their commission for providing a platform for you to sell your books. That is how it works on the internet.

So if you are getting started, you may need to look out for companies that pay affiliate commission like maxbounty, commission junction, they offer you various companies that will pay you to promote their products and bring leads, some of them pay up to $40, $50 and above as commission for meeting their needs. And fortunately we have a Nigerian version of affiliate marketing, and that is, you can read more on how to make money with expertnaire here. You can make over #200,000 monthly on Expertnaire as an affiliate marketer.

#4. Start a Blog:

If you are conversant with facebook and whatsapp these days, you will agree with me that we have more Blogs in Nigeria right now than what use to be 5years ago, a lot of Nigerians are actually making money off their Blog right now. Many of you must have heard about the story of Linda Ikeji, who is the Nigeria Blog-Lord, she earns a lot of money monthly from her Blog, and this is not only applicable to her, just that, she was the one who opened the eyes of many people in Nigeria to the potential in Blogging industry. It is very easy to make money with Blogging in Nigeria but there are duty and responsibility attached to it, please don’t read this post if you are looking for how to make quick money or how to make money online doing nothing, this Is not one of those kind of post, this requires some level of efforts from you.

To get started with making money blogging, you need to have the following

-Internet Access

-A Laptop/Ipad, phone or anything that enhance your access to the web

-Internet subscription will be required always

-Your heart willing to learn and research always

-Money, there is a start-up capital involved

-A blog, domain and web hosting.

If you need a blog design, set up and someone to help you get started to successfully make money blogging, you can send me a mail at (

The major work you will be doing as a blogger, is content creation, you will have to choose a niche that is easy for you to work with, create original content around it and optimize your website to search engine for ranking, the volume of traffic you are able to generate is what will determine the income you can get from your Blog. The income aspect of majority of blog comes from ads monetization, the blog space is monetized with ads, like Google adsense,, ezoic and other ad networks.

When you use ads for your monetization, the volume of money you can generate is determined by the traffic that your site receives daily and the location of the traffic. Let’s take Google adsense for example, you will make more money with adsense, if your traffic comes from tier 1 countries, like U.K, U.S, Canada, and so on, compare to if you get traffic only from Nigeria. But I know Nigerian bloggers who makes huge money monthly even with Nigeria traffic, because the traffic level is high. So optimizing your website for search engine ranking and writing original content are the key to getting enough traffic to your Blog, which eventually results in enough earning on the longrun.

#5. Start a Youtube Channel:

If you get to know how much money people are earning on youtube, you will not believe it. The same Youtube you go all the time and watch funny videos, educational and movie videos, those channels are making crazy money off the activities of people on the platform, do you know that Youtube is 2nd most visited website in Nigeria? Youtube channel is a form of blogging too, but it is referred to as vlogging, which means, Video blogging, you are not writing words as in the case of normal Blogging, but you are uploading video content, which is also monetized when it reach the criteria requires for monetization.

The good part of youtube is that, it has a huge traffic base already, so you don’t need to promote your videos, the volumes of traffic that enters youtube daily is enough to help you get a share, this doesn’t happen overnight, it takes some time for people to begin to take note of your videos, but you must ensure it is value adding, if its movie you are uploading, it must meet with youtube standard, plagiarism of content is not allowed, it can get you banned, so endeavor to get original content always, this is what can make you successful with Youtube.

The good thing about youtube is, you can make money even while you sleep, many ladies that make free videos and upload on their tiktok don’t know they can make good money with it on youtube. You can choose a line of niche and teach something on it, you can also choose to either show your face or hide it, just ensure your video is quality enough, I will show you two screenshot of what Nigerians are making presently on youtube from their videos.

Popular musician Davido earns $1.1Million Dollars per year from his Youtube Channel

Youtube allows you to monetize your channel with adsense when you have reached 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watchhour, this is not difficult to reach if you are committed to growing your channel into a value adding one. You will also be glad to know that brands pay you good money to advertise in your video their product and services, when you have good audience on youtube and your videos are good, there is this guy call fisayo, who runs a finance channel on youtube, Union Bank pays him 3million Naira to make a review on some of their bank services and mobile app. This is what you can achieve with your youtube channel.

I Made Millions from YouTube in Nigeria?? #AskFisayo 2.0 - YouTube

Watch the Video of Fisayo and how he makes millions from youtube alone below;

Note: All these takes some time, it doesn’t happen all of a sudden, it only gets better as you commit yourself to it, internet businesses are the Business of the future simply because they are subject to growth, as the human population is growing, internet users and subscribers is growing, this is a major edge it has over other kinds of Business, and the need for various information and research kept bringing people to the internet daily.

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