At the Calabar Crusade tagged ‘Signs and Wonders for the Needy’
Day Three.
God knows what we do not know, He knows the number of days we are supposed to live, He knows the time we are going to spend here and there are people, maybe they have only one day left like Belshazzar and they are still dancing and drinking and womanising and doing all those things and then, the bell rings, they are gone into a lost eternity.

God knows the measure of your days, that is the reason why you need to be wise today and say: ‘Lord, all those evil things I’ve been doing, I suspend them, I stop them. I will not continue in them anymore’. But in the case of Belshazzar, God has numbered thy kingdom and finished it (Daniel 5:27). The Lord weighed his actions.

Commandment number one on one side of the scale, his action on the other side of the scale, he couldn’t measure up. Commandment number two on one side of the scale and his life on the other scale, he couldn’t measure up and when he was measured with all the commandments of God, he was found wanting.

He failed and there was no mercy for him. He didn’t even ask for forgiveness or mercy himself. Look at the commandments of God as the Lord measures your life with the commandments of God, where do you stand?

Commandment number one, thou shalt not have any other god before me.

Where do you stand?

  1. Do not make any image. Where do you stand?
  2. You shall not call the name of the Lord in vain, where do you stand?
  3. Remember the Lord’s day to keep it holy, holy and perfect and worship the Lord, where do you stand?
  4. Honour, respect your parent all the days of your life, where do you stand?
    Then you will not kill, you will not steal and you will not bear false witness, where do you stand? You will not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor, where do you stand?
    Belshazzar was weighed in the balance and he was found wanting. The Lord is weighing all your actions; by Him, all actions are weighed. By Him, all habits are weighed. By Him, your character is weighed and the Bible says, he was weighed and found wanting. The man was short sighted, he was so short sighted, he couldn’t read the writing on the wall but today, mercy comes to you.
    In verse 28, the thing he was holding on to, ‘I am the king, I will drink as much as I want to drink’. He lost everything. The Lord is showing us that, look at that man, he became a fool at the edge of his life, do you want to be like Belshazzar at the end of your life?
    ‘I will not be like Belshazzar, I will not be foolish, I will not be weighed and found wanting. I will seek the face of the Lord’. As you seek the face of the Lord, forgiveness and salvation will come to you in Jesus name.
    We are coming to number three now. We are looking at, seekers of wonders with willingness to surrender, those are the people the Lord will pardon. The Lord will bring signs and wonders to your life in Jesus name.
  5. Seekers of wonders. You know, the wonder will not just come to you as if God will say; ‘okay, if you do not come, I will come to you. If you will not believe, that is alright. If you will not seek me, that’s alright, I will give you the wonders any way’. No, the wonders are not as cheap as that. You must seek after the wonders of the Lord and with the willingness to surrender unto the Lord and as you do that tonight, miracle will come to you.

We were in Cotonou in Benin Republic and this boy, 15 years of age was brought by his parent from the Northern part of Benin Republic. His name, Adamu, born deaf and dumb, completely deaf and dumb.

He could not hear anything but when the parent were coming from their village in the Northern part of Benin Republic, they brought him and then, as we were preaching the Word and then I said, the power of God is coming upon you now and we prayed, lo and behold, deaf ears opened, the mouth that could not talk before began to talk and we brought the boy and tested him, he could hear every word.

Put your hands together and give a Calabar clapping to the Lord.
That is what happened and after that, when we finished that crusade, they took the boy to the village and when the villagers saw him and remember, there was no church, no single church, no kind of Church in that village.

The father just heard about the program in Cotonou and came and then, when everybody saw Adamu, they said Adamu, from where are you coming from? ‘I’m coming from Cotonou’ and then he began to speak very well.

The Chief of the village there gave us free land, come and build that kind of Church over here. But you know why that happened? There was a seeker of wonders and if you will seek like that tonight and say; ‘I leave all my idols behind, I leave all those bad things behind and I have come unto the Lord’, that power will come to you tonight.

In that same Crusade, there was a woman 40 years of age and the name Christine and I can remember that miracle very well because that miracle, even the President of the Country, Benin Republic heard of the miracle, that’s the President before the present one and he had to invite me and my team to his office and we spoke about miracles, the salvation of the Lord and by the grace of God, eventually he surrendered his life to the Lord. He himself now, is a real child of God.

Let me come back to sister Christine. She was at the last stage of HIV and the children, sons and daughters, they brought her and she was on a stretcher and they laid her down and some of the children were on this side, another one on that side and then, I preached the message and the woman was so weak, she could not stand.

She was so weak, she could not walk and she was just lying down there helplessly and then we began to pray, the kind of prayer you are going to pray tonight and that prayer will turn your life around.

Then as we prayed, in the middle of the prayer, we have not say the final amen, Christine, 40 year old mother, at the last stage of HIV, AID and totally weak, got up by herself. The sons and the daughters, they did not know when that happened and then she got up and then she started running, not walking, she was running and when we said the final amen and we said in Jesus name we pray.

The children opened their eyes, they couldn’t see their mother and then they were looking for her; ‘mama, where are you?’ Mama was exercising her new strength and she was running and they ran after her and then when they got her, they thought she was mad and then she started laughing and she said, ‘I am not mad, I am healed’.

Power, somebody shout POWER! Power came upon her life because she was seeking and she was seeking with a willing heart to surrender. I know you are here tonight and if you are seeking the Lord and you want to surrender to the Lord, something will happen in your life. Power will come into your life.

Anointing will break every yoke in your life. That is why Jesus said, seek ye first, the kingdom of God and His righteousness. When you raise your hand that you want to receive the Lord, that is seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. When you stand up and you say, I confess my sins, I abandon my sins, I will not go back into those sins anymore,’ you are seeking the wonders of the Lord, the wonder of salvation, the wonder of healing, the wonder of deliverance, the wonder of power from on high.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all these things shall be added into you: healing added, power added, deliverance added, solution to your problem added – all. Somebody shout ALL. All the good things you are looking for will be added to your life in Jesus name.

The Lord is giving you the chance tonight, even if you are the worst of sinners, there is salvation for you tonight. Even if you are the worst of sinners, there is forgiveness for you tonight, there is pardon, there is peace for you tonight.

Praise the Lord!

Seekers of wonders with willingness to surrender. As you have surrendered your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, every sickness, every infirmity, every impossibility and every challenge and problem in your life, the Lord is touching you right now and when you hear the final amen, check up your life and check up the child you brought, the miracle would have happened there.

  • You blind eyes will open.
  • Your deaf ears will open.
  • Dumb tongues will speak out and if you are paralyzed, after the final amen you are not paralyzed anymore. Give action and expression to your faith. As you stand up, power will meet you right there and whatever problem you have, the Lord is touching you now.
    Father in Jesus name. I pray for all Your people, I pray Lord as they have come, they heard that You are still the same mighty God from generation to generation and that You are working wonders and they expect You to do wonders in their lives. Lord, do it in every life in Jesus name.
    Lord I pray, those blind eyes be opened now. Deaf ears, be opened now. Dumb tongues, speak out in Jesus name. Anything swollen there in your body; hand, tommy, legs, anywhere, be healed in Jesus name. Those who have incurable, life threatening diseases, like cancer, HIV, AIDS and whatever life threatening disease, be healed in Jesus name. Those who are paralyzed, having stroke, having broken bones, I pray those broken bones will join together right now. You’ve not been able to walk because of paralysis, the power of God come into your life right now, rise up and walk in Jesus.

Lord I pray that everywhere now, over here in Calabar and all the other regions and states where we are in Nigeria and all the various nations and those who are in their various homes, anywhere Your people are now, I send forth the Word of power unto everyone, be healed in Jesus. You are delivered in Jesus name.

Every yoke in your life is broken by the anointing. Manifest Yourself in every life, Lord. I thank You because I know it is done, it is done, in Jesus name we prayed!!!

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