The first time I went to Russia, the people there at that time did not understand that there is nothing too hard for God. I announced to the people, I said God is still the same, the God of power and the God of creation and the God of all possibilities and somebody thought, he will prove to us that God cannot do what I was saying He will do.

There was a woman that was paralyzed 25 years, hands paralyzed, feet paralyzed and then, as we gathered together and I was preaching, I told the people, with God, all things are possible. That the great power of God has not changed and will never change.

So this man brought somebody who had been paralyzed for 25 years, hands could not work, legs could not walk and put her at the door, at the gate where everybody will come out and they will see the paralyzed woman there and then they will say, ‘oh, look at this woman, what Pastor Kumuyi said is not true, God cannot do it’. What I’m telling you is true.

It will be done in your life and then we prayed and then many things happened, but that woman was still there and as we say, in Jesus’ name, the final amen, they were passing like this, without anybody touching that woman, that woman got up.

Hands alright, legs alright and then she began to walk. No body touched her, that same God that did that in Russia, many years ago is coming to your place today and the power of the Lord will turn your life around, He will save you and He will heal you, you will never be the same again in Jesus name.

Because of the miracles that tool place at that time in Moscow Russia, the Pentecostal Union in Moscow invited me back, four months after that and then as I was preaching, I was holding a microphone and then I saw one woman, left the congregation and she was coming towards my direction. I kept on speaking but I was wondering, why didn’t they stop this woman and then she got to me on the stage and she got the microphone from me, so I kept quiet and then she said, ‘here am I, when the Pastor came four months ago, I was totally paralyzed, I have been paralyzed for 25 years, I am the woman, I am okay.’

  • You will be okay tonight in Jesus name.
    -Pastor W.F Kumuyi.

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