Pastor Victor Abugo on “Building Capacity through prayers” part 4.

Hallelujah, Let’s lift our voices and appreciate God for his wonders and what he is set to do in our midst this evening.

For the past three weeks, we have been discussing building capacity through prayers. And again as we take hold with God in this last week of this engagement, our final season has been announced, we are going to be engaging the power twist to prayers that is fasting. God will visit us this year, he will visit our children, our spiritual life, our business and career. Glory be to Jesus.

I believe once we obey God’s word, he will do what he promised. If you look at Genesis 22:16. All promises there are because of one man’s obedience. As many as are careful to obey and believe, care to obey and engage the rules of engagement, every day we will be engaging. Every day we shall engage the word of God as he has said. He says the engagement belongs to you, but the performance is from me.

As the Lord God of heaven liveth, that great thing the Lord has mandated for you, he shall bring it to pass. He will make you a great nation. Your children shall be greater than you.

In Deuteronomy 28, the word of the Lord came again on obedience, he said if you shall diligently hearken into the voice of the Lord your God and care to do all that he said, the scriptures are saying the Lord your God will set you on high above all the nations of the earth provided you are careful enough to be doing, not just hearing the word, but being a doer of it. It’s not too late to dive in and join this prophetic season.

Remember the parable of the workers, those that joined early and those that came to work in the last hour all received wages, so it’s not too late to engage the word of God and be a part of what he is doing here. I am continuously engaging myself in the blessings of obedience, and it is activated through prayers.

Prayer is labor that’s why it scares so many people away. Many are under serious satanic bondages, but they won’t pray, they will rather prefer others pray for them. What a paradox, you engage yourself to it till it becomes a part of you. Hallelujah. So as we conclude our series of Sunday teachings, please understand, I pray God will give us a spiritual awakening, it is a spiritual awakening that brought us to where we are now, let us rebuild our altar that has fallen.

The Bible says Elijah repaired the prayer altar that was broken down, Many people’s altars have been broken down through hopelessness and despair. Too many people’s prayer altar has been out of the Bay by the frustration and wickedness of the wicked. So it is important to repair our prayer altars. Once your prayer altar is built up afresh and repaired, you are journeying to the realm of unimaginable wonder. If the devil can succeed in taming how you pray, you are finished.

The natural can’t work, when the spiritual is at work, that is why you must never allow the devil to prevail. In the place of prayer, you can call forth the favor and influence of God. Where the doctors said there is no way in the natural, you can call forth the spiritual.

Every discouragement the devil brought your way is to deprive you of the blessings of prayers. In the place of prayer, we can legislate and call forth things in the physical, that’s why we said prayer is the control tower of the believer. Just like the tower in the airport that controls the plane, they decide when the plane will take off and when it lands, prayer becomes your control tower, where you are able to coordinate things in the spirit and causing them to align with the plans and purposes of God.

The Bible says the heart of a king is in the hands of God. So when men begin to harden their hearts, you can ask God to soften their hearts. In the place of prayers, we call things forth. We have to engage the force of prayer to enforce the release of our breakthroughs. So we can go to God to take what belongs to us. The altar of prayer is the altar of activation. That we must labor fervently in prayers, Making it a lifestyle until it becomes part of you.

Apostle Paul said pray without ceasing, it means making prayer a lifestyle, you set a time of prayer, you abide by it. Don’t wait and say I will pray when I have time because you will never have the time. We labor in prayer all the time. Even when things seem not to work, you say, Father, thank you, I know there must be a way out of this. Christianity is not just wearing beautiful clothes to church, even with jeans and slippers you can still deal with the devil. Prayer gives authority, if it is not there you can’t fake it.

The Church is not a social club, build yourself, you are here to be taught what to engage, and how to engage it. If only you can engage 30 percent of what you hear, applying yourself to it. Apostle Paul himself built himself spiritually, that even his weakness became a strength. Apostle Paul who flowed in all manner of strange healing gifts, even his aprons and handkerchiefs healed people, because he was a man of prayers.

Fainting in life as a Christian is a choice. Being frustrated too is a choice, enduring prayer is the cure. Build enough capacity that won’t make you faint. So you watch what you say in the midst of crisis and tragedy. You don’t make some utterances like Oh you children you won’t kill me, what you are doing to me, your child will do to you.
So it takes prayer and intercession to ward off every evil attack and every evil plot. Satan’s attacks are to cause you to be weary and give up, to cause you to sin against God. He is afraid of where you are going tomorrow. That is why he is sending those arrows.

To round up this series, Let’s look at engaging the power of prayer to sustain church growth.

Firstly, understand that the Church of Jesus Christ is for continuous and endless growth as the Lord has ordained it. It’s ordained for endless expansion.

That’s why the Bible said whatsoever thing the Lord doeth, shall be forever. Anything can be sustained. So it takes the pain of prayer to generate and sustain church growth.

If you don’t want the pain, then you should know that things won’t go the way they should go. So believers must engage in prayer to sustain their local church.

The Bible speaking said before she travailed she brought forth her children, as soon as Zion the Church travailed, she brought forth. We are engaging the force of prayer because there is warfare, there are rulers of the darkness of this age against the Church.

Satan’s major motive with the Coronavirus was to weaken the Church. Some churches in America and Canada have not opened till today, a pastor was arrested in Canada for having prayers with his wife and children in his house. That’s an attack on the Church.
1 We pray for an outpouring of revival upon the Church.

  1. We pray for the Holy Ghost to gather the souls of men and women. We pray for the Holy Ghost to gather them from far and near.

The light drew a sister to our church here from her location in Frankfurt, we pray for the Holy Ghost to compel them to come.

  1. We are praying for the souls to be saved, established in the faith and church. Colossians 4:12. Galatians 4:19.Ephesians 1;17-20
    4 . We pray for eruptions of miracles, signs and wonders in our midst. John 4:48. 1 Corinthians 2:4-5.
  2. We pray for the increase of the word of God on our altar. John 6;68. Acts 6;7. So fresh words coming daily makes you engage the word
  3. We pray for our church leaders and partners. Colossians 4:3. We need to pray for our leaders, smite the Shepherd and the sheep will flee.
  4. We pray for the needs of the members to be met. Phil 1;19. Gal. 6;2.

The Lord turned the captivity of Job around when he prayed for his friend.

If you pray in these seven keys, you pray it in every kingdom advancement program sent to you every Sunday, by so doing you are sustaining the growth of the Church.

We are praying for the sustenance of the Church. Sustaining, building the needed capacity is through prayers. We engage it for ourselves, our individual lives, so we can have capacity. Some people only take personal prayers seriously. Mathew 6;33.

God will be solving your issues along the pathway. This is what we do when we build capacity in prayers. You stand to build capacity, you should have a set time you pray daily. You should engage in prayer labors and intercession for the Church, that’s the way to draw enough capacity.

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