• Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre – Glory Dome-on ‘BREAKING FINANCIAL LIMITATIONS’ at 1st Service, Glory Dome.
    Stretch your two hands in front of you.
    I prophesy upon these hands today, financial limitations are breaking!
    Take your seat in one minute.


What is God’s plan, why is it necessary for financial limitations to be broken?

3 John 2 says, ‘I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth’. I wish, I desire for you to do well, to be financially successful the way every other area of your life is successful, that is my wish; God speaking.

What then do you do to see financial limitations broken off your life?

  1. Understand the position of the Word for your finances. What is God’s position? We just read one now, 3 John 1:2. Understand the word, ‘position’ regarding your finances (Job 36:11) because what is revealed to you is what can be released for you (Deuteronomy 29:29). Don’t just understand it skeletally, understand it in depth. ‘This is what God wants for me, this is what God wants for my finances’.
  2. Develop faith in God as your source of all things. Faith should not be placed in your certificate, in your talent or in a mortal man, an uncle, even in a government, in an establishment (Genesis 14:22-23). If you are working in United Nations, if you are working in NNPC, wherever, you don’t have a guarantee that, that job will last forever but if you are connected to the Source of all things, it doesn’t matter what changes on the earth, your life is intact. Am I communicating at all?

Don’t ever look at a job, don’t ever look at a man, don’t ever look at a system, don’t ever look at a connection as your source, otherwise, you will remain in limitation for life. The reason why some of us will never be stranded for life is that, we looked away from man long ago, longest time. Develop faith in God as your source of all things and let that faith be strong.

  1. Maintain the vision of supernatural supplies. Let it occur to your mind, then it can occur to your life. Develop the vision, maintain the vision of supernatural supplies (Genesis 13:14-15). God can only give what man can see. If it doesn’t cross your mind, it can’t cross your life.

I was very happy on Wednesday when I was talking about; God is trying to give you an aircraft and you are thinking of a tricycle and they were showing the picture on the screen. I saw what He did to the minds of some people.

There are people who are survival minded. God wants you to go far beyond that, let big things cross your mind. Vision, not just vision on how to become comfortable but vision of what to do with the Kingdom. If massive resources enter your hands, what will you do? Let that vision flow through your mind consistently and vision will become the magnet of provision any day, any time.

  1. Walk in the covenant of supernatural supplies. If you want to break limitations financially around your life, walk in the covenant of supernatural supplies (Genesis 8:22).
    If you wake up in the morning and bounce your feet on the earth and it didn’t sink you, then the covenant is in existence. ‘If there is a seed time, there must be a harvest time’. I am not just preaching, I am talking my practice. My destiny is not tied to what I get, it is tied to what I give. For as long as my hands are not tied in release, no devil can tie what I receive and this whole process starts with what is called the tithe. Life remains tight for the people who don’t know what it means to tithe.

. It goes on through diverse kinds of giving, what we call Kingdom Financial practices, it flows through into all. Once there is a releasing, there will be a receiving. No prayer and fasting can stop a non- giver from borrowing and begging. If you are not a giver, you may end as a beggar, even if you a billionaire today.

  1. Walk in financial integrity (Job 1:1-3).

Financial integrity means, whatever you get, belongs to you by right. You didn’t steal it, you didn’t crookedly get it, you didn’t defraud to get it, you didn’t do double deal to get it, you got it by right (Jeremiah 17:11). You can be a tither but if you are a thief, you don’t have a future. You can be a giver but if you a crook, you don’t have a future. If you fraudulently get money and you get it by hook or crook, that future is jeopardized.
Apply these five things and I prophesy to you, your financial embargoes are lifted.
Stretch your two hands in front of you.

Father, in the name of Jesus. I pray for someone’s hand here today, I declare every embargo placed on your hands, every financial limitation on your hands are broken. They are broken forever! Financial limitation is broken forever, financial embargo is lifted from your life forever. Grace to give is released upon you and I thank You Lord because it is done, in Jesus precious name!

Every time you have an opportunity to give in the house, it is an opportunity for your life to shift. In those days in our Area one Church, there are people who used to come and tell me, Sir, you have not talked about any offering for a very long time.

Please, is there not something to do? Because our levels changed whenever you ask for a giving and the Lord said to me many years ago, if you deprive the people the opportunity to give, you have deprived them the opportunity to be made. I was very, very conservative.

I don’t want anybody to say, I was looking for their money because I respect myself and it is not money that send me to ministry and I don’t want to be a bad name for the sake of money that I forget to carry in my own pocket. Am I communicating?

Right now, I don’t have money in my pocket. If you carry me now and whatever you do to me, you can’t catch one naira in my pocket now.

Are you following what I am saying here today?

You know, that is my relationship with money. I traveled all the way to South America and forgot to carry money from Nigeria, not one Naira. It was when I reached Venezuela, I realized that I didn’t carry one naira, not Yanyan ooo. Even if you are going to Yanyan, how will you forget money?

That is, you reach Europe, six hours flight before you take another 10-11 hours flight, you fly all that way and you didn’t remember to carry money, that is our relationship with money.

But the Lord said, if you prevent the people from giving, you have prevented them from being made and so, an opportunity is right before us, 25th Anniversary Convention of Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

Give the Lord a shout of praise, happens in the month of November and we are doing a 25th anniversary celebration Seed of Perfection.

Between now and that 25th anniversary, several things that this seed is focusing on: we have four halls of meeting on the gallery there that will serve for counseling, serve for other purposes that are awaiting completion, we have the children’s church that is going on there, awaiting completion. We have diverse car parks, phase one over here and the Glory gate car park, phase two up there.

We also have several things, I have about 18 items on this list that are things to be worked upon before November and this translates into nine zeros and it can be done without any of us but God is giving us the opportunity to be a part of this. This card is going to make you to be able to give something at once and then also make a monthly commitment from now until November.

Father we give You the praise, Father we give You the honour, Father we give You the adoration, Father we give You the worship, Father we give You the honour, thank You Master, thank You Adonai, thank You Elyon, Hallelujah!

Father I prophesy upon every of this card lifted, this opportunity to be lifted, this opportunity to be raised, this opportunity to make mark in the Kingdom and an opportunity to be blessed. Father, let not one person who will be a part of this perfection seed lack perfection or lack completion in their lives in the name of Jesus.

There are some who have received this card by faith. I declare and decree that systems will come under pressure, they shall lose their peace and sleep and rest until what is yours enters your hands in the name of Jesus.

There are those who are trusting God, expecting resources to come before they are able to be a part of this. I declare those resources are released in the name of Jesus.
So shall it be, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

Very soon, I just heard that people will come and look at the list like this and say, Pastor, what is the total cost of these things? Just forget about it, I am going to undertake everything. How many of you believe that is possible?

I prophesy upon you in the name of Jesus, you are going to get such massive, enough resources that you will handle the project that everybody is meant to handle.

You believe that, shout the loudest amen and even within the next seven days, resources shall rush at somebody. Resources shall massively flow towards somebody that will make you a giant in the Kingdom within this next seven days. I called it done, in Jesus precious name!

Mark 16:15
Why are we going to Asaba, why are we going to Enugu very soon, why are we going to Niger?

Enugu is in three weeks time. Why are we going to Gboko, why are we going to Nasarawa, why are we going to Bauchi, why are we going to Yola, why are going to all these places?

He said, ‘go ye into all the world, the world of business people, the world of entertainers, the world of medical doctors, the world of lawyers, go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

Let me say this to you, if you want God to do for you what you want Him to do, you must do for Him, what He wants you to do. Am I communicating. He said, draw near to me and I will draw nearer to you.

If we ever want God to do what you want Him to do, you must do what He wants you to do. When was the last time you did something that God wanted you to do. My own was yesterday and it is happening currently. When was the last time?

Many people come to God with requests, but they never bring God results, results in soul winning, results in impact. My prayer for myself is almost zero, except if I am looking for more mantles and more grace to touch and deliver more souls, very, very minimal. Why?

That is myself to God, pursuing what bothers Him and He continuously handles what bothers me. I want everyone of us, in these 7 weeks, this is week 3 of the 7 weeks of Harvest Glory. If everyone did what we have been asking for us to do, the first Service is to be filled to overflow by now but we just came, coming to Church now. Go ahead and do what God wants you to do.

Don’t come to Church on Sundays just by yourself. On Saturday’s night, let your conscience begin to ask you, we are in a 7 weeks programs, announced by God’s Servant and Prophet, are you participating, are you involved, does it move you or you want to continue life and business as usual and then we asking for a different results in life while we are doing the same thing?

We came back by 11:00 in the night yesternight or 11:30-12:00. Slept around maybe 1:00am or so and then woke up 4:00am something to be here in these three services and the schedule continues. Am I communicating? I enjoyed you to follow suit and let us depopulate hell and populate heaven so that our prayer requests can be minimal.

Early Will I Seek Thee holds tomorrow, 6:00am till Friday. This week, the International Music Minister’s Conference, starting on Wednesday full force with the mid-week Service. Give the Lord a big shout of praise. We have Ministers and Guests coming from across and it is going to be very impactful, ending with an explosive Mid-year Worship on Friday night with all our Music Guests. Invite your friends and loved ones and the Lord bless you in Jesus name.

Coming Sunday Service is going to be the fourth Sunday of Harvest Glory and it is a Sunday for all unemployed and stagnated people. Anyone you know in your vicinity that is trusting God for employment and is stranded in anyway, I will like you to come with them and let us trust God together for their lives and the Lord bless you in Jesus precious name.
If you have the card with you (Seed of Perfection), can you lift it up one more time.

  • Father in the name of Jesus, I decree today the breaking of every financial limitation, every financial embargo, everything that has resisted your finances, today, the yoke is broken in the name of Jesus.
  • Every spirit of empty- handedness, every spirit of poverty, every spirit of scarcity, every spirit of shortage, today is your end forever.
  • I decree today, systems are put under pressure, they shall lose their peace and sleep and rest until what is yours enters your hand in the name of Jesus.
  • Today, I asked that the Lord will open your eyes to scriptures that show you your finances. Faith in God be released in a new dimension.
  • I prophecy a new realm of vision, grace to practice the covenant faithfully and dedicatedly, receive it right now and the grace to walk in financial integrity, is released upon you in Jesus precious name.

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