Praying Again and Again – Dr Paul Enenche


DONE AGAIN AND AGAIN – Dr. Paul Enenche on “Praying Again and Again
at Early Will I Seek Thee (The Glory Dome, Dunamis)

Prayer requires continuity; Prayer requires consistency.
I welcome everyone here this morning in the precious name of Jesus.

James 5: 16-18
It is important to know that prayer is something that is not done once
and for all, it is something that is done once and again, or something
that is done again and again. ‘The effectual fervent prayer’, the
amplified version says ‘The continued heartfelt prayer’.

Prayer requires continuity, prayer requires consistency, that is why we are
here every morning.  The continued heartfelt prayer of a
righteous man avails much. When we pray again and again, what do we
expect to see?

1. Tremendous power is made available: That is how the amplified
version puts it. The continuous heartfelt prayer of a righteous man
makes tremendous power available, dynamic in its operation.
2. Change is enforced: When we pray again and again, whatever is not
changing before, eventually is forced to change.
3. Judgment is enforced: When Elijah was praying and saying that the
rain should not fall, it was not a good prayer as it were, and the
Bible said that he prayed earnestly that it should not rain, that is,
he put in all his heart, he prayed earnestly, he prayed tenaciously,
he prayed continually that it should not rain because Israel had
fallen from the realm where they should expect rain, judgment is

Whatever God wants to use as an instrument of
judgement against the wicked, we enforce it when we pray again and
again. Not just once and for all, we pray again and again.
4. Release is guaranteed: Whatever is withheld can be released when we
pray again and again. He prayed again and the heaven gave rain;
release is guaranteed, revival is guaranteed.

That was the kind of tenacious prayer that granted the release of Peter in Acts 12:5.

When we pray consistently, tenaciously, release is guaranteed.
I believe that will be our portion this morning in the precious name
of Jesus Christ. We are going to experience tremendous power, we are
going to see change happen, we are going to see judgment enforced, and
we are going to see the release of the heavens and revival.

The Bible says, ‘The effectual fervent prayer of a
righteous man’, so ensure you approach God on the grounds of
1. Father, I approach you today on the grounds of righteousness, I ask
for cleansing by the blood of Jesus. Forgive me my faults, my sins and
guilts and whatever would stop the path of my prayer this morning. I
ask to be cleansed and forgiven.
2. Father, thank you for your goodness and mercies, thank you for the
power-filled midweek service of yesterday. Thank you Lord, for
testimonies of your acts in the service. To you alone be all the
praise Lord in Jesus name – Psalm 92: 1-2.
3. Father, we look forward to a visitation of fresh fire in Bayelsa
State today. Manifest yourself as the Consuming Fire in that program
tonight, Lord in Jesus name – Deuteronomy 4: 24.
4. Father, we ask for the showers of the blessing of revival on our
land. Give us the blessing of saved souls, changed lives, healed
bodies, delivered lives and ‘enfired’ saints, O Lord in Jesus name –
Ezekiel 34: 26.
5. Father, we ask for fruitfulness in the seven weeks of Harvest
Glory. Give us souls that are ripe unto salvation in their multitudes
weekly, and help us with the wisdom and grace to make them abide, Lord
in Jesus name– Acts 2: 47, John 15: 16.
6. Father, let your wall of fire around your Church, Dunamis, be
visible in this season, against every agenda of hell. Let your glory
in the midst of your Church, Dunamis, be a defence from every device
of darkness, Lord in Jesus name – Zechariah 2: 5.
1. Father, I make demands on the release of your power on my life, on
my family, upon our Church, and in our nation like never before; Fresh
fire and fresh power be released, I receive no,w in the name of Jesus
– James 5: 16.
2. Father, I pray for the enforcement of every due change for my life
at this time, for the Church Dunamis at this time, for our nation at
this time. Father, I enforce it now, we enforce it now at this place
of prayer.
3. Father, I pray for the enforcement of every judgment that is due
for the enemies of my life, the Church, and our nation. I enforce the
judgment now, in Jesus name.
4. Father, I receive my due release, we receive our due releases as a
Church, as a nation, in Jesus name.
– I prophesy to you today in the name of Jesus, a change of story is
coming your way.
– I prophesy, as you proceed today, the Lord bless you and keep you.
You will experience power today like you have never seen before.
– Every change that is due is released for you right now.
– Every judgement that is due for the enemy around your life and
destiny is also released for them.
– Every due release for your life is released for you, in the name of
the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
The Lord bless you and keep you, cause His face to shine upon you and
be gracious unto you in Jesus precious name. You are blessed.

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