– Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr at CHoP

Lift your hands and give God glory for this wonderful testimonies. No
man can do these things but Him. Let your words of appreciation be
heard on high, don’t mutter your words. Give thanks to God, appreciate
and celebrate Him from the depth of your heart. Give Him the praise
and give Him the glory.
Blessed be Your Holy name. Are you thanking Him for the answers He has
given to your prayers. Thank Him for answers.
Now, ask him to speak to you this morning. Tell Him you want to hear
Him. Lord I want to hear your voice this morning, speak directly to
me, in Jesus mighty name we have given thanks.
Father we give You the praise and glory for the testimonies, they are
Your doings and they are marvelous in our sight. Father we also say
thank you for the answers you have given us. This morning our eyes are
upon you, we ask that you speak to us, and let your word transform us
in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you Mighty God.
Our line of exhortation for this week has been: Engaging the God of
speed towards the full delivery of OPERATION BY ALL MEANS.
God’s Word makes it clear that God is the God of speed. From His
description in 1 John 1:5, God’s Word declares that God is light. God
is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.
The light there does not only describe his ambience, but it also
describes his performance.
The Bible says in the Book of Isaiah 60:1- 2, verse one says “arise,
shine for thy light has come” and verse two tell us what that light
is. That light is God Himself, it says “But the LORD shall arise upon
thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.”
Verse 22 tells us about the performance of that light “A little one
shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the LORD
will hasten it in his time”.
The light is not just a description of His ambience, it is a
description of His performance. That God does not just reflect light
but He acts at the speed of Light and very specifically we discover
that this speed has to do with the eruption of the church.
We discover in that same Isaiah 60, after verse 1 and 2 In verse 3 it
says “for Gentiles shall come to your light and kings to the
brightness of thy rising”
How will they come? And in what numbers will they come? It tells us in
verse 4 and 5.
Look at that very closely, it says we should lift up our eyes and see
that from all around the world they will gather themselves in great
numbers together and they will come unto you.
Numbers 11:21
So from the sea of men, God said he will be gathering multitude of men
and he would be do that at the speed of light so that a little one
shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation and He will
hasten it, at what pace? At the pace of the speed of light.
There are different levels of speed known to man. For example, there
is the speed of sound and there is also the speed of light. When you
talk about speed, it is in degrees: the speed of a man’s legs can
never reach the speed of a vehicle. The speed of a vehicle cannot be
compared with the speed of an aircraft. The speed of an aircraft will
struggle to reach the speed of sound and the speed of sound can not be
compared to the speed of light.
Light represents a pace that is naturally unattainable. So, when you
are talking about God as light, you are talking about the God that
operates at a pace that is naturally unattainable. (Ephesians 3:20).
Men have tried to increase the speed of things for example, the speed
of sound have been broken but you can’t break the speed of light. It
is not naturally attainable. When God is involved natural barriers are
broken. There is a supernatural dimension to the operation of God.
That is why He is telling us when it comes to operation, don’t limit
me to the pace of man. I operate at a frequency that humanity cannot
attain. That is the God that we serve, He operates at the speed of
It is also important that we recognize that the speed of God must be
intentionally engaged. For example, when it has to do with the growth
of the church, God’s Word makes it clear to us in the book of Ezekiel
36:37. It is My will to increase them but they must enquire of Me.
So there is a demand placed on us to operate the God of speed in other
to see Him operate in our midst.

The Bible tells us in Psalms 57:2,
God is responsible for the performance but man is responsible for the
demand. You and I must understand that we have to engage the God of
speed, if we are going to see the God of speed operate on our behalf.
So while it is important for us to know that God is light, He operates
at the speed of light. It is more important for us to understand that
we have a responsibility not just to wait for God, but to engage our

We look at an example in scriptures of the God of speed, the Bible
shows us in 1 Kings 18 and if you read that chapter all through from
verse 26. You will see among other things a few things that occurred.
The Bible tells us that after Elijah had offered the bullock given to
him, he called upon God and God descended as fire and consumed the
sacrifice. Suddenly, the Bible tells us that Elijah told Ahab “I hear
the sound of abundance of rain” and he went up to the mountain and
began to pray. After he had prayed, suddenly a cloud arose that had
the shape of a man’s hand and he sent a word to Ahab “Run down to
Jezreel, lest the rain hinder or stop thee” and the Bible says that he
gathered his garment and began to run on foot.

Ahab was running in a chariot, Elijah was running on foot, but the
Bible says the hand of God came upon Elijah and the man running on
foot overtook the man running in a chariot on a distance on about 20

That is human legs assisted by Divine hands and as a result the
limitation of humanity was broken. The Bible says Elijah entered
Jezreel before Ahab could get there. The hand of God came upon him and
the speed of God began to manifest through him.

We must understand that God is a God of unusual speed, when His hands
come on a matter it performs at his own frequency.

We are told very clearly in scripture in the book of Isaiah 57:1,
That God’s hand comes in response to our faith.

So take note of this, this morning: faith without expectation is fake and prayer without
faith is vain. (Hebrews 11:1).

Faith will always demand expectation, and prayer without faith is
vain. People think our prayer result is determined by our prayer
efforts, our prayer result is determined by our faith connectivity. A
man can pray and pray and have no results because what makes the
difference in prayer is not the volume of prayer or the length of
prayer but the Faith in prayer.
Without faith, our prayers are in vain.

There are many who exercise themselves in prayer but are very frustrated because it is not how
long we pray or how well we pray or how loud we pray but how much
faith is in our prayers.

Faith is the difference maker and genuine faith requires expectation.
Expectation is a vital necessity (James 1:5-6). For your prayers to
become effective, the faith factor cannot be negotiated.


Engage the God of speed in prayer, but the prayer must have expectation and that
expectation must be loaded in faith. When that happens then we are
sure to see a response.

– From this day, you will no longer pray in vain.
As we conclude this morning, it is no big deal for God to double the
attendance of this church before August 1st 2021.

Our God is a God of speed and he operates on the  frequency of light.
Jeremiah 30:19
In one day, God made a nation. He has the ability to make anything
happen. Therefore, be expectant and we shall see the God of speed
operating in unimaginable ways in our midst. In Jesus mighty name.
Lift your hand before the Lord, Lord I see that you are the God of
speed and I engage you in this season, operate at the frequency of
light in this Prophetic season. Now speak to God. Engage him right
now, You are the God of speed so these three Sundays is too much for
you to deliver your plan.
You are the God of speed, therefore perform your counsel in our midst
and bring your Word to pass in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Good news is as He performs His work in the midst of His church with
the speed of light, it is the same speed He will use to decorate you.
– So your decoration and your change of level will happen speedily
– For somebody here God would change your story speedily.
Stretch forth your hands to this tracts and ask God to make them
sickles of harvests. By this materials souls are brought to the
kingdom of God.
– For you this day is a blessed day.
– This day is a day filled with testimonies.
– Be blessed, no evil tiding come your way in the name of Jesus.
In Jesus mighty name we pray.


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