• Dr. Paul Enenche on “Key Objectives of Prayer” at Early Will I Seek Thee (The Dunamis Glory Dome)
  • At the place of prayer, you put God in remembrance, reason with Him, and then enforce what you want to see.

Clap your hands, all ye people, shout to the Lord with the voice of triumph. Is there someone who is excited here at all? Shout to the Lord with the voice of triumph, give the Lord the praise as you take your seat In the name of the Lord.

Welcome, everyone here this morning, in Jesus’ precious name.


At times, it is very important for us to know when we arrive at the place of prayer, what we have arrived to do, and how to go about the prayer to produce the result.
Isaiah 43: 26 gives us three key objectives of prayer.

What do we do at the place of prayer?

  1. We put God in remembrance: Lord, this is what your word says, that is why we read the word first to charge the prayer climate.
  2. We reason with God on the issue: That is why He said, ‘Come and let us reason together’ in Isaiah 1: 18. Concerning the issue of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham was literarily reasoning with God. ‘If you find ten righteous people, will you destroy there? No, I can’t destroy the place for 10 righteous people’. Remember in Genesis 18, all the way negotiation started.

So, it’s a place to reason together. I remember one time my mother said she had symptoms on her body, that was just appearing like stroke at that time, and she just reasoned with God, she said, ‘Lord, I’ve served you all these years and with faithfulness, if people see my hands and my face as is they want to twist to one side, what will they say? What will be the implication of such an appearance?’ And immediately, it adjusted back to itself. Just reason together.

  1. The place of prayer is the place to declare what must be cleared: The place of declaration, a place of speaking forth, a place of telling things what they should be, that is, you have put God in remembrance, you have reasoned with God, now you are declaring, now you are enforcing. ‘On the basis of these scriptures, on the basis of the fact that I have reasoned this with out with God, this must be this, and that must be that. You affliction! you must clear out of the way’.

Beloveth, we are here this morning for these key objectives in prayer. I believe as we read these scriptures and step into prayer, whatever is our portion shall be delivered.


  1. Father, thank you for a most successful week. Thank you for your love, mercy, kindness and faithfulness through the week. Your name alone be glorified in Jesus’ name – Psalm 136: 1 – 4.
  2. Thank you Father for every miracle, sign and wonder of the week. Thank you Lord for the testimonies of Your acts. To you alone be all the praise in Jesus’ name – Psalm 103: 1-5.
    3.Father, saturate our land Lord, with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas. Takeover in revival, Lord in Jesus’ name – Habakkuk 2: 14.
  3. Father, we ask for the rescue of the multitudes of souls in the valley of decision. Empower our effort unto the salvation of the lost in this season, Lord in Jesus’ name -Joel 3: 14.
  4. Father, bring to pass swiftly your prophetic word, plan and purpose, regarding our nation in this season. It is time for you to work Lord, so the people may respect your word – Psalm 119: 126.
  5. Jeremiah 5: 24. We have 7 weeks of Harvest Glory, weeks where we will experience the glory of God in very copious manner, and also experience unusual harvest of souls. Father, let these 7 weeks answer their name, beginning from this Sunday, let the glory be abundant and let the harvest be massive. Father, we make demand on your glory within the next 7 weeks, and the harvest of souls like never before. Father, let it be unusual harvest, unusual manifestation of your glory.


Now, you shall declare, bring God into remembrance, anything that is around you at this moment you want to remind God about from scriptures, and then reason with Him, ‘Lord, let it be. Do this, so that the people may know I’m not wasting my time, that I’m serving a living God’. Begin to declare on the situation.


Be released today in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. The King of kings, the Lord of lords, the I am that I am, shall do great works in your hands, in the name of Jesus.

This week shall be a week of most explosive testimonies, most explosive miracles, most explosive signs, most explosive wonders, in the name of Jesus. Go forth and return with your testimonies, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

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