Pastor Yemi Davies at Recharge Conference Day 2, Morning session.

Hallelujah, Claps your hands for Jesus.

Are you putting your best into your Job?

When we talk about seed, we always thought about money, but your seed is your gifting, your calling. Any Opportunity you can create should be created. It’s like a call to ministry. Get on the internet, start talking every morning.

Many of us young folks, trusting God for new jobs, might need to volunteer somewhere. Just tell them I want to work, they will say they won’t pay you, tell them you will take it up notwithstanding.

The moment you take it up and start investing, diligently, prosperity is at hand.

The challenge is many hoards their seed, waiting for some perfections, money won’t come to you like that.

See your callings and giftings, as the seed God gave you, it is the investment of that particular seed that will now give you seed money. Isaac sowed in the land. Sow the seed. You have gifts of healing, sow the seed.

Let people show up online, put it on a platform, I will pray for the sick every day between this time and this time, by the time one or two people get healed, you share the testimony, two becomes ten, and in one year it will shock you how your ministry will explode.
Do you have writing skills?
Invest it.
Can you cook?
Get some Gas from your mum, and set up a shop.
You are looking for money, you have money – it’s in that gifting, but look for the closest opportunity around you.

You said Ronaldo is your best footballer, he is a man that maximized his gift. You need to get to that level where obstacles are scared of you.

Some years ago, when we were moving to the good land. At Surulere, we had five services and things were just going on, and then this particular Sunday before we moved, I went to Surulere and encouraged everybody.

After the first service, I saw people that were supposed to be here, entering into the service, looking miserable, after service I asked what happened, they said there was a storm and everything had scattered including the tents. I asked the Holy Spirit, should I postpone this, he said to me, Say to the Children of Israel to March forward. So I stepped out the next service, I said next Sunday is a reality we are moving.

If you wait for obstacles to bow, you will never move. Don’t see those obstacles anymore.
When I was on campus, there was a guy, I needed a book from, I was asking him, he said he can’t give me the book, I said there must be a way.

Meanwhile, I was fellowshipping together with Bimpe that time, so I told her, go and meet that guy, and tell him you need his book, and instantly, he gave her.

Tell your neighbor – there is a way. And he was always telling me, I need it, we have an assignment, and all, but he later gave it out to a female.

Apostle Paul said in 1st Corinthians 15:9, though I am the least of the Apostles.. that means as we speak, you might be at the least level of your sphere of influence, but his grace towards me wasn’t in vain, but I labored more than the others.

You can be the least in your field, but the grace of God will take you to the top. Paul said I labored. Paul worked harder than all the other Apostles. There is a grace to work harder.

You can’t multiply if you are lazy. May the fiber of laziness in you die. Many people are just lazy, you say I don’t just feel like going out, it’s like saying I feel like remaining poor. If you work by feelings, you won’t make an impact.

We were with Bishop Oyedepo on Tuesday, he went for a meeting he just got back, he told us he slept around 3:30 am, and woke up around 5:30 am for another meeting, that’s a man that’s almost 70 years of age, but you just sleep like you died on the cross. your bed will not destroy your life. When labor stops, grace diminishes.

Paul was productive, but not prideful. You talk of C -Ronaldo, he is a hard worker. One lecturer on our campus, a professor of Mathematics, was one day on motion in his vehicle when he left his Steering wheel and started writing, these people are masters in their field, when he teaches mathematics, you calm down, but he is still willing to learn more. There are books to re-read, there are conferences to re-attend.

There is no future for the lazy minister. Paul said I work harder, work to the point where if you are not in a ceremony, people will be sad you didn’t come because you were busy doing something productive. Have a long-term plan.
10 years, 20 or 30 years.

The reward of work is more work. I decree you will not hide from your colleagues.

I was in China some 2 years ago, and it got to a time the Chinese workers shut down their facilities, saying they have to take a midday nap, I was surprised, they went for a short break and came back working hard, and that’s why they rule the world, that’s why they are productive. I pray that the fiber of laziness in you die today. You are moving forward.

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