Gratitude can Provoke Multiplier Effect – Pastor Bimbo Davids


  • Pastor Bimbo Davids at Recharge Conference 2021
    Day 2, evening session

David put those stones in the hands of God’s word. If your child is misbehaving, begin to declare God’s word over that child. Begin to declare God’s words over your health, begin to declare God’s words over those stones.

It wasn’t David, it was the power of God that came upon those simple stones.

Don’t disdain what you have. You may not have the qualifications like others, you may not be able to speak as clearly as some others, but you have something, put it in God’s hands, The Almighty, The Commander-in-Chief, the one that owns the host of heaven.

As I round up, and this is my favourite part, Mark 6. I say it a lot, some people are looking that, ‘If only I can get a job in that company, if only I can travel, if only I can meet that person. Sister, brother, and you have a skill, you have all it takes. I’m not saying that you should not achieve, I’m not saying that you should not have dreams, you should have a knowing of what God wants for you.

Mark 6: 30-38. The apostles were tired, they were exhausted, but they had victories, and Jesus said, ‘It’s Okay, thank God for the victory, come and rest’.

As they departed to, the multitudes went ahead and got there before them. There are some people listening, there are situations, multitude-like situations, overwhelming you, multitude-like situations and you’ve been praying.

The disciples were hungry, they were angry, they told Jesus, ‘Send them away’. I’m sure Jesus smiled, many of us have several overwhelming things in our lives, a debt, a project that is overwhelming and you’ve been praying, you’ve been telling Jesus, send this thing away, let this thing pass over me, and it’s still there, that means the answer is in the multitude. The reason why God is still there is because the answer was in the multitude, and it was with a little boy.

Verse 38, I’m saying to someone here, there is something in your life, there is something in your hand, there is something that you looking at it as a problem, you are looking at it as something little.

You are looking at Nigeria, what can happen in this Nigeria?

This same country, your breakthrough, your blessings are here.

There were 5000 men, you could imagine how many women and children were there, that was a multitude-like situation, you are looking at where you are coming from, you are looking at your background, you are looking at your spouse, you are looking at your qualifications, and you are like ‘Where do I even start from, this is too little?

It cannot give me the breakthrough that I need, and God is saying, just bring it, put it in the hands of gratitude. Jesus took the five loaves and two fishes and gave thanks, and they began sharing it, and sharing, it, and sharing it, and it never finished, they were filled and there were leftovers.

From five loaves and two fishes, from a simple walking stick, from a jar of oil that was almost running out, to multiplication, the multiplier effect, the God that multiplies.

So, what am I saying?

God is saying, ‘Yes, I know you have issues’.

For someone, it is even you as a person, you have made mistakes, you are wondering? Can anything good come out of me?

I have messed up, God is saying ‘It’s okay, come, jump into my hands’. Jump into the hands of gratitude, thank God for that thing, it’s not where it ought to be but God can multiply it. Jesus said, ‘Lord, I thank you’, When Lazarus was dead for four days, they told him Lazarus would have been stinking, Jesus said, ‘It’s okay’.

So, you are in a mess, your business it down, God is saying, ‘Come, don’t give up on yourself, don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give up on the year, don’t give up on that little thing that you think is insignificant, put it in my hands’.

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