• Apostle Joshua Selman at Recharge Conference 2021 DAY 5, SECOND SERVICE.

I hear that God wants to give some people here, the grace for speed. You can have dominion over things but real dominion is dominion over time. That is because time is the unit of destiny.

-Hear me, Global Impact Church and our online audience all over the world, I declare speed over your life. Dominion over time, No more delay, Receive 1 year in 1 month, 10 years in 1 year, I declare speed in business, speed in ministry, Open your month and receive it, in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen!

I just have a brief charge this morning, I count it an honour to bring us the final Word in this conference.

Luke 19:41
Yesterday during my first session with you we made it clear that multiplication is part of the indices for dominion and the mandate of dominion as revealed in Genesis 1:26. Multiplication is a requirement for every believer and everything that God created. In God’s character, He does not bring a harvest initially, every thing always comes as a seed along with the grace for multiplication.

We examined scriptures, how that in the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we see that every one of them a sworn blessing came on them for multiplication.

This morning I just want to show us one key from scripture, Jesus wept over Jerusalem in Luke 19:41-42. Jesus is recorded to have wept twice in scriptures, first at the tomb of Lazarus and here Jesus is weeping over the ignorance of men, you now see why Paul prayed for the eyes of your understanding be opened in the book of Ephesians.

Knowledge is very important in this Kingdom. We rise only by revelation. So it is important that we continue to search for the keys that control our lifting. It is not only important for us to desire to have results, we ought to desire how to get results.

(Ephesians 4:18, Colossians 1:17-19).
Light is very important (John 1:5). It is truly as far as your eyes can see not as far as is available (Isaiah 60:1). We must pant after knowledge and illumination that is able to turn every night into day. A candle stick can give light but not enough to turn light in day.

Job had two levels of light, the light on his head was for illumination, the light on his feet was for direction (Job 29:1-5).

Psalms 119:105 – a lamp to your path means direction while a light to your feet means guidance. Direction tells you where to go but guidance tells you how to get there.

You can get direction three times in a year but you need guidance every single day. The Bible says the Word of God has both ability to both direct and guide. An attack on your Word life, an attack on your appetite for knowledge is a real attack.
No matter what you have you are not secure if it did not come by knowledge.

It is knowledge that gives security (Isaiah 33), you will fear your results if it came by luck.
I want to show us just one key by the Help of the Spirit that will help us gain results in our life:
Mathew 14:13-19
You don’t need to leave Jesus for your needs to be met. The disciples said Jesus should allow the people go away for food but He said “No, If my presence cannot give them food, then it can’t be found anywhere”. Whatever would require you to leave Jesus to have, is not required for your destiny no matter how glittering and flamboyant it looks.

Martha, Martha you are worried and frustrated because you have been mentored into believing that it is when you leave His presence that the things you seek can be found, but no, the pleasure you seek can only be found at His right hand.

Mathew 14:18 – Jesus is teaching us the secret of multiplication, I thought the secret for multiplication was to give thanks alone, until God told me the first secret of multiplication is surrendering everything you have first. Thanksgiving comes after surrender, you thank Him for it not when it is in your hand but when it is in His hand.

Jesus asked the multitudes to sit down, You must trust God enough to be at rest in Him. It not just saying thank you in anxiety, anxiety is a sin. If you don’t have the patience to sit down, then you can’t eat bread from the Master. I know that you are in a hurry because time has gone but sit down in rest first.

Woe betide the man who does not have the advantage of God’s favour in his life, he will labour in vain with no result. God is saying “sit down, three hours with Me will give you what 30years without Me cannot give you”. I am trying to show you the value of His presence.

Learn to hand over everything, God does not say we should hand over only good things you hand over every thing: your pain, your glory, your shame everything. You come to Him and say “Lord I see something that is prohibiting multiplication in my life, would you help me?”.

There is no logic once God comes in, five loaves of bread and two fishes equals to feeding five thousand men minus women and children, with twelve basket full of remainder.

Multiplication is always at the instance of genuine gratitude. When you surrender everything to God and you sit down and rest in His presence, the next thing is to begin to give thanks. We live in a world where people are always conscious of what is left.
There are people you give 100 naira to and the way they express gratitude, you feel evil and feel compelled to up that amount because their gratitude is greater than that amount. Your thanksgiving is not complete until He perceives that it matches His benevolence. Your thanksgiving is not as you want but as He wants.

Proverbs 3:5 – Trust is the word “batach”, it means throwing your self and expecting Him to catch you. One of the ways to acknowledge is to give Him thanks. To acknowledge means to give the person an impression of value and usefulness. It’s one of the ways of moving forward in the Kingdom, every time you come before an obstacle in life, stop talking about the obstacle and reach to your archives of the things God has already done. The only way to move forward is to look back , when David stood before Goliath, he reached into His archive of God’s goodness and said “the God who delivered me from the bear and the lion, that same God will deliver me from you”.

Many times we forget the things that God did yesterday, and we stand before our desires and we keep telling at heaven “Are you not God?

Don’t bring shame to your name”. But someone else stands before God and says “I grateful even though I don’t know whether my children will get admission, my first gratitude is that I have children” and while you are thanking God, He says “Don’t talk about the admission again, your praise has covered it.

Your praise can spread wide enough to cover your requests.

I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy of praise and so by that formula shall I be saved. I will call upon the Lord by praising Him for that which He did yesterday. Jesus multiplied loaves by giving thanks to the Father. Do you know that at the tomb of Lazarus if you read John 11: 35 -45 you will find out that after He finished weeping, He still went to the tomb and He thanked God. That is how the grave opens. If you are trusting God for resurrection of things that are dead, the same secret that brings multiplication is the same secret that brings resurrection, Thanks.

If you thank God as much as you petition Him, you will not have to bring many requests again. “Count your blessings and name them one by one” the writer said, if you count and it doesn’t surprise you then you are not done counting, keep counting.

In Luke 17:19 the Bible talks about ten lepers and that met Jesus and beckoned on Him to have mercy on them, He said” go show yourself to the priest” and the Bible says suddenly the signs of leprosy left them but it was only one of them who returned back, and when he returned back, Jesus said “were there not ten of you? What happened to the nine?

Since you came back go your way, you are cleansed”. To be cleansed means that from the blood you may be healed, but to be cleansed means that wholeness comes back to your hand.

Psalms 50:23
There is no limit to a grateful man both physically and spiritually, grateful people never remain at the same level, grateful people always make advancement in life. It is difficult to say No to a grateful person.

Thanksgiving is most powerful when there is seems to be no occasion for it. When there is an occasion for it , it becomes mechanical. Profitable Thanksgiving comes when you surrender, when you find rest and then you begin to thank Him. I am not telling you what I don’t do.

Malachi 2:1- To curse your blessings means to multiply it by zero. Greatness multiplied by zero is what? Impact multiplied by zero is what?

Zero that comes from God is real zero, there is no deliverance that can take it away.

Learn the lesson that anything minus God is zero.

The temptation to drive God out of our success is why many people do not last. Can you stand before the whole world and get down on your knees and say “Jesus this is for you”. I know you worked hard but it is unto the Lord. He said “except the Lord builds they build in vain that buildeth”. To build in vain means to do things that should produce result and have no result to show for it. I made up my mind that as a principle I will remain ever grateful.

Psalms 30:11-12, This is someone’s prophecy.
The final key that supports Thanksgiving is Thoughtfulness.

The thoughtful are also the grateful. You can never be grateful until you are thoughtful. Always spend time thinking of his mercies and goodness.

Yesterday as we were celebrating Pastor Yemi and all that he has done, I saw the letter that he wrote and I sat back there looking at his life and I started to think about my own life. I still remember myself kneeling before God in one room.

Only fool says that there is no God, I remember coming back from meetings on a bike drenched in rain and thanking God for the privilege to serve him. I never knew that my gratitude was like a student in a defence waiting to be promoted.

  • May God find you on your knees , may whatever it is that makes you too big to roll on the ground before God be far away from you. May it not be said that may your bishopric let another take because you have refused to thank Him. Drive out every relationship from your life that begins to promote you and makes God secondary in your life. Tell them that you are what you are by the sure mercies of David.

Now I am going to leave you with your creator, please cast away your golden crown. I know that you are a veteran in ministry, but for the next five minutes I want you to remember the goodness and faithfulness of God and thank Him for it.





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