Just recently, a very prominent man of God died in Nigeria.

His name is Prophet T B Joshua.

Like I said in my previous video about him, His lifetime was very controversial, many people liked him, some hated him while a lot others were quiet and distanced themselves from him and his ministry.

On June 5th 2021, the Prophet died.

Since his death, as expected, a lot of issues have been rekindled, the camps who admired him have suddenly increased, some who disagree with him are also speaking.

But there’s another group that I want to address or talk about.

These set of people who have chosen to cast aspersions to other fathers of faith in Nigeria.

It started like a joke but suddenly it has become a norm for them to be talking down on men who are old enough to father them biologically.

I know that one easy way to gain popularity is to attack those who are well on top, and those who already have personal grudges against them will line up under you.

Why this is an issue to me is because these are people who make us believe that they respect fathers.

They have pictures of these men in their offices, some have pictures they have taken with these fathers on their profiles.

Some of these guys will never finish a post without attaching who is their spiritual father to it.

How suddenly has it now become so easy for you to insult fathers anyhow on social media without fear or caution?

Since when has it become the duty of sons to dictate to their fathers who to relate with or not?

Can you tell your biological father who to associate with or not?

If you love TB Joshua so much like some of you are suddenly trying to claim, then honor him in your own way.

Who are you to tell fathers like Oritsejafor, Oyedepo, Uma Ukpai, Adeboye, Okah, Omobude and many others who to celebrate or mourn?

Some went as far as castigating the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), calling them unprintable names just because you want to sound bold.

My question remains, since when did children get the right to tell their fathers who to associate with or not?

Can’t you see that’s the reason Father’s don’t take you guys seriously.

They know your loyalty is fake.
They know you just want to shine with their names.
They know all you are looking for is platforms.
They know many of you never encountered Christ genuinely in the first place.

They know and hear all you do in your ministries and private lives.

None of these men are beggars, these are men who did ministry when money, wealth and fame was not the measurement of ministry success.

Yes, God blessed them with all these along the way and they still have to protect the names they built over the years.

For those of you who are ignorantly joining to criticize these fathers of faith, please be very careful.
Many of those you are following have hidden and personal grudges they have been carrying against these fathers and have just found a loophole to vent their angers.

No matter what my biological father or anyone I see as a father did, I will never come to the public to insult them. Same applies to my spiritual father and mentors.

TB Joshua is dead, if you love him and is inspired by him, study his life and replicate every good deed you saw in his life.

CAN was at the burial ceremony but you will not post it because you just want to paint them evil and so will some of these great men send their condolences in their own ways, do they have to let you know everything they do?

Please let us respect men who had made huge sacrifices for the gospel in our nation.

I don’t want to remind you of curses that follow but of course, there are consequences for dishonor to parents.

If you are guilty of these acts, please kindly delete those posts and comments, apologize to God and move on.

God bless you.

~Charles Chidi Nwaeze

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