Pitfalls to Avoid as a Husband in marriage

From the table of my Husband please read ๐Ÿ‘‡

Dear husband, if you’re getting too fond of that particular lady at the counter that attends to you each time you go by that supermarket.

Please stop going there, we will pray in tongues later, just stop going there. That supermarket is not the only store where they sell sadin, stop going there.

I know you like how she’s paying attention to your shopping needs, and she’s even stretching her care into asking how your day went and how that new haircut suits you perfectly, same compliments your wife forgets to give.

Stop going by that store Sir.

I know they make the best slice bread around, but please stick to puff puff for now if that bread will slice your marriage into pieces.

I know she’s just being nice, and yes, doing her job. But you and I know the truth, being nice is not helping you at all.

Stop going to that store Sir.

We will talk about your self control when stop going to that store.

We will talk about intensifying your prayer altar after you start shopping somewhere else.

One of the most fruitful prayer points you can ever raise is not with your mouth but with your legs – FLEE!

Go home and teach your wife how you want to be loved.

Wives give the best compliments.

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