Prophet Joshua Iginla Blows Hot Against Chris Okotie And All Who Criticise Prophet T.B Joshua: WHAT IS HIS OFFENCE?

When my friend Prophet TB Joshua died and was called to Glory. When I saw pastors writing all manner of Jagons.. I felt; what a wicked generation!

Pastors hated this man in his life time and even after God has called him to Glory, they still exhibit and execute such hatred even for the dead. Then, I knew why Jesus is delaying in His coming. Because, if He comes, there might be no church to rapture… it’s only few that will go.

And if you check those who hate Prophet TB Joshua, you will be so surprise that they are pastors who has turn their members into that same hatred.

President of Nations are comforting the family, my own president, a Muslim, send a condolence message to the family.. The whole National assembly stood in honour for a Prophet with a Godly character.

Then, we have believers saying; is he born again, is he not born again… Analysing a character that showed us practical Christianity.

I felt bad in my spirit when I heard Chris Okotie talking about the dead, a man who has gone to Glory.. You are still bold to talk about him in a sarcastic manner and you feel you have the Holy Ghost inside you..?

I ask myself, who is more Holier between Senior Prophet TB Joshua and those who are attacking him?

Chris Okotie opens his mouth to attack Prophet TB Joshua, even after he has gone to Glory. What Prophet TB Joshua have done, if you are to live a thousand years, you can not undo what he has done.

If you hate Prophet TB Joshua, what about his wife? What about his children? Do you extend your hatred to them? What kind of generation are we bringing? What kind of Christianity are we practising?

I bleed in my heart, when I see a generation without honour for God, for dead…. Some of you think, you will never die. We’ll all leave one day.

You will be shock, if the man you call Lucifer, is by the right hand of the Father. And you who called him names, find yourself in hell. THERE WILL BE SURPRISES ON THE LAST DAY!

If there is a generation that eats up their Generals, point to the christiandom..
If there is a generation that lives in hypocrisy and see the vision and hatred as holiness, point the christiandom..
If there is a generation that see Christianity as cultism(if you don’t belong to our church, you are demonise, you are diabolic. You have to submit to us, submit to our spiritual father and come and pay tithe and offering to us)…

What is the offence of Prophet TB Joshua? Just because he’s different from them.

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