GUARD YOUR CORE: Young ministers Counsel


A core is a foundational part that holds other parts together. It is also that central part on which other operating parts revolve. It’s more like a guarding principle or a monitoring spirit (let me sound ‘spirito’).

Every ministry or minister must have a core value(s).
This should form the basis for ministry relationships.

I was at a ministry inauguration some time ago where the young Pastor was being commissioned into ministry by his ‘spiritual’ father. After he was done preaching, he raised seeds for the young ministry for equipments etc and we all gave generously. Later that night, the spiritual father called the youngman to bring all the cash redeemed from the pledges that day that it was the first fruit of the ministry which automatically should go to him and threatened to curse him and the ministry if he does not submit the cash. When he sought my counsel, I told him not only to ignore such demand but prayerfully seek for a genuine spiritual father.

The question remains, how did you come about such a person as a spiritual father? Why choose him to commission you? I discovered it was a fundamental issue.

I have seen a lot of young ministers pursue people they watch on television or through a short clip on social media for ‘impartation’ or to come preach for them. I have seen those who attend every ministers conference for connections. I have equally seen those who seek big names for validation, platform or for sponsorship.

I went to preach for someone some years ago, he requested I raise offering for him and I said no. I don’t raise offerings except I am led. You don’t need a guest minister to raise offering for you in the church you pastor if what you are doing is genuine. If the people can’t trust you or believe in what you tell them, then there’s a major challenge. The purpose of a special program is to bless the people. Special seeds should be left at the discretion of the speaker and The Holy Spirit as He may lead. (Maybe I will detail this topic next time)

Now listen!
Never compromise values to please a man or a system. Respect and honour people and ‘graces’ but guard your core jealously. Never be afraid to walk away from unhealthy and toxic relationships.

Irrespective of your current state, struggles, suffering and labour (which are temporary), never compromise your core. Value your values and insist its sacredness is respected by those you relate with.

I have seen a lot of older ministers speak regrettably about ignoring this major factor in their youthful and vibrant days only to discover that all the things they acquired have today depreciated and their voices drowned.

Whatever affects your core distorts your ministerial paradigm.

You may get a temporal reprieve from compromise but you lose momentum, impact and lasting effect in return.

You are free to share with others if you’re blessed and led to.

See you next Monday!

You will not fail!
Your voice shall not be swallowed!
Grace for speed and ease is activated for you!


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