Rabbit Feed in Nigeria (Pellet and Leaf)

There are many options of what you can consider to feed to your rabbit in Nigeria, one of the major benefits of rabbit farming is that it is easy to feed them with various options of ingredients, leave, hay, kitchen waste, and pelletized feed.

Knowing that will save you cost of production and also feeding, primarily, rabbit in commercial production scale are fed with compounded feed, Pelletized (or in mash form) containing every necessary classes of animal feed nutrients requirements necessary for growth and development and also suitable for the rabbit digestive system, remember rabbit are not ruminant but they have ceacum with which they can digest cellulose and green.

Rabbit Pellet

You can give your rabbit the following as supplement;

Tridax, maize leaf and cobb, dry cassava peel, banana and plantain peel and leaf, pawpaw leaf, ugu stem, guinea grass, elephant grass, spear grass, giant star grass, potato leaf, guinea corn grass, jute leaf, water leaf, cowpea leaf, groundnut leaf and hay.

Now, many people have asked me what hay is all about and is it enough to give only HAY to rabbit? No!

Hay is dry grasses, sometimes processed and stored up, this is very good for rabbit digestive system, but it can not be the only feed to a rabbit, as a matter of fact, if you are into processing of meat rabbit, you raise commercial rabbit for breeding or for meat, you need to feed them well, to gain good weight and perform at the best level in reproduction.
You can also choose to proceed your own concentrated formulated feed, the ingredients listed below ill guide you, but if you need my help to get good rabbit feed in Nigeria, you can contact me at 07066784204.

Tridax procumbens
Tridax procubens.

Tridax is one of the best rabbit green, it even increases milk let-down in nursing mothers, and i do give my rabbit tridax in the evening and normal pelleted feed in the morning.


CARBOHYDRATE [energy sources (COH)]
1. Maize
2. Cassava
3. Rice
4. Yam

PROTEIN (including amino acids)
1. Soya bean cake (SBC)
2. Groundnut cake (GNC)
3. Fish Meal

Bone meal
Oyster shell
Periwinkle shell meal
Snail shell

1. Wheat offal
2. Palm kernel cake (PKC)
3. Rice bran
4. Soya beans offal


FAT AND OIL (also essential fatty acids)
1. Animal fat
2. Vegetable oil

· Vitamin supplements/

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