Church Leaders and Pastors must do away with Error and embrace Sound Doctrine!

I’ve been wanting to do this since Monday. Eventually, got to do it yesterday. My points:

1) That someone dies at an early age is no indicator of divine judgment

2) The lack of discernment that has manifested following TBJ’s death is the harvest of the seed we sowed in the last 25 years especially in the Pentecostal bracket of Christendom. There is such a baffling averseness to correction and judgment especially when the person(s) in question is (are) church celebrities.

3) The pioneer New Testament apostles did not handle with kid gloves matters like erroneous teachings, mixture of the Old and New, covetousness and unconfessed immoral lifestyle especially among leading ones.

4) We really need to do what the New Testament advocates: contend for the faith; have no fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness but expose/reprove them; prove all things and hold fast to what is true.

For example, in the last 25 years, I have not seen, read or heard any of the Christian ministry blocks call out an erring member or teacher or bring strong correction/rebuke.

Does it mean things that warrant that have not been happening? Oh, they do it in camera? Paul says to rebuke before all that others may fear.

Kingdom Victor!

PS: I do NOT subscribe to being careless, rude or insulting in the name of correction. Furthermore, the scriptures enjoin us to do so in the spirit of meekness bearing in mind we also can be tempted (Gal. 6:1).

Oftentimes, however, those with the corrective ministry are accused of this, rightly or wrongly. It therefore places a greater burden on us (for anyone who feels they are mandated with that task) to go the extra mile so that the erring party would not have an excuse for offence.

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