Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on “The Blessing of the House Of the Lord”. Psalm 122:1.

Our service objective is to understand the impact and the objective of the House of the Lord.

The house of God means different things to different people. There are different reasons why people go to Church.
1. There are people who go to Church for religious purposes. They go to Church to fulfill all righteousness and to fulfill their religious conscience that they did not stay at home on Sunday morning.
2. There are those who go to Church to please others or to meet up with someone’s expectations of them. What will my father, mother, siblings and friends say if I didn’t go to Church. I remember many years ago, one of the elders in our extended family was a Christian and went to Church. He insisted that people around him should go to Church and there were those who went to Church probably because he insisted and they wanted to please him. The truth of the matter is there are only few people who know the impact and importance of going to Church.
Understanding is very important for many reasons. Success in serving God is anchored on understanding. Hosea 4:6. People succeed in school because they understand. Everybody attends the class but not everybody pass the exams because of lack of understanding. If you look at Scriptures you will see examples of people whose lives were changed because they were in the House of God.

1. Jacob experienced a turnaround in the House of the Lord that he called Bethel. Genesis 28:16-17. You cannot trace the history of Jacob without tracing it to Bethel.

– There are people here today, I declare that God is changing your life and destiny.

2. The woman that was doubly bent received her deliverance in the House of God. Luke 13:10-13. Church is not where we come for religious or traditional purposes. It is the place we come and change happens.


1. The House of the Lord is a place of the anointing . The anointing is the burden removing yoke destroying power of God. Isaiah 10:27. It is the place to renew the oil on your life. It is the place to experience the overflow of the oil. It is totally different from a lecture hall. Nobody ever entered a lecture hall and said their headache disappeared. That is why we don’t call it a hall, it is a sanctuary.
-You shall experience the freshness of oil in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

2. It is a place of refreshing and rejuvenation. It is a place where you are liberated from spiritual dryness and dullness. You are not permitted to be dull and dry when you step into the House of the Lord. That is why when you step away from the House of the Lord, your life can be dull but when you step into the house, your life becomes exuberant and brightened.

3. The House of the Lord is a place of the commanded blessing. The commanded blessing is blessing in a hurry, a blessing that confronts the curses of life. When you arrive in the House of the Lord, the blessings of God is impacted and the curses of life are deleted. -I pray for you that every curse on your life is deleted because you are in this House in Jesus Name.

4. The House f the Lord is a place of access to life. We are talking about both spiritual and physical life. When death confronts you and you step into the house, that death becomes life. Psalm 133:1. The easiest way to die spiritually is to stay away from the house. When we were in the Universities in those days, some young men and women came and said they are no longer in the Church, that the Church is backsliding, everybody can worship God on their own and do not need to go to Church. They began to stay on their own and before you knew it, they became dry and started to dematerialize. Brothers and sisters began to live with each other; explosive adultery and immorality and before you knew it, some people even ran mad. When a devil wants to destroy a person, he disconnects them from their connections, their source; the House.

The House of the Lord is loaded. The question now is how to maximize the dividends of appearing in the house of the Lord.

1. Come with excitement and expectancy. Psalm 122:1. Enter the house of the Lord with gratitude and praise, not with sadness. If you are battling with depression and it does not want to go, just come into the house of the Lord, it will be deleted.

2. Come with revelation and understanding. Deuteronomy 29:29. Your revelation determines your possession. Just coning to Church does not guarantee impact. If you only came because of religion, things will not change. Revelation brings about revolution. It is not about the action but the revelation behind the action. Come into the house because there is a revelation you have received and before you know it things will begin to change. By the time you do things with understanding, results begin to multiply.

3. Come eagerly and promptly. Psalm 63:1-2. Seek God early, not late. It is when you seek God early that you connect with glory and power. You don’t drag your feet into the house of the Lord and expect benefits. Coming to Church is an appointment with God. It is better God keeps you waiting than you keeping God waiting. There are those who have never witnessed the opening prayer of a Church.

They walk in halfway during the preaching. It is better not to come at all. If you were going for an interview and you were asked to come by 6pm to meet the management and then you go by 8:30pm and then apologize that your car broke down. It is business over.

There are people who want to do things with God that they won’t do in the secular. Anything that is serious in life requires serious discipline.

You don’t go to the house of God anyhow and anytime you want. There is a record keeping. God is aware of how you handle his business.

4) Come with commitment to service.
You must refuse to be a spectator in God’s house. Luke 1:7-11. Be involved in what goes on in the house. There are different areas of involvement.

– You can serve through soul winning, enlarging God’s Kingdom.

John 15:16. There are those who have never invited one soul to Church in their life. It doesn’t work that way. If it is exciting to you, you must be committed.

There is no department you are working that exempts you from serving in soul winning.

Whether it is choir, ushering, Pastor, leader, Deacon.
-You can serve through giving. Luke 22:30. Through your tithe and offering, you are involved in what goes on in his House.

– You serve with your time, energy and gift. Exodus 23:25. Be fully involved in God’s House and serve Him.

5) Walk in love with the brethren. Psalm 133:1.
You can’t come to the Church quarrelling with everybody and benefit anything. Because of seat, some people start fighting. When was it said that chair is a determination of impartation.

As for me, I don’t care where I sit. Don’t be an executive Christian. Your sitting position in Church does not change anything. It is your heart disposition that determines everything.

Let us stop this mentality of status. It can only end people as statues. There are many things that people do that make coming to Church a waste of time. These things are not necessary.

Just face God and love everybody. Christianity is practical, not mystical. Until we approach it practically, we won’t get the needed result.

You can’t love God if you don’t love your brother. 1 John 4:20.

6) Come with value and reverence. Psalm 89:7
The days we were using chairs with backpack at the back, we saw all manner of things inside. Some change baby diaper and put it inside back of seat inside the Church.

If God is to deal with people, many people will be dead by now.

You serve God with value and reverence. You can’t be inside Church and be gisting inside the service. People take God for granted. That is why they don’t see anything out of God.

There is so much to benefit in God’s House but you can only benefit when your heart is set.

When you do these things, you will reap the dividends of the House of God.


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