-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

*Today, by grace, if you write my name on an envelope without an address, it will get to Canaanland.
* There is no place on this earth that this short man’s name does not ring a bell.
* Not by effort, not by strength, but by grace.
* Nobody can give himself a name.
* God will name a name on you this time.
* Demons will hear your name and scream. Witches will see you and bow.
* Revival time is Work Time.
* We are on a rescue mission. It is not for Church to grow.

Our Teaching Series for the month is captioned, Sunday Services:

We are empowered to be witnesses, not empowered for decoration (Acts 1:8) and we saw this empowerment demonstrated.
Matthew 10:1, 7-8
Empowerment for signs is the exclusive preserve for men and women on the go for Christ. It’s not for sit-down, title carrying, applause receiving. We are empowered to command signs as we get on the go for Jesus. So only those on the go for Jesus are empowered to command the supernatural.
Mark 16:15-17
We are in command as we remain on the go, either on the prayer altar or in passionately reaching out for the lost. We are empowered to command signs being on the go for the expansion, advancement of the Kingdom of God. You don’t need no title, you don’t need no calling: it’s every believer’s calling. I only had a calling to Ministry in 1981, I have been on the Crusade ground since 1976. You are in command of the supernatural, young or old being on the go for Christ. You are in command of the supernatural being on the go for Christ; young or old, middle aged; schooled or unschooled.
If you take any deadly poison, it shall not hurt you: you are on the go (Mark 16:18)
You tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy: you are on the go (Luke 10:19).
It holds personal security, personal defence, personal colour, personal beauty for you. You move on that wavelength that you just become a sign, you are not looking for signs. Your presence is a sign, in any circumstance it’s a sign. You step into a place, things happen. Praise God.
Remember I and the children whom the Lord has given, they are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts who dwells in Mount Zion (Isaiah 8:18).
Commanding signs and wonders from the platform of a revival; getting committed to the demands of a revival puts you in command of signs and wonders.
Luke 9:1, 6
Just get passionately on the go for Jesus and you will flow in signs and wonders naturally. Naturally sir.
Now watch: I have never begged for one thing since 1976 and I’ve not lived without food one day. I have never borrowed a cloth to wear. That’s being a sign and that’s where you belong. That’s where every child of God belongs.
“I and the children…” (Isaiah 8:18)
You know signs and wonders are not new. There is no sign in the New Testament that was not there in the Old Testament including raising of the dead, including the dry bones of Elisha quickening the dead back to life.
What was it? Their passion for God puts them in command of the supernatural. Their passion for God!
There is more to it than the Holy Ghost Sir. The Holy Ghost will only provide the help to sustain your passion for God but you need a passion for God to qualify to be in command of the supernatural.
All this, “give me bread, give me water”; that’s not the way there.
“Oh Lord, I need a house”: be shouting. I’ve never prayed for one but is a house to me now for God’s sake! What is a house to me!
-Something will break loose in your life.
Just watch: this Church has been pursuing Kingdom affairs in 40 years, our prayer format has not changed, yet we have not stopped advancing.
Understand it: passion for God! Passion for the affairs of His Kingdom.
Abraham: O Lord, don’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Don’t destroy. If you see 50, will you destroy?
Passion for God.
Joseph: How can I do this thing and sin against God? God. Though I am a slave today but my God is still there.
Nehemiah could not sleep. He was in a fast for people who were suffering. He wasn’t suffering, he was in a palace. That’s the way it works.
Gideon sat down, “O God, where are you? Will they be tormenting us forever?”
Passion for God’s people, that is the way to it.
Elijah said, “I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts. They threw down thy altar (1 Kings 19:10, 14). Men, that man went by a space craft to Heaven.
Raised the dead: Elisha raised the dead.
There was nothing that matter to them more than God.
Think of Daniel: Den of lions; he opened his window, “O Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is only you I will serve, I can’t serve any king, only you” (Daniel 6:10).
He went to the den of lions, he came out unscratched (Daniel 6:22)
Passion for God will put any believer in command of the supernatural. Genuine passion for God.
God hates this, I hate it!
God loves this, I love it!
Whatever God loves, I love. Whatever He hates, I hate with perfect hatred. God, I love you.
No wonder the Word says, “eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, it hasn’t entered into the ears of any man what God has prepared for them that love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9). They are just signs and wonders on the earth. Every genuine lover of God is ordained a sign and wonder to his world.
You know what they said about Paul, “the gods have come down to us in the likeness of men” (Acts 14:11).
Just like Jesus, He died and came back by Himself. Nobody prayed for Him to come down.
We need to reposition in this Midst of the Year, so we can gain command of the things we have been crying for. Church Gist. To get things from God is great, to gain command over things is greater, you have it at will. You gain command, you have it at will!!
Thank You Jesus, glory to God.
Don’t miss this awesome time for any reason.
-Ensure to keep a genuine appointment with God in this midst of the year and watch sweatless advancement and expansion and favour that will be coming your way.
It works. Praise God.

Let me also say this, we need to get a great start.
Every revival is a spiritually demanding season. Let me tell you this. When you are sowing your seed, one sack of grains will plant acres of land but when it is time to harvest, you’ll have sacks upon sacks to carry. You are contending with the birds of the air who want to eat off your harvest. It’s a labourious time. Revival time is harvest time, harvest time is a labourious time.
You can put a bag in your car, get into your car and you plant 5 acres with the seeds in your bag. But that’s not what you carry during harvest. You don’t carry it, the birds of the air will eat it up for you. That means you have farmed for them. It is labourious time, it is work time.
I can’t work for you, you have to work for yourself.
I will be paid for my work, you will be paid for your work. They don’t pay salaries in groups, they pay one by one.
He that reapeth receiveth wages as he gathers fruit unto life eternal (John 4:36).
2 Chronicles 15:3-7
A prophetic Word came, “strengthen your hands for this work” (2 Chronicles 15:7)
He took courage and dived into it. Verses 12 to 15 entered into a covenant to seek the Lord and God gave them rest roundabout (2 Chronicles 15:12-15).
Verse 7 talks about work: be ye strong therefore and let not your hands be weak: for your WORK shall be rewarded.
So revival time is work time.
Haggai 2:3-4, 6
You work. Revival time is work time. So get ready, it’s work time.
You work it today: it will show tomorrow.
You look at it and despise it today: it will also show tomorrow.
Hosea 6:3
He is no respecter of persons
Malachi 3:17-18
Then shall ye return: It is not now, ‘then’
-May this mids t of the year never leave you behind.
-May you invest your time, energy and resources in taking your own position in it, in the name of Jesus.
Thank You Jesus.
-Many, many global citizens will rise from this Church.
Jesus said, “I have come to set fire on the earth” (Luke 12:49-50)
Baptism of labour: it takes that to impact on your world.
Labouring fervently on the prayer altar which applies to everybody. Everyone, everybody of all ages. My God.
The man Abraham could say, “let’s go up to the Mountain and worship at 114.”
Anna was praying hard at 84 (Luke 2:37)
Anybody who can eat can pray.
Epaphras was labouring fervently in prayers (Colossians 4:12)
and my God will reward everyone according to his labour. So the prayer altar is an open ended altar for all classes of believers, old and young, so no one is left out.
“Give us this day our daily bread”: Anyone who can pray that sir must pray that Kingdom come (Matthew 6:11). It’s all in one package. ‘Thy Kingdom come’ first, then give us this day our daily bread.
Anyone who can pray ‘deliver me from evil’ can pray ‘thy Kingdom come’ (Matthew 6:13).
So it’s all in one package. Nobody is without excuse, whosoever you be. Nobody has an excuse to let this revival time pass without your investment of labour (Romans 2:1). Investment of labour.
“You see, our office is quite so busy”, but you are quite so ‘eat’: you still eat. Your office is very busy but you so eat.
“You see, as Chairman and Executive Chairman…”: but you still executively eat. You still sleep.
And when there is any issue, like a risk, a danger, “My God”, but you are very busy, you are Executive, where is your God?
People don’t have a heart for God, they are explaining that way. Without a heart for God, you can’t make a mark on the earth.
You need a heart for God to make your fullness of mark on the earth.
You need a heart for God. Stop explaining away your complacency.
“You know by my present position, in the Organisation, it is a global one. You know we have interests in Japan”: Okay, you can have interest anywhere when you need God, you will shout. All those that call themselves Atheists, its a lie. When they are in the face of accident, “O God.”
You say, “where is God? There is no God.”
He says: There is God.
You don’t have to get to the point of risk to recognise God as God.
Everybody has equal opportunity for a change of story in a revival.
You are either engaging on the Prayer Altar or engaging in going out after souls through various diverse technology available to us today. You can reach anybody at any time. You can pray down strategies for better approach, for better results at any time.
You can create appointments at very odd times: Excuse me Sir, I will like to share something with you but it is better outside of business time. Sir, I will be calling you at 11. Very important, I just felt an unusual passion to share this with you.
He is waiting, you have prayed…: Jesus touched my life and gave me rest. I used to be restless and clouded with anxieties, apprehension, uncertainties, but one day, I met Jesus.
And you are telling the truth from the depth of your heart. He won’t bluff you.
“Okay, I will think about it.”
Then you call him tomorrow, thank you for the audience last night. It was a pleasure, but I want to let you know that I am praying for you.
They will call you on Sunday and say, “I am going to Church with you.”
It’s all strategy! Godly strategy not gimmicks.
“Lord, I’m in this village. I don’t speak their language. I must have Your Name planted here.”
He gave me insight on what to do Sir. If I am speaking to them about Jesus, they will be arguing: so close your eyes, I want to pray for you.
So I led them to Christ through prayers. One by one. Church was built in 40 days.
When your heart is there Sir, you will find the way forward.
You can pray anybody into the Kingdom. Just identify him and begin to take him to God in prayer. My God. That’s how to do it.
I can tell you this with all my heart. I have been in this since 1976, consciously. I’ve been doing it before but consciously as a business, a Kingdom business, the only business that God has on the earth and it is working.

Today, by grace, I said by grace, not by effort, not by strength, by grace: there is no place on the planet Earth where this short man’s name does not ring a bell. There is no place. Just click the name, it will come out. By the grace of God.
If you write my name on an envelope without address, it will get here. Without any address: don’t put Canaanland, don’t put Ota, don’t put Lagos. Just say David (Oyedepo), Nigeria: it will get here.

Nobody can give himself a name. Church Gist. He said to Abraham, “I will make thy name great” (Genesis 12:2).
There is no child who names himself. That the 8th day came and the Pastor got there, the child said, “My name…”
The Pastor will run
The parents will run.
8-day old baby: My name is Joshua, Daniel, Zechariah. You will run.

The gentiles shall see thy glory, thou shall be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name (Isaiah 62:2).
God will name a name on you this time.
Demons will hear your name and scream. Witches will see you and bow.
-Somebody’s story is changing.

It’s work. Remember Jesus was anointed without measure (John 3:34). Remember Jesus is the Living Word of God, not that He has revelation, He is the revelation we are looking at (John 1:1-5).
Yet, He said: My Father worketh hitherto and I will work (John 5:17).
Work is a principal component of every revival.
Work!!! If it is not happening, you are not in a revival.

John 9:4, John 5:17

It is work.
Now watch: He worked and worked that there was no time to eat bread.
Mark 3:21-22
His friends came, they thought he was off his mind, to take him away for treatment.

John 4:32-34
My meat is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.

Revival only thrives on the wings of work. If you are not ready to work, you can’t be in a revival, you can’t partake of the blessings of a revival. So it’s work time and it is open to everybody.

Working on the Prayer Altar.
Working on the streets of your territory, to see people saved. In your offices, in the market places.
To see the need for Jesus in the lives of people all around you. That’s work.

-My prayer is that no one will be left behind in this Midst of the Year.
-You will not be left behind in this wave of glory.

We will be giving you:
OPERATION BY ALL MEANS Bulletin: To help you get properly positioned in this Midst of the Year.
Then we have a special blessing for you: Operation By All Means Covenant Soul Winning Target.
We are told, “and the tree bears 12 manner of fruits and brings forth its fruits every month” (Revelation 22:2). This one commits every member of this Church to minimum 2 established souls and then for that reason, we give you a paper here that has 8 targets that you will pray into the Kingdom. You will love into the Kingdom. You passionately pursue for the Kingdom and according to Matthew chapter 8, the parable of the sower, atleast 25 percent will bow and surrender to Jesus. Watch what happens in your life.
This thing is easy. It’s easy.
They will be giving you this at the end of the (Service).
Let nobody scorn this:
“You know, Papa again! My God. Operation By All Means. I am not going to do anything…”

People thought some of us were mad. They thought we were mad. Now you see how ‘mad’ we were. That’s how to be mad. You see how ‘mad’ we are today. Some of those who thought we were mad come to Covenant Guest House today, to wait on the Lord. Church Gist. That’s how ‘mad’ we are. Their children and wards are now in Covenant University. Some have graduated. We were ‘mad’, very ‘mad’. Join this ‘madness’ train with me. It’s the mystery behind your destiny in Christ. Join!
‘I AM FOR SIGNS AND FOR WONDE RS’ was not available last Sunday. They will make that available to you in the course of this Service before we close. Jesus is Lord.

-Something is breaking forth in someone’s life.

…All I am doing here is to help you connect with the reality of this moment. That’s all I am doing. If you like, you can join in.
Is it for Church to grow? No. It is for souls to be rescued.
Somebody was on his way to money making ritualist and met with our Team. This man said, “I am ready to go to hell but I must get money I am ready to sell my soul but I must get money.”
Then Jesus touched him, on the spot, he said, “can I have some of the fliers, he went out on the spot and brought 7 souls. Brought them to the Soul Winner and said, “please help me follow up these 7 souls.” Same Day. Just on the way to hell and Jesus caught up with him. We are on a rescue mission sir. It is not fun fair. It is not ‘let’s grow Church’. It is ‘let’s rescue lives.’
You get to attend, you hear all kinds of humbling testimonies:
“I have never had rest in my life. As soon as I entered this Gate, peace just came.”
So be careful how you respond to these prophetic instructions: Be Careful. Be Very Careful!
There is a mighty move of God in the land and if you check this is the least hit Nation on the earth, of corona virus. The move of God!
It wipes away shame and reproach.
It opens the graves of people.
With this massive population, many living in squalor, they don’t have water to wash hands, yet corona virus can’t touch them. That is how been on God’s side can exempt from all the horrors of the world.
-Your life, your family shall be totally exempted from every evil on this earth by being on God’s side.
Thank You Jesus!

Finally, many of us have experienced God in some unique ways in the past but we don’t seem to see that anymore.
Let me tell you why? After every rainfall the cloud coast comes clear. Until another cloud is formed, the next rainfall is not in view. How many understand what I am talking about? If the cloud be full of rain, they empty themselves on the earth (Ecclesiastes 11:3). After they have emptied themselves, the cloud becomes clear and until another cloud is formed, the next rainfall is not in place.
You stopped, that’s why the amazing wonders stopped.
The sound of blessing stops where your obedience stops.
We have been praying this kind of prayer in this Church, as a Church for 40 years, we are not tired. We have been pursuing after souls. I told them, I said, “make 500,000 tracts of every tract title that we have and that they should make that every week.” Every week! That is more important than building a House for us as a Church.
That’s why our raining season has never stopped. While the rain is falling, we are filling the cloud again. As the rain is falling, we are filling the cloud again, so as the rain falls, we fill the cloud. Another rain falls, we fill the cloud. That is why many believers’ raining season has stopped. The cloud has become empty.
Elijah prayed and told the servant, “check the sky.” He said, “there is nothing” (1 Kings 18:43). There must be something. After that prophetic Word, I can hear the sound of abundance of rain. That’s okay but you must the cloud before the rain will fall. You must fill up the cloud before you can have the rain.
So it’s another season to fill up your cloud for your next showers of blessings and may you receive grace to keep filling the cloud as a new lifestyle from this time onward.
You can pray to form your cloud. You can go after souls to form the cloud. You can run after new converts to form the cloud. Which ever way, you form the cloud with your passionate stewardship. Passionate stewardship! That is the way it happens.
We have been in a revival as a Church for long my friend. For long! You remember ‘Operation 22 23’, ‘Operation 100’, ‘Operation 66 78’: Operation. Look this is a theatre.
We are always in the Operating room, that is why God keeps changing our levels from time to time.
Can you imagine a system of this size never borrowed, never begged, never indebted.
-God wants to decorate your life.
In case you don’t believe my testimonies, don’t you believe the one for your Church?
That your Church is building that kind of thing (The Ark) without any pressure on anybody sir.
-I see your life totally become pressure free.
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all these things others are dying to get shall be added to you (Matthew 6:33).
-May this season mark the dawning of a new day in your life.

Have you ever imagined that none of the twelve was reported sick while they were with Jesus, they were Jesus’ errand boys: Arise and let us go. There was nobody saying, “I am feeling something.” Always on the go.
Thou shall serve and He shall and I, God will take sickness away from you. Exodus 23:25
-This season will mark the end of every torment of sickness and disease in your life.
You know why He does that? The labourers are few, to keep fit the few that are there.
John 15:2
He takes over the care of your system so you can keep bearing more fruits. It’s your legal right as fruit bearing Christian to live a super healthy life.
-Everything that is out of order in anyone’s life here today, marks the end of it. Today marks the end of it.
-As you are anointed from the altar, with a heart ready to serve God, the end has come to every torment of sickness and disease.

“I will keep fit”. When God keeps you fit, who can make you unfit? When God makes you whole, who can get you sick?
A faithful ambassador is entitled to healthy living (Proverbs 13:17).

Who is an ambassador? One that is reconciling the world back to God (2 Corinthians 5:18-20).

Every child of God has the opportunity to be an ambassador for Christ. He is called to be and so when he accepts to be and engages in been one, he is entitled to healthy living (Proverbs 13:17).

-From today, sickness and disease shall not be mentioned in your household anymore.

-You have any child that is challenged in his or her health, that child is declared whole right now.

-Whatever will affect your quality of stewardship and cause you distraction is put back to order right now in the name of Jesus.

Revival is on! Thank You Jesus.
If anyone was not in the Spiritual Week of Emphasis this week we just concluded, try and to grab the messages.

You can get on the YouTube if you need to or get the CDs, get connected and have a very grand takeoff into this Season.

From tomorrow, we have Morning and Evening Raid at our various facilities. It is there for our senior citizens, nursing mothers who are home and everyone that is open can be part of it.

Morning and Evening. For our young men, because you are strong. Everyone from my age downwards is a young man. You are all young men.
“Your young men shall see vision”: Abraham saw vision at 75. So if you are under 75, you are a young man (Joel 2:28).
We will be embarking on Morning and Evening Raid on our way to work, on our way back from work with people that come our way, just see Jesus looking for them, just minister life to them with smiles. You don’t need a message, just your testimony.
Has Jesus touched your life in any way: tell somebody else. It’s enough to draft them to Christ.
-You will not miss out of this.


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