Praise facilitate Answers to Prayers – Bishop David Ibiyeomie


Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries, Home of Success on the topic “PRAISE FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS” Part 2

Lord speak to us this morning. Let the Word come with power and life. Let the words of my mouth be sanctified by You. Let the house that will receive it receive it with understanding. Let it produce results in our lives. Thank you Father in the precious name of Jesus.

Supernatural simply means beyond the natural and prayer is one major tool with which we asked God to intervene in our affairs for supernatural turnaround.

In the first service I used the man Jacob as an example, I used him also on Thursday. He looked at his life and he knew this was not what God wanted for him. Supernaturally he prayed his way out of what he never wanted and got into where he wanted in life.

In this service we will look at another person called Hannah. She had a supernatural turnaround in 1 Samuel 1:9-20.
– God will grant every prayer request you offer today.
– God will remember someone today in the name of Jesus.

God always answer heartfelt prayers.
– Every form of barrenness is cursed in anyone’s life.
– In the name of Jesus, your heart desire is granted now!

Praise the Lord!
We will be looking at:

If your prayer must be answered, it must be combined with praise. Praise is a provoker of answer to prayer. God hears prayer, He does not stop prayer (Psalm 65:2). Any prayer that does not go with praise is a protest. Prayer is powerful but we have speedy accomplishment when we combine it with praise.

What is praise then?
Praise is simply acknowledging and honouring God for His goodness and mercy with expression in words and songs. God manifest Himself in praise (Exodus 25:11).

Praise is a supernatural vehicle where you experience signs and wonders. You provoke the most High God through praise. Praise may look simple but very powerful. It can accomplish things more than anything else.
– Today, God will hear you!

Praise is an effective provoker of answers to prayer anytime, anywhere. When you do it with understanding, you are sure to have results.

In this second service, we will be looking at somethings that makes praise unique.
Prayer + Praise = Manifestation.
It is a combined force that cannot be ignored. When the two are combined together, you are bound to have result.

Somethings that makes praise unique:
1. By praise, you do for God what He cannot do for Himself.

2. It guarantee easy access to the secret place of the most High where prayer is heard, treated and answered.

When praise goes ahead of prayers, immediately, God answers but any prayer without praise is a protest and if it is a protest, God will not answer.

Luke 11:1-2
… Hallowed be thy name is praise. You have to hallow Him if you don’t want to wallow in life. You don’t ask for the daily bread until you have hallowed His name in praise. Praising God before you pray shows that you are not protesting but magnifying Him for who He is. It serves as a password to answers to prayers. Praise is the password that guarantees you access to prayers (Psalm 100:4)

3. Praise is a proof of faith. Psalm 106:12, Psalm 118:21, Proverbs 23:18. When God is pleased with your faith in prayer, express through praise, His intervention is secured because without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6, 1 Peter 1:8, Romans 4:17-21)
– Where they are mocking you, God will make you

When you praise God, you are standing on the integrity of God’s word. God is not a man that He should lie. Praise is simply an assurance that God cannot lie. When you commit God through praise, you provoke Him to perform.

– To the young ones; I decree that God will visit you with miracle jobs. Employment of all kinds shall come your way in the name of Jesus.
– Students, go and excel in your academics in the name of Jesus.
– Creative ideas will drop on you in Jesus mighty name


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