Pastor Jerry Eze charges Ministers and Preachers of the Gospel!

I MUST SAY THIS. And it’s not directed at any one in particular.

1. There is no ministry called CRITIC (Fruit Inspector or Truth checker). Angry Christians who go around ALWAYS , again I say ALWAYS trying to expose & call out other Christians are NOT operating by the Spirit of GOD. That’s a spirit of pride & selfish ambition.

2. People who know the least seem to talk the most. Empty vessels tend to make the most noise. Folks who are always saying, “This ain’t right & that ain’t right” are usually the ones who couldn’t recognize “right” even if it was standing right there on the right side of them.

3. We all need to stay in our lanes, pray for one another, & love one another the way JESUS instructed us to. He said, “BY THIS shall all men know that you are my disciples IF YOU HAVE LOVE ONE FOR ANOTHER.” Not if you can point out why everyone is wrong but you. (John 13:35)

4. Even if you believe what you are saying is the TRUTH, don’t say it in a way that the VOICE OF HATE is heard. We can teach without putting others down. We can instruct without maligning others. Remember the Kingdom of God isn’t about US and THEM. That You believe you know the truth and you are audacious about it is no license for aggression and insults

5. Finally, What if you wake up Tomorrow and discover what you called the TRUTH and with which you have used to insult and put down others are all LIES!


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