Sisters I’m giving you a redefined 21st century world compliant, he must be able to submit to an earthly authority for mentorship, for building, for correction.
There are many families in trouble today because there is no authority figure over the life of the husband, there is no man that can call him and say “No, no, what you are doing is wrong.” He can beat the wife and almost kill her. He’s the god of himself.
Never marry a man who does not have a pastor, a mentor, a spiritual authority, an elderly person. There must be a personality that he has covenanted to listen to.
Say Amen. Very powerful revelation, I gave you.
There are many ladies you say, “Ah, you’re in a relationship. I think you should see apostle”
“I should see apostle, for what? What should I see him for?” That’s how after he slaps you and you say, let’s go and see apostle and he says, “For what?”
Listen, no matter how wrong a man and a woman is, if there is someone for them to listen, you are still safe.
I’ve had the privilege of talking with a lot of couples, I remember one couple, they fought in Kaduna. It was a brutal fight. The police had to come for the husband and wife and they are christians.

The woman, she couldn’t take it that day and she decided that, “Look, I will try my best, whatever I would have to attempt this man today,” true story and two of them, after the dust settled the police people told them, “Look, you are married people, don’t make a fool out of yourself, go and you can, you know how to fix things up”, two of them agreed that they were going to report themselves to me so they reported themselves and then they came for counselling.

Do you know at the end of that counseling simply because they were people who understood submission, at the end of it, the man was hugging his wife as if he never slapped her, nice people and as far as I know things are working.
It was a very minor issue and all of that.

Sisters, please hear me in the name of Jesus, the 21st century has changed things.
Some of us, this is the dilemma that our fathers came in. They had been beating our mothers for many years, there are some of us, if there was an authority figure, the divorce would not have happened.
There was no one, the man decides he’s the god of the family, the day he decides to descend upon the family with wrath, everybody’s in trouble.

Sisters, the man must be able to show you clearly what authority figure is in his life, do you know why?
Let me tell you this, Emeka come, sweetheart come.
Assuming this lady, Emeka comes to ask this lady out and says he wants to marry her, do you know if she tells him and says, okay whatever it is, this is an authority figure in my life and I would like you to see him.
Do you know why the man will run away because he doesn’t plan to be faithful and he doesn’t want anything that will tie him too much, he wants an opportunity to still be doing runs at the side.

Are we together? So he’s hoping that by alienating himself, there are many brothers who claim to love you, they come and drop you for Koinonia and go away and after the grace, they now come and pick you, that’s dangerous.
Ruth told Naomi, she says “my God will be your God, your people will be my people”, are we together because if I know this guy with this lady, tomorrow, if I see her smiling at somebody, I have the right to ask a question and say, “I hope that guy is your brother, that smile is too generous for just an ordinary this thing, so what is the issue?”
And if there is an issue, I will at least try to find out, it’s all right if the issues are irreconcilable but at least that there is some level.

There is disorder in the body of Christ because everybody is doing anything, that’s why you can find one brother with 20 girlfriends scattered all around, and they never know themselves yet the brother can be leading worship yet the brother can be a pastor in charge of a and b and c.

He will tell this one, I’ll marry you, just be waiting, let me just put things in place” while he’s doing that he’s already printing a traditional wedding card.

How many ladies have been heartbroken, a brother that has told them, he has even met their parents while they are happy, the next thing they just see a wedding card, “This is to notify you that the family of a and b is marrying c and d in different places.”
Very careless and we make the church look stupid.
Let me tell you there’s order in the body of Christ, many people will hear what I’m saying and think “No.”

Disorderliness will always empower Satan, disorderliness of any sort will always empower Satan.
The bible says let all things be done decently and in order.” – Apostle Joshua Selman.


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