Pastor Faith Oyedepo Explain How Bishop Met Her and Advice Young Ladies

This is a very beautiful statement from the woman of God, Pastor Faith Oyedepo, she delivered this inspiring story at the Winners Chapel 40th Anniversary, at the Liberation Night, I was there and it was so beautiful to hear her speak about the beautiful memory of how she started the journey with God’s Servant, Bishop Oyedepo, which the whole world can witness the reality today.

In her words, She talked about how that in July 1976, they had both agreed to get married, then in September of the same year, the man of God came up with a Letter of Agreement, I can never forget that particular day, we sat at the church auditorium in the city where we were, and in those days, whenever we want o talk or discuss, we to go the church and sit at the back in the presence, where everything is bare and open, my coming in contact with Bishop David Oyedepo as indeed increased my love for God, his kingdom an my devotion to him and i do not take it for granted may i say this to young people, before you get into marriage, don’t ever get into a relationship with a lady or man that you will be pushing to serve God, you will regret it at the end of the day, a young man that says he is born-again because he wants to marry you can not be your husband (he only claims to be born-again because he wants to marry you), don’t push your partner to church, be patient and let your partner know the lord well first.

And I remember that day, i can never forget, he came up with a paper, titled, Sailing under sealed order” and the summary of the write up says “JESUS CHRIST IS THE LORD OF ALL, ANYWHERE HE SEND ME, I WILL GO” and he said to me, can you still marry a man such as this ? Well, I said Yes and i signed it, and i thank God today, i do not regret this step.

My Advice to young people is this; Help your husband to be addicted to loving God, help your wife to be addicted to loving God, that is where your future will be established and guaranteed.

Parents, raise and teach your children to love the Lord passionately, it is the only way to secure their future and avoid any regrets at the end,

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