Current Market Price of Exotic (Hyla and co) Rabbit in Nigeria today


As rabbit Farming Business is growing daily in Nigeria, many people are beginning to see the potential in it and want to venture, some need full knowledge on how to raise rabbit, how to start a rabbit farm, what is needed, the amount and other things, i have written a detailed report on Rabbit Farming Business in Nigeria, today we are looking at the pricing of Rabbit presently in Nigeria market today.

Before we go into that, let’s see some feedback and flashback report from the Rabbit Offtaker in Nigeria, “Bella Rabbit World“.

There are two reports from Bella Rabbit World, that am going to share in this article, and you can find them beow;

It is not a news that rabbit farming business is a very sure way to financial freedom in life. It was just like a dream when Mr. Samson Olawale Ogunwole resigned his appointment with Access Bank Plc after spending over 12 years in the bank. He left Access Bank for rabbit farming business. His colleagues in office were shocked to hear him saying ” I want to resign and face rabbit farming business.” It was a great shock to them because of his great Audit Skills, sound academic records and international audit exposure to several countries in the world. Mr. Samson graduated from University of Ilorin as the best student in Accounting Department. Immediately after his graduation, he sat for ICAN exams and cleared all his papers in Professional examination stage 1 and 2 in 2 diets without failing any course till he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He served in Access Bank and he was retained. He proceeded to Access Bank School of Banking Excellence in Allen Avenue Ikeja for a 4-month rigorous training. He also came out as the best graduating student with a very high grade, and this made his name to be displayed on the Training School’s Honor Roll till date. The Managing Director of Access Bank then, Aig gave him a very rare opportunity to choose his Department of choice and he preferred Internal Audit. After several years of achievements in Local Audit which earned him Herbalist across the branches of Access Bank in Nigeria because of the way he discovers fraud, he was recognised by the management of Access Bank and enlisted him as part of Access Bank’s Key Talents who have opportunities for overseas special trainings. As the bank began to grow bigger and bigger, Mr. Samson was redeployed to International Audit Department and he was saddled with responsibility of auditing all subsidiaries of Access Bank in abroad. Mr. Samson was the 1st person to be given A* twice in the history of Internal Audit of Access Bank PLC. The A* came with immediate promotions and special financial bonus. Despite all these benefits and opportunities, Mr. Samson tendered his resignation letter on June 1, 2020 with a 1-month notice that elapsed on June 30, 2020. It was a great shock to his colleagues that someone can leave banking as a Senior Officer for rabbitry. Banking job is a very good paying job with a lot of opportunities but without mincing words, rabbit farming pays better if the right knowledge is in place. Mr. Samson feels fulfilled with what God has done and still doing in his life through rabbit farming business and banking. Let me share some of the uses of rabbits:

  1. Rabbit is very potent in treating Stroke. A 1-year old Buck, Okro and knife are the 3 main things that are used without any Juju for treating Stroke for 7days. A man in Offa community rears it mainly for this purpose.
  2. Good Luck Charm- Some Herbalists also buy rabbits on a regular basis purposely for good luck charm. Rabbit is a special creature. Its usage depends on the level of research.
  3. Rabbit Meat is medicinal in nature. It is a white meat with a very low fat and cholesterol compared to chicken and other meat. Medical Doctors recommend it for diabetic patients, patients with high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.
  4. Rabbit Meat is also used as manpower. It is a proven fact that rabbit meat has a component that boosts libido in men. This is one of the reasons that corporate people who sit down for long patronise rabbit meat to boost libido. You can’t be eating rabbit meat and be weak on bed.
  5. Rabbit Feaces and some other things are used to formulate Layer Feeds to boost egg production. With rabbit feaces, there is nothing like old layer (spent layer) because if you use it for old layers, they will lay more at commercial level like a young layer or even better. Apart from boosting egg production, it will save you N1,000.00 per bag of Poultry Feeds. Mr. Samson of Bella Rabbits World shared some bags of this feed freely to some farmers. Professor Ajala in Osun State gave his feedback to Mr. Samson that the feed truly boosts egg production in number than normal feeds but there was no noticeable increase in size of egg production.
  6. Rabbit Feaces and other things are also good ingredients to fatten Ram and Goat for commercial purpose.
  7. Rabbit Feaces is a very good source of manure. Therefore, it serves as a daily source of income to rabbit farmers. A tonne of rabbit feaces is bought by Bella at N30,000.00. Rabbit Farmers create wealth on a daily basis as their rabbits defecate. Wealth creation is not an overnight thing but on a daily basis, wealth is being created over time. Nothing like a waste in rabbitry.
  8. Rabbit’s Urine is used as a Folier Fertilizer because of high Nitrogen and other properties. Cucumber, maize, yam and vegetable farmers who use rabbit’s urine as organic fertilizer make a lot of money from their harvest. This is the reason that Bella Rabbits World buys 1000 litres of urine at N65,000.00 from farmers who use Bella Feeds in Nigeria.
  9. Rabbit’s Urine is also used as pesticides. In short, everything from rabbit is Gold.
  10. If you eat Rabbit Pie, you will vow not to eat other pies again. There are several uses of rabbit but the aforementioned are the ones that Bella has used or known the users like the use of rabbit to treat stroke or the use of rabbit for good luck charm. Bella doesn’t know how to use rabbit for charm but he has customers who buy rabbit from Bella Farm for this purpose. If you want to learn its usage for treating Stroke, Mr. Samson can refer you to the man who uses it in Offa, Kwara State. On a last note, you cannot be a rabbit farmer and be poor if you have a guaranteed market with instant payment. Bella Rabbits World buys rabbits, urine and feaces from all users of Bella Feeds in Nigeria. A female rabbit Weaner of exotic breed like Hyla is bought at N10,000.00 each. It means that if you have just 100 female Weaners, you will be paid N1MILLION instantly. Bella Rabbits World hates credit purchase. As at today, Bella is proud to say that some customers of Bella Feeds are building houses and they have bought cars through partnership with Bella Rabbits World. Bella Rabbits World is owned by Mr Samson Olawale Ogunwole and some other Investors. As at today, Bella Rabbits World has grown her capital base to over N90Million with over 60 Distributors nationwide. Bella Rabbits World is also into empowerment of people in Nigeria. On a monthly basis, stipends of N5,000.00 each is paid to 40 old women in Nigeria. Several youths are also empowered with minimum of N100,000.00 each. The personality and value system of the Founder of Bella Rabbits World make it difficult to define Bella Rabbits World rightly as a Charitable Organization or as a Profit-Making Organization. However, we stand for both.
American chinchilla
American chinchilla


The second one can be found below;


Rabbit farming business has been a very sustainable source of income in Offa community where Mr Samson of Bella Rabbits World was born and bred. Most of the rabbit farmers of those days practised rabbit farming as a backyard business but the demand for rabbit was high by teenagers who saw it as pets. Between 1993 and 1999 when I was actively involved in rabbit farming, a Weaner was popularly sold at N50 each. A matured Doe was fixed at 5times the price of Weaners (N250) while the Buck was fixed at 4times the price of Weaners (N200). An outsourced buck mating service was fixed at N10. The question on who fixed the price in those days is unknown to me. In a Free Market Economy, the forces of demand and supply dictates the price (Price Mechanism). In Nigerian Rabbits Industry of today, the price of rabbit is greatly influenced by price mechanism.



  1. Maximum Financial value of rabbits and “wastes” that each user of Bella Feeds can supply to Bella per month is N3MILLION per farmer.
  2. We buy Female Woolly White Angora Weaners of minimum of 1kg at N10,000.00 each. Male is N6,000.00 each.
  3. Female HylaNG and HylaMax Weaners are N8,000.00 each
  4. Female American Chinchilla are N6,000.00 each.
  5. Female weaners of Pure NZW, Checkereds and English Spot are N5,000.00 each.
  6. Male Weaners of 3., 4. and 5. above are N2,000.00 each.
  7. You must be in Bella Offtaking Group 1 & 2 to be able to supply us.
  8. The ratio of supply is 1: 1 or more females as you like.
  9. Rabbit’s Urine is N65,000.00 per 1000litres.
  10. Rabbit’s Feaces is N30,000.00 per 1000kg. The feaces must be well dried.
  11. We buy on cash and carry basis. I meant instant funds transfer. We pay immediately. In fact, we hate credit.
  12. Effective July 2020, we pay monthly motivational salary of N25,000.00 to each of our Distributors that buy minimum of 100bags per month. We meant purchase of 100bags and not necessarily sales of 100bags. This clarification is necessary for transparency because we don’t want any Distributor to be denied of their rights at month end. If requested at the point of purchase, you may earn your N25,000.00 upfront.
  13. We pay for shop monthly Rental Fees of all our Depots that pay cash in bulk.

Hope you find this article useful and it can guide you ? If you want to buy Rabbit in Nigeria to start rabbit farming Business, you can contact me on 07066784204.

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